A tribute to my American garden

I wee tribute to America and my Garden.This proves I am not unAmerican.

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10 Comments on “A tribute to my American garden”

  1. andy Says:

    youre garden is shite but its still better than mine cos im a close guy with nae garden at aw. 🙂

    i fucking love that tune! i heard it on “my name was earl” when i was in canada a couple of years ago. i think its the best tune out of the south since sweet home alabama!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Its whats called a white trash garden over here.
    I am not making excuses Andy but it took me a year to get rid of the woodland that was there before I had my slash and burn project .You could’nt see the fence for bushes and trees,by the time I cleared it I was fed up with it all.So I left it and the weeds took over.
    Aye Southern Cross is a good song.

  3. Pine Cabin Says:

    Wheres the fuckin swimming pool? Thats 6 minutes and 15 seconds you could have spent mixing the cement!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mark I am a let down to the family back home 8yrs in the states and no swimming pool.I was waiting until you came over in July to get it started.
    Thats if you all get over!!

  5. Pine Cabin Says:

    Getting slightly concerned about that myself binga. If this volcano`s neighbour blows it top then the whole of europe will be shrouded in darkness for the next six months. Failing that, the airline we booked with is Icelandair and I bet the bookies have the company odds-on to collapse in the not too distant future, with the amount of shit coming out of that volcano. Only paid a deposit and Icelandair want the full whack at the beginning of May! Maybe put that swimming pool on hold right enough……..

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Hopefully it will be fine by then.Surely the Icelandic government would bail its national Airline out.

  7. Pine Cabin Says:

    Forgot about that! My only concern is the Icelandic economy couldn`t bail out a corner shop at the moment. Its this countries over-reaction to the incident combined with the media hype! Theres going to be an enquiry about it. Feel better already…. as long as the volcano doesn`t fart out some more ash in July………..fingers crossed!!!

  8. Uncle Sam Says:

    Hi Mr Binga. Been perusing this site for some time and whereby I find the occasional satire to be light hearted; some of your intend humour is is in bad taste and downright disrespectful. Do you think we welcome aliens like yourself highlighting all that is bad about our society? do you? why stay here? why don’t you return to where you came from and go back to the sad life you were obviously so desperate to leave, in a place you bizarrely defend. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. I say these things as a friend, a friend who may not be able to help you if you carry on with your nonsense.
    Bye Mr Binga

  9. Uncle Sam Says:

    ps Mr Binga, get a new thread. That garden is boring! Maybe enlighten the readers to some stories of ‘clattypats’ or something.
    Bye Mr Binga

  10. bingabinga Says:

    I know Uncle Sam I’m a crazy mixed up kid.
    I defend the good things in society and like many people critsise the things I see as wrong.
    Clattypats wasn’t really for me I enjoyed Fury Murrays and the Skyne.
    Uncle Sam so when I come to America I have to sit here and say nothing of what I feel is wrong in society.I didn’t know that immigrating somewhere meant you were censored.America is a democracy and prides it self on free speech.
    So thanks for your comment as I am also an advocator of free speech,even when it’s a lot of shite.

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