A Disgrace

Its about time those lazy Icelanders did something about this.

I think once this has all died down they should be kicked out of Europe.

How is it affecting you,anyone stranded?

Anyone have respiratory Problems?

Come on let us know over here in America.

It’s all happening in Europe!!!

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10 Comments on “Volcano”

  1. Angry moderator Says:

    Are you adding the Icelandics to your list of hatred now Binga (to sit nicely alongside the English, American and Israelis to name a few). You’re a walking advert for the UN (sic) you are.
    You should be kicked off the web for your rhetoric. I’m sick of it! This is your last warning.

  2. Pine Cabin Says:

    Just hope it calms down for july! We had Pere (Brians mate from Arenys de Mar) overnight last weekend as hes on holiday in Scotland for a week. He can`t get back home to Spain! Probably need to drive back.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Angry moderator I don’t feel its hatred it’s just healthy debate.Those nations you speak of have been doing some pretty bad things now and in the past.There are many reasons I have issues with them,as do many others.
    Ya English bastard.

    Mark sorry to here about Pere stuck in Scotland,just another reason to boycott Iceland.Hopefully by July it will be alright.

  4. Pine Cabin Says:

    The one thing I respect about Iceland is they gave asylum to Bobby Fischer, after the U.S. wanted to extradite him for his anti-american rants in the media! He was a bit of a nutter and anti-semitic right enough. Great chess player though. The only famous person to have lived on Iceland I wager!

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Bobby Fischer is mental but I suppose Bjork is to.

  6. andy Says:

    one of my pals didnt get his flight to spain because of this and i dont think he will get his money back! that must be absolutely gutting!

    i heard on the news today that the last time an icelandic volanco exploded in 1973 there were problems with ash for 6 months!

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Thats shite Andy about your pal.The Icelandic government should be putting its hand in its pocket,Oh I forgot they are bankrupt.Its about time they were invaded by people who knew how to run a country like the Dutch or somebody.

  8. Tommie Cook Says:

    Aye boys, those insurance companies are laughing as its considered an act of God with no pay outs etc. Lots of people in same boat. The kind of sickener one doesn’t need coming out of a depression. An earthquake in Adelaide the other day, more Tsunami warnings, volcanos erupting = angry planet fighting back. Us humans are blessed to be inhabiting this planet but useless idiots like you’s wi yer deoderants and plastic bags an aw that are ruining things for everybody, so take heed. Ahm no tellin ye’s agane.

  9. bignose Says:

    Ireland would have been bankrupt too if the EU hadnt bailed them out????? your not wanting to invade your celtic brothers are you, or are they ok cause they dont have a volcano??

    your bingabinga site is probably being monitored now by some american government organisation that keeps an eye on anti-american comments. lol. Ill bet you get an interesting time next time you go to the airport! pants to your knees mr binga, pants to your knees!! lol.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Tommy Cook the power of nature is majestic and frightening.

    Bignose I would like to say I am an internationalist and I am not against any one people.I am just against certain arseholes who inhabit certain countries.
    I am a big supporter of our President and me and my inlaws are donaters to his party.My father in law was a Colonel in the US army blah blah blah.Anyway its just American Extremists I do not like and those Teaparty folk.

    The Irish government made an arse of it by jumping on the unregulated free market gravy train so yes they deserve to be ivaded,there government toppled and a more sensible less capatilistc government put in its place.

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