My job working in the Seattle county hospital,Involves trying to help many intravenous drug users in a non judgemental caring way.

We are told when we are dealing with patients who are IV drug users ,and may have diseases like HIV/Aids,Hepatitis,Cellulitis and a host of many other drug related diseases,that we should try to bring up their drug use in conversation while we treat whatever  problem they are in hospital with.

Here is a common scenario

Me:   Hi I am just going to give you these antibiotics via your IV, 

Patient: OK

Me: Do you feel that your drug use maybe the main reason that you are having so many hospital admissions.

Patient: What the fuck are you talking about,Is it time for my fucking pain meds yet bitch.

Me: Silence

This is how the scenario plays out most days.

So I have decided to use the tool that kept me and countless others away from hard drugs.


If it helped Zammo it could maybe help the crack/heroin/meth addicts of Seattle.

I will let you know how it goes.

Let me have your opinions on drugs good or bad, legalise all of it,execute dealers what do you think?

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18 Comments on “Drugs”

  1. andy Says:

    i didnt know that was your occupation!

    i couldnt believe my eyes when i strolled down hastings street vancouver! talk about the living dead.

    Seattle must be just as bad, they are likely supplied by the same gang in the pacific north west.

    absolutely frightening.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I work as a Registered Nurse Andy.Many of our patient population are homeless and drug users,Just like those raggedy people you see up that Hastings street in Vancouver.

  3. Nasty Nick Says:

    Whats there not to like: strawberries, white lightnings, microdots, purple hearts, pinnochios, gnomes, burgers, rhubarb ‘n’ custards, euro dollars, white doves, brown doves, speckled doves, snowballs…amongst others, were particular favourites of mine.

    What about you binga (and andy); ever indulge? what were your favourites?

  4. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    nick was that a drug list or sweeties fae the van??

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I liked cola bottles and sherbet fountains.

    No but seriously,I did indulge but the drugs that gave me the biggest problems were cigarettes and alcohol.
    I did take a microdot once I nearly never recovered.I remember disco biscuits and purple gnomes.
    So I indulged when they were available.
    I think cannbis and Ecstasy should be legalised and research done into making ecstasy safer,Tax it all and give it to the health care system.

    Smack Coke meth crack are the devils work and should be controlled.

  6. louise Says:

    Ah remember Grange Hill!! I’m burnt to a cinder today….silly me sitting out in the garden reading papers ad chatting and 2 hours later looked at myself and thought “oh shit” I’m a lobster!! That’ll be us had our summer. I see the Icelandic volcano is said to be cooling off, here’s hoping since we’re traelling by Iceland Air to see you soon!! Love to Sarah and Katie xx

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Scotland sizzles,Ginger haired peole told to stay in doors will be the headlines tomorrow Louise.
    Thats good you are getting some sun the weather here has been not to bad.We are looking forward to seeing you all,Hopefully it will be ash cloud free when you travel.

  8. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    aw fur fuck sake, here we go again wae the ginger!!!! binga YOUR NOT FUCKING GINGER. GET OVER IT!!! or yer baws might be but keep that tae yerself. Your noo fucking getting called jasper carrot. Archie wis mere ginger than you and hes no moaning!

  9. bingabinga Says:

    I was just making a joke about how it always makes headline news when the temperatures hit 70.I only have a tint of ginger but I do have sympathy for the ginger cause.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Anyway yellowmagicobstacle,Yer view on drugs please??

  11. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    love is the drug Binga. we were told that years ago!! and thats all ya need. We were told that as well.

  12. Nasty Nick Says:

    Binga, I don’t know if you’re stupid or just good at deflection or what. Just so that everyone is clear; I asked what your favourites were…not what gave you the most problems. Was that some kind of safe, middle of the road answer or what? Did you indulge, and what were your favourites? don’t start the thread, if you dont want to do the hard yard. I’m sick of you nosy bastards with your blogs, who want everyone else to expose their demons for your discussion and pleasure. Answer the question!

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Nasty Nick I didn’t have a particular favourite.I always enjoyed Ecstatsy when I took it,speed also.Acid was alright at times but could be a bit heavy especially microdots,In which a good friend of mine turned into a werewolve and another became 20ft tall when I took that.
    Hash was good for a while but I ended up really paranoid when I smoked it so I only took the odd smoke of that when I was drunk.
    Quite alot of people were getting into Coke around the time I left for the US and that was probably the last thing I tried.
    So if you ask me what the best was,It was probably a Ecstatsy called a Disco Biscuit which I bought from a guy called Les back in 1990 for 20 quid,thats how much E was when it first came out and it was as strong as fuck.
    So I hope that answers the question Nasty Nick but Alcohol was my daily drug until I gave it up 5yrs ago.

    Nick the thread was about what we should do about drugs and the problems they bring to society,as in class A drugs which destroy lives,not what drug wee Rab likes to take up at T in the park,but I felt like answering yer question anyway.
    By the way I don’t take pleasure out of other peoples demons as I have enough myself.

  14. Turdy Hague Says:

    Drugs are for jobbies,..

    And I should know.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    You’re right Turday

  16. andy Says:

    i took acid called rockets a couple of times, and a few types of eckies. china whites and rainbows i think they were called, in the mid 90s.

    thankfully never got into it, i just liked a bevy and that was it never even smoked either.

    after seeing those vancouver junkies id never go near anything class a.

  17. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Andy,I would also like to add that drugs and drinking are definetly a young mans game and I have had better and more construcvtive times since I gave all that shite up.Although,I was the type that once I started I couldn’t stop.So if you can do it all in moderation good luck to ye.
    I’m happier with my Tea and Cakes.

  18. Nasty Nick Says:

    Your honesty is humbling Binga. Keep up the good work.

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