Be safe

Just to remind all you guys to stay safe in the Summer

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22 Comments on “Be safe”

  1. Pine Cabin Says:

    Happy independence day to ye all! Loved that first one, very hammer horror.

  2. Skoosh Says:

    Happy Independence day mate. Have a chilli dog and some pumpkin pie for me mate. Yeah, 1970’s Britain, some quality black humoured comedy (which you could not and should not get away with mow) and some quality adverts. Hope yer all well mate and give my love to Sarah and Catie.

    ps been a bit quiet recently as was organising a boat party, but I can relax now until the next one. Wicked evening we had, check out the pics:

  3. andy Says:

    first one terrifying!

    2nd one funny, the bold jimmy saville “the face you leave with wont be the same you come home with” ive said that a few times the morning after pulling a 10 beer stunner!

    3rd one, must have been repeated in the 80s i can remember this one. JIMMY! gies a light! haha.

    4th one, terrifying again, im a biker!

    5th one, Prowsey should have got the vader costume on and went “here you!”

    Happy independance day looking forward to the video!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I took the George Foreman into work today and we had an indoors BBQ,for the 4th July
    I enjoyed your photos Skoosh your getting skinnier ya lucky B****** the middle age spread hasn’t hit you yet!!
    Those seventies informational films aways scared me Andy The Jimmy Saville one was excellent.

    PineCabin I will pick you up at the airport on Wednesday,I will be the guy wearing the embarrasing Jimmy hat with the saltire flag.

  5. Skoosh Says:

    The camera lies Peter, i’m heavier than i’ve ever been but I plan on taking loads of drugs over the next 12 months in order to be fighting fit fpor my 40th.

  6. Skoosh Says:

    ps I also don’t have the volume of cheeky surprises which lurk in your larder.

  7. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    donald unpleasants got a creepy voice. Which got me thinking…..i recently had an unexplainable ”viewing” of a shadowy type thing in a fkn dodgy scerrrrry hooose which i cant explain but changes my skeptical views…have you, dear Bingo, ever had creepy moment where the shites ran doon yer leg????

  8. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    do you remember this one bingo??

  9. bingabinga Says:

    YMO,That brought back memories that was on the telly all the time.The family in that even freaked me out as a kid.The family were weird and the dad scared me.
    It’s funny how certain things scare you as a kid but I remember this did.
    Whit happened to you in the scary hoose,I am always interested in stories of strange,I definetly had feelings of fear for no real reason,but nothing concrete,many people down Erskine Hospital way said they had strange experiences working the nightshift.

    Scoosh I still like the sweeties not the hallucinogenic kind the sugary ones.

  10. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    Do you remember the one with the guy walking through the snow with hypothermia. I rem that well but couldnt find the film. heres one youll remember too.

  11. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    i was staying in a house recently and was told by a few people that there was strange goings on in there and sightings but i thought they were taking the pish. as i said, im a skeptic but living there was very creepy. I thought i seen things walking past out the corner of my eye a few times and there was always this creepy feeling of being watched. Then as i was leaving one day walking out the door i did a double back to get something out of the kitchen and this shadow ran across the kitchen which was impossible to have came from me or anything else to create it. I knew id seen something and the shite ran doon ma leg…..not literally . but i got a fright. It was a black shadow kinda in the form of the ghosts you see in scooby doo with the sheets over them but thinner and squarer and it moved real fast! straight up!!! RAGGGGGGY!!

    Moved out and into a new flat after that straight after that.

    aye and al bet erskine hospital would getting you going too in the middle of the night!!

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Thats a great one good wee joke at the end to,The guys jackets are minted.The hypothermia wis classic to,the two big soldiers in the sleeping bag together.

    That sound well scary I always watch Ghosthunters here but got a bit sick of it I keep waiting for them to find the real deal,but weird things happen like the EMVs.I do think there is energy that is left behind as the experts say residual energy.As the title says Stay Safe YMO.

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Another couple of good ones,As a youngsterI hated the Mother in this one its funny how informational films brought out strong emotions in me.

    G day this ones for the men down under,Good old Rolf thank goodness he didn’t drown as a nipper what would the world have been like without Rolf!!

  14. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    even the lilly pond in the garden…!!!! who the fck had a lilly pond in real life!!!!! ah but good ol rolf ……i used to love his cartoon show when he used to behave like a lunatic drawing yosemite sam or summit!!!


  15. Skoosh Says:

    I believe yer kin are ‘ben’ Seattle. Have fun buddy and gie that roaster Lennon a clipe fae me!

  16. weegingerlemmon (celtic manager) Says:

    c’mon big yin, get the finger oot! this site has lost its way. There’s lots of traffic, but nae activity. The same goes for aw the voyeuring bawbags oot there, write it doon!

  17. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry weegingerlemmon,I don’t know mate I am just not feeling it these days.

  18. weegingerlemmon (celtic manager) Says:

    everyone loses the soul at times binga, it’ll return big yin when the soul’s ready.

  19. bingabinga Says:

    Wise words WGL I am just busy and a bit tired these days.

  20. andy Says:

    bring back the blog bingabinga!

    there are only a few good blogs out there!

  21. Skoosh Says:

    We want Binga! We want Binga! We wantWe want Binga! Binga! We want Binga! We want Binga! We want Binga! We want Binga! We want Binga!

    C’mon Binga, the people have spoken

  22. Skoosh Says:

    Binga Binga R.I.P

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