I just read this book Awaydays by Kevin Sampson,It wasn’t a bad book and probably better than most of your hooligans genre of books out there.I think it is loosely based on the author’s life as a Tranmere Rovers Casual back in 1979/80.I say loosely as the guy in the book is the best looking,best shagger,best fighter, but also with a soft side,that’s meant to make you like him.

I like to read the odd casual book not because I was one but it reminds me of when I was young,the fashions,the music the fitba etc.

The actual guys that write these books are  bullshitters though and talk themselves up so much with all this I was a thug,but I was a good guy really.

 I lived through the 80s and I knew guys who said they were Casuals and were in the CSC or ICF or LSD etc,a part from the odd one most of them were inadequates and shitebags.

I’ll tell you something else most hard guys back then weren’t into football violence,they were more into robbing etc and most of them couldn’t spell their name never mind write their memoirs.

So there you go and if anybodys got a problem wi that you know were to find me.

Awright my next book is actually a quality piece of writing don’t let the cover fool you

This is a good book by Sven Hassel who was A Dane who fought in the German Army,he is quite a prolific writer this book is supposed to be based on his time in a criminal battalion during WWII.

Sven himself was a bit of a controversial guy who was accused of making up the stories so who knows maybe another bullshitter,you can read about Sven Hassel here.


The book is well written and is worth reading.

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8 Comments on “Bullshitters”

  1. Skoosh Says:

    Binga, a lot of the football holligan element were indeed hardmen. They just weren’t at Park Mains High School or into football for that matter. Football was simply a way for some of them to engage in legitimate violence. The people i’m sure you’re referring to were indeed ‘hangers on’ who pretended to part of that scene, but of course; a Kappa jacket, pair of Farahs, Lyle % Scott and a pair of Kickers etc fooled no one. I was part of the old Erskine supporters bus when I was 15 and went to the away games with Gary Brittain, Corrie, Zokas etc. I saw some mental fights at Pittodrie and Easter Road to name a couple, and they were the real deal. Some absolute thugs on show who were purely there for the violence.
    Look forward to giving the book a go, but like yourself; I find some of these diddys tedious, self aggrandised wankers.

  2. Jake McGrory Says:

    What a load of old tat. Much prefer a bit of Martin Amis!



  4. bingabinga Says:

    Fair point Skoosh but the guys you talk about were just Mental,They weren’t into the Fiba violence thing full time,They wouldn’t be writing a memoir about it.
    Aye there were Mental guys who went to the fitba that weren’t part of the Casual scene.Just look at the 1980 Scottish Cup Final all Bams no Casuals.
    I just don’t like these guys exagerrating they need a boot in the baws.

    Jake McGrory I am glad you are reading some good books,The last time I saw you,you had a skinhead and were wearing Camouflage troosers.

    Rab Flab,You’re fucken gettin it.

  5. Pine Cabin Says:

    Talking about a good fight check this out. It happened today. Who in their right mind would vote for this fucking nutter? Biggotgate wasn`t so bad……..

  6. John the haun Says:

    Is Rab Flab in jail? think I vaguely remember that. Was it for committing too many cholesterol crimes? There should be laws against putting people in prison who would clearly enjoy it.

  7. andy Says:

    when i saw the title i thought it was a guy shouting woof that was getting done.

    wouldn’t surprise me if that councilor was an ex policeman by the way.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I don’t know where Rab Flab is now Skoosh.

    PC I hate the BNP but I don’t like spitting either both very foolish things to be involved in.

    I thought it was of a guy barking to Andy,slightly dissapointed with that.

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