What do you think?The press over here report it will probably be a hung parliament.I think that will be quite good as the Liberals seem to have  good policies . It will be interesting if they push for proportional representation,it could change British politics forever.

Here are some facts about a hung parliament.


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15 Comments on “Election”

  1. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I’m genuinely looking forward to this election more than any other in about 20 years. I hope the Lib-Dems dig their heels in and we take a huge step towards true representative democracy.

    Not that democracy’s just about voting, of course. 77 % of the UK public oppose the Afghan war but neither of the three above do. Fair enough. But the coporate press are ensuring they don’t have to answer questions on it to the people they claim to wish to represent.

    But it’s a start. Mon Thursday!

  2. Pine Cabin Says:

    I think gordon has just arsed up new labours chances with biggotgate! I am at the stage that a conservative government down south wouldn`t bother me in the long run. Tory cuts in Scotland would see the SNP miles ahead in the scottish elections in 2011, and would lead to eventual independence I`m sure! If the english are stupid enough to vote in cameron`s mob (hes as thatcherite as they come)then I want fuck all to do with them, I have decided!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Mr McNulty I think it will be very interesting how things play out.Yes Proportional representation will be interesting if it happens.
    The Ahfghan war is a disaster and the west should just get oot I think it may have been with some good intentions that they went there,but that is all lost now in the quagmire it has become.

    pine cabin
    I watched Brown call the wee woman a bigot,Oh well Labour had no chance anyway and they are all careerists ,Gone are the days of the internazionale and the red flag.
    So I think the only hope for Scotland to get a good Left of Centre government is through independece and if the Tories get us closer to this then so be it.
    I thought this was a cert to happen as the tories looked as if they would win no bother.
    yes I have always felt like this about England especially during the Thatcher years.I am not anti English I am just not English and I don’t think we should be made live under the Right wing regimes they like to vote in.

  4. Intifada McNulty Says:

    A tory government will bring about a lot of anger and, in a couple of years, despair probably.

    But will it bring about independence?

    I don’t know, to he honest. The nationlists up against the Unionists’ millions and media? Not sure if they’d stand a chance.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mr McNulty the traitors of the Scottish people will sell us down the river again,with fear mongering via the scotish gutter press.
    Anyway Pine Cabin Celtic are playing the Seattle Sounders on July18th and we will all be going just waiting for the tickets to go on sale.
    Whit dae ye thnk of that Big Man?

  6. Pine Cabin Says:

    That sounds great binga! We`ve got the world cup final on the 11th as well. A feast of football. Placed a few bets. Taken both Germany and Holland at 14/1 each to win.

  7. andy Says:

    i didnae know what the hung parliment was til i read the link!
    i think a hung parliment would result in the lib dems and tories ganging up on labour.

    im not sure how it will affect Scotland. I think we’l eventually get independence regardless.

    i think the hung parliment would be bad for the uk. It would take longer to get new legislation passed as they would all bicker over every issue.

    Browns plan to get out of recession did sound like the best but he has blown it big time. The tory plan (if backed by the lib dems in hung parliment) will keep us down for longer, i think.

    yes also looking forward to the election more than many in the past 🙂

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I thought the Lib dems would go in with Labour who knows?There definetly would be more bickering.I would rather see Scotland as its own country anyway and have our own real parliament.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    Mark It will be great I might ask you to put a line on for me before it starts as I can’t bet here.

  10. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Labour’s proposal of the Alternative Vote does nothing to address the anti-democratic system and they know it.

    I’m telling ye, if the people don’t get a referendum on PR, (and let’s face it, we won’t), and millions of votes continue to be ignored, I’ll offically have had it. Fair enough years ago when there was the notion of a difference between the two cretins, but not any more.

    The whole thing’s fuckin rigged and it’ll be nationalism for me aw the way.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    I have not read about that alternative vote.I really think that Scotland should be on its own,not because I am a misty eyed ex pat(see Sean Connery)but it makes political sense.The majority of Scotland wants a left of centre government and we will never have this being part of the UK.

  12. bingabinga Says:

    MrMcNulty how does your feeling of an independent Scotland go down with Nikki your future English wife?
    Just curious I don’t mean to pry.

  13. Pine Cabin Says:

    Nae probs binga. Can you not bet online?

  14. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Doesn’t have any bearing. She’s considered herself Scottish for years anyway.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Thats good MrMcNulty

    Pine Cabin they stopped betting on line for a while here in the US I will check it out.

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