A nice wee film

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Neil Lennon

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Well the waiting is over,what do you think?I am happy as the type of player we lacked was a Neil Lennon.I think he will do well.He can’t do any worse than the last diddy we had.I have tickets for a Celtic V Seattle Sounders game on July18th,I can’t wait.

World cup again

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I came across this while browsing on youtube,When I heard this I got flashbacks to 1978 which is the first World cup I remember,This is also one of my earliest memories of it all

This was my first realisation as a 7yr old that Scotland were shite and things haven’t changed as I approach 40.

So any world cup memories you want to share ,Come on lets hear them!!

World cup

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I have decided I am suppoting Denmark in the world cup reasons being

I work with 2 Danes who I like.

They impressed me in their qualifying games

They are not England and they are the only Scandinavian representatives,

If I could bet here I would put a tenner on them to reach the Quarter Finals.

If anyone is interested in joining a world cup pool,here is one that I am doing and have done so in the past,It is well run by some guy in London I got into it via a friend over here.

Here is the link.


The Fry Up

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Bloody Marvelous


I treated myself recently when I drove 10 miles,yes that’s right 10 miles,to buy some fine breakfast meats from an Irish shop called Galway Traders,they are the only place in the Seattle area where you can buy fry up ingredients.So I got sausage,black pudding,an Irish thing called white pudding which is very good,and Irish bacon.I added some hash brown patties instead of the favoured potato scone,which I have made myself in the past as you cannot get it here,a couple of fried eggs,mushrooms and beans.Beans are often thought as a controversial component of the Great Fry up and I used to be dead against adding them,but due to ingredient shortages they have become an integral part of my Scottish/American Fry up.  

It all came out lovely and I said to Sarah after eating it that when I eat a fry up over here it makes me feel closer to home,I can imagine Scottish people through the ages eating fry ups.Like it or not the fry up is a meal that has stood the test of time and for me eating it has become a near spiritual experience.Anyone else got any good fry up stories? How do you like yours?

The Scheme

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You have to watch this if you haven’t already,it is the latest reality show from the BBC,it is from a housing scheme in Kilmarnock,all of it is on youtube.

Cockney Reject

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I don’t know why I bought this book but it is a great read,well if you’re into reading about music football and blood it is,and really after those 3 things what else is left.This is a surprisingly good read.

Here are The Cockney Rejects with one of their best songs.