Cockney Reject

I don’t know why I bought this book but it is a great read,well if you’re into reading about music football and blood it is,and really after those 3 things what else is left.This is a surprisingly good read.

Here are The Cockney Rejects with one of their best songs.

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2 Comments on “Cockney Reject”

  1. Turdy Hague Says:

    I don’t know this Turner chap but me and Gary Bushell are old chums from way back, from when you could say you hated black people without being called racist.

    His TV page in the sun is simply thrilling stuff.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Gary Bushell I don’t know a lot about and Jeff Turner just says he hates all politicians and use to fight with the British Movement which was a skinhead NF type mob, but there is always some rascism in working class London,where the band is from,I am not saying it’s right or anything it’s just the way it is.
    Just like you get idiots in Scotland blaming Pakistanis and immigrants for all of their problems.

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