Superbowl Sunday

Does anyone care?We get free pizza in work today,the good stuff from the pizza shop.


Come on the Cardinals

Come on the Cardinals

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7 Comments on “Superbowl Sunday”

  1. topcat Says:

    Sundays are depressing.

    January’s are depressing.

    Watching huge overpaid men with tiny arses’ running around doing nothing for 4 hour’s is depressing.

    But all at once?

    When there’s a documen’ty about how to be wayne rooney’s’ girlfirend on DVD?

    You yanks’ are seriously nuts

  2. stevie Says:

    There he is again. The sentence murderer

    Fucking scum.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Stevie he,s a scumbag.

  4. stevie Says:

    Aye. No wonder you’re mates.

  5. will Says:

    dear bingabinga, how you doing. Dae you get tae call topcat TC???

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Will was it Bosscat or Topcat

  7. topcat Says:

    “Do you get to call Top Cat TC?”

    Hello? WHy cant you ask me? Well think of the word’s …’close friends to get to call him TC?”

    Is this douchebag a close friend? I only found this thing by acident and he does’nt even have any post’s about the people who make this world rock- celebritys.

    So goodbye loser’s

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