Neil Lennon

Well the waiting is over,what do you think?I am happy as the type of player we lacked was a Neil Lennon.I think he will do well.He can’t do any worse than the last diddy we had.I have tickets for a Celtic V Seattle Sounders game on July18th,I can’t wait.

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16 Comments on “Neil Lennon”

  1. Pine Cabin Says:

    Sometimes motivation is what players need coupled with a bit of the fear factor. It worked for Brian Clough and it might just work for Neil Lennon. Back to back European Cups would be an added bonus?

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I agree Mark,all I was looking for after Strachan was a motivator who would get the players up for it.Not the tit wee had,who thought Celtic was his own experiment on how not to play fitba in Scotland.
    That has been the difference between us an Rangers.Walter Smith has some old heads and a motivated squad.
    I still haven’t got over Mowbray I am glad we have someone to steady the ship and who also lives in Glasgow.

    I got the tickets for the game There should be 40,000 plus at it.I hope Celtic don’t let me down,as the American Soccer fans don’t understand the concept of friendlies and are right up for it.The sounders just beat Boca Juniors 3-0 and it was front page news.They thought they had one the champions league.I think the fans like to prove their team is as good as European and South American clubs.

  3. Pine Cabin Says:

    Scottish football is fairly basic and doesn`t involve complicated tactics with highly skilled players, in fact its the opposite. Its about the level of the English first division. Lennon I think will get 100% effort and commitment from the players, and thats more than enough for scottish football! I don`t think it will be pretty football, or be entertaining all of the time, but I do think he will get the results. Looking forward to the Seattle Sounders game!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mark it goes back to the Mowbray is a tit statement.The guy had no clue.I don’t care what kind of football it is.I just hope it’s better.

  5. Skoosh Says:

    Guys, time may prove me wrong but i’m happier than you guys are at Lennon being in charge. An appointment from the heart to appease an aching fan base. No managerial acumen or managerial experience whatsoever, except a run of games with a team of overpaid ‘superstars’ who should have done it earlier in the season. Good luck, but I think you’re all up a gum tree as they say over here. Complacency breeds ignorance as they say.
    ps I fuckin hate that wee ginner c*%t!

  6. Skoosh Says:

    ps I hate Lennon as well!

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh I disagree,My gut feeling is that it is a good decision I never felt this with Mowbray,I am not going to argue about it as time will tell.All this experience stuff is a smokescreen anyway I mean has he got go manage Stenhousemuir for 3yrs before he is deemed fit for Celtic.
    I don’t care about his experience he is very experienced within the Celtic set up.

    I don,t understand the hatred for him he appears a decent guy.

  8. Skoosh Says:

    You are joking Binga. He incites such hatred in Rangers fans and loves it. You can’t be as provocative as he is on a football park (spitting on Rangers scarves amongst other behaviours), just because you have the safety net of a football ground, stewards, police etc and then expect to be left alone in public. Deserves every bit of hatred that goes his way. Anyway, what do you mean he appears a decent guy? On what grounds? His facial contortions towards all things Rangers? his spitting? Yeah, seems like a really decent and misunderstood guy.

  9. Neil Lennon Says:

    Is it cos I is Ginger?

  10. bingabinga Says:

    It’s all part of the old firm entertainment,We always have villains and heroes.To us Neil Lennon is a great club man who is passionate about the hoops.To you lot he is a ginger heeded fenian bastard.
    I mean the guy is good friends with many journalists and establishment figures in Scottish football you wouldn’t get that from a complete headcase.

    Anyway the guy has had bomb threats for being the captain of Northern Ireland and was attacked by two louts in the west end.I think the fact he can get over these things shows a depth of character.
    Even if you hate him for him being a tym and a bit o a wind up merchant,he deserves a level of respect.

    I mean I like walter Smith I think he is a good manager and a decent guy.

    I didn’t know anything about him spitting on Rangers scarves please provide me with proof of this.Or the wordpress police will have to delete it.

  11. Skoosh Says:

    Neil, yes

    Binga, you obviously missed that old firm game but millions didn’t. Google it ya lazy bar steward, i’m not your lackie.

  12. louise Says:

    The footage of him spitting on a rangers scarf is on youtube. I don’t particularly agree with him doin that but in the heat of an old firm game these things happen, plus he was younger and players always have the capacity to do stupid things. I think he has conducted himself well in past 5 yrs or so. He is good friends wi Barry Ferguson, another player who has done stupid things, but tha doesn’t mean we have to demonise him as he also comes across as pretty decent guy who is a family man. I do feel Lennon will do alright. He doesn’t have experience but he does have a lot of contcts in football, such as O’Neil, Strachan, Lambert and Daro Gradi who he will bounce ideas off of. Here is the link to his spitting

    Here is another one of my favourites…listen to the rangers fans goin mental just because someone blesses themselves…I love it

  13. Neil Lennon Says:

    Respek Skoosh. Is you on crack or somethin?

  14. Skoosh Says:

    Louise; Barry Ferguson is indeed another diddy. Interesting that they are friends. Boruc is another person that I wouldn’t get tired punching.

    Neil; not today

  15. bingabinga Says:

    I found the reaction of the Rangers fans to that very funny,they are so outraged at the audacity of Boruc blessing himself.I wonder if they shout at the telly everytime a player in the world cup blesses themselves.
    Boruc is obviously taking the piss and it all adds to the pantomime of the Auld Firm.Gascoine and Goram amongst others were exactly the same.It is up to us not to get to upset about it all,although as a Celtic fan it is sometimes hard not to when you see the lets say strange refereeing decisions in Scottish football.
    Barry Ferguson I thought he was an Ibrox hero.

    Oh and the scarf spitting incident I did not see a Rangers scarf when he spat,but I take it he did,Shouldn’t have done it,but neither should have the thugs who attacked him and the Bigots who called death theats to his parents house.

  16. Skoosh Says:

    Indeed Binga and i’m over the moon that none of those mindless idiots you described are or ever will be Rangers managers. On the other hand…………..

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