A Musical Interlude

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13 Comments on “A Musical Interlude”

  1. bingabinga Says:

    Best world cup song EVER!!!!

  2. Pine Cabin Says:

    Truly inspirational Binga. How they never won it we shall never know!!!

    To get back to the present world cup though. At least thats one British spillage the Americans won`t be moaning about………ho, ho!!!

  3. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    turdy hague!!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    HAHAHA That is a good one PC

    Turday Hague!!!


  5. andy Says:

    i always thought it was andy cameron that did the tune that year.
    good tune like.

  6. Rod Stewart Says:

    Andy mate,that fat wank thought he was number 1 back in 78,but it was and always will be Rod The Mod Stewart

  7. andy cameron Says:

    a wisnae fat and ma tune was the most well kent!

    a pumped yer mrs rod the cod! the bold britt ekland! she telt me your tadger was wee’er

    so there

  8. Rod Stewart Says:

    Cameron you little bastard it was your song that ruined the world cup for us your to blame for that failure in 1978.I don’t care about britt mate,Rod the Mod is king shagger and always will be.

  9. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I have honestly never heard that before.

    It’s absolutely brilliant. No wonder we were so shite. How could they have found time to train during all the dancing?’

  10. bingabinga Says:

    It’s a classic Mcnults,I like how he says ole ola we’re going to bring the world cup back from over thar.

  11. Pine Cabin Says:

    You know whats spoilin this world cup, and its no the lack of a good tune or the standard of football. Its those fucking horns that sound like a swarm of wasps. That better no catch on in the Jock Stein Stand…………..or ealse!

  12. Pine Cabin Says:

    Heres hitlers take on it………..

  13. bingabinga Says:

    That was brilliant PC,I also miss the chanting and singing.Those Vuvuzelas really are a pain in the arse.

    Come on Algeria,the USA were robbed

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