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June 19, 2010

Is Messi the son of Maradonna?

These two best goals ever are eerily similiar.

Oh and spare a thought for the poor English fans,I must admit I was having a larf at this this morning.


Come on Algeria!!!

June 18, 2010

A Musical Interlude

June 14, 2010

World Cup Highlight

June 13, 2010

Good old USofA.Germany and Argentina have looked good so far,everyone else have been nothing special,and Engurland seriously are they having a laugh,I still think they will get into the next round but a very average performance.

Keeping the peace during the world cup

June 9, 2010


Sometimes your significant other may get fed up with you watching the fitba,and palming her off with the usual “I got you that 12inch portable so you could watch yer shite”while you sit back on the recliner watching it all on your 50inch behemoth.May not work every night.

So my friends my tip is,one night when it is a sort of pish doesn’t matter game like Slovenia V Algeria ,get out there get a film and some treats and make a big deal about giving up watching the game so you could spend quality time together as a couple/family etc etc. 

I know it will be a big sacrifice but it will better in the long run. 

So here are a few films I have watched recently that both of you should enjoy. 

The first is this one. 

Good Film

Yes it is called Brothers, it is about a guy coming back from Afghanistan messed up and how it affects the relationships around him.I enjoyed this film and it suits women to as there is a lot of emotional stuff in it. 

The next film is The Road. 

Read the book first

This film is great but I would recommend reading the book first as it is better,and  as usual there is just more detail in the book.On second thoughts though as it is about the final years of humankind and about a fathers struggle to keep his child safe,it may not be the best one to bring home for a cheery night with the wife. 

The next film I watched last night. 

Di Caprio scores in this one!!

Great Movie,Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio,how could you lose with these two top strikers of the Film world on board. 

There are as many twists and turns in this film as Messi playing  in the 2009 Champions league final.So you have to keep your eye on the ball with this one.Great game,sorry I mean film. 

So there you have it,go on keep the wife happy rent a film.

A nice wee film

June 9, 2010

Neil Lennon

June 9, 2010

Well the waiting is over,what do you think?I am happy as the type of player we lacked was a Neil Lennon.I think he will do well.He can’t do any worse than the last diddy we had.I have tickets for a Celtic V Seattle Sounders game on July18th,I can’t wait.