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This stressful life

July 7, 2010

I have been busy these days,grown up busy trying to keep everybody happy,paying the mortgage,trying to watch the world cup, looking after Catie who has been sick all month with infection after infection.I got sick to so did Sarah.Trying to keep patients happy,et cetc.So I haven’t really been bothering with this blog much,but I realise this blog is  a stress relief from my busy adult life,So sometimes it’s nice to have a wee blog where I can act like a 15yr old again.

Here are a couple of songs I heard randomly,back to back on the radio,when I was stuck in another stressful traffic jam,they took me back to more carefree times.

By the way I am on holiday now and its 77 degrees,so things are looking up


Be safe

July 4, 2010

Just to remind all you guys to stay safe in the Summer