Wee trip


Going to SanFransisco on Saturday to stay with the inlaws for 5 days.First time we will be flying with the baby,wish us luck,at least its only a 2hr flight.

Have a good weekend and no doubt I will bore you all with a film of our trip.

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32 Comments on “Wee trip”

  1. Skoosh Says:

    I really feel for you Binga wi that 2 hour flight. Say hello to the Bergs and have a crab salad at Sams restaurant if you get the chance..fantastico mate. Happy Easter to y’all

  2. Pine Cabin Says:

    Infant phenergan should do the trick binga! Stockin up way some myself for the summer hols…….

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I know Skoosh its nothing compared to the Oz to Glasgow trip you have taken with your baby,I don’t know how you did it.I will have my favourite open shrimp sandwich in Sams,Happy Easter to you all to.

    PC if I was flying home I would definetly give that a go.

  4. Skoosh Says:

    Doesn’t work for many children Binga. Lucky Pine Cabin it obviously does for yours. Didn’t touch Alex when we tried it so moved on to Bromptons mixture and flattened him with that.

  5. Pine Cabin Says:

    Wouldn`t waste that on the bairns skoosh, I`d keep it for maself!!!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Bromptons mixture thats a blast from the past,I heard of a nurse who dipped his fags in that,dried them out and then smoked them.

  7. andy Says:

    san francisco was one of the best cities ive ever been to! The buildings and the sceenery were awesome.

    Heres an interesting fact binga!
    it took me half an hour to walk over that golden gate bridge, however it took me 35 minutes to walk across the erskine bridge!

  8. bingabinga Says:

    The Erskine Bridge is probably the more famous of the two.When I was admiring the Golden Gate Bridge a couple of Americans commented on how they would love to visit the beautiful Erskine Bridge and have a ramble in the scenic Kilpatrick hills.
    I lived in SF for about a year to damn expensive though,thats why we ended up back in Seattle.

  9. pearlriver Says:

    andy 35 minutes to walk oor the erskine bridge….whit did you dae??? jeez lad did yi stoap fur a fag and a shite haulfway through??? or did yi let the dug aff the leash n it ran the other way??

  10. andy Says:

    i had a wank in the clyde, pearlriver. there was nothing sexy within the 20 mile view so it took 10 minutes to come. i was thrashing away like bruce dickinson on methedrone.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    There is something sexy about the Erskine Bridge it was listed as number 7 in the latest sexy bridge poll.With the swing bridge at Renfrew polling a dismal number 36.

  12. Skoosh Says:

    I remember that nurse as well Binga. Small world etc Have you been to Sams?

  13. Pine Cabin Says:

    checkout wikileaks…………

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Shocking Mark this is why American troops deserve all they get and the occupation of Iraq is illegal.
    An absolute disgrace,sickening.

  15. pearlriver Says:

    thats a disgrace you saying american troops deserve all they get!!!!

  16. Bingabinga Says:

    Yes they do Pearl River when you occupy another country and carry out atrocities towards the people of that country,then yes the people of that country have the right to fight back against their occupier.
    I’m surprised you picked up on that rather than the atrocities carried out on the video.

  17. pearlriver Says:

    binga brother, i only picked up on ”american troops deserve all they get”….awww man!! thats like saying also….american civilians deserve all they get!!! no???

    Noo dont get me wrong big yin and you always talk a lot of good sense but im just picking at your choice of words dude!x..man its the lingering of the old administration!!!..troops are young kids you see in the fkn mall and in the street… look, im not gonna argue with you!

    ps…..is wee infadel mctatty oan vacation!!! i thought hed have jumped all over that one.??

  18. Skoosh Says:

    I think you need to retract that Binga. Wok Wongs right; we’re talking about kids here sent to these places by regimes. Its like saying terrorists now have the right to target you and your family because you live in the country of the regime that sent troops to their country. That type of thinking has to stop Binga. Agreed, someone (people) have to be accountable for those atrocities on the video but I think Highland Stars comment about the troops is a valid one. Please discuss?
    ps Canton express after a night out…your thoughts?

  19. bingabinga Says:

    No terrorists have not and never have had the right to carry out bombings and atrocities towards civilians to further there cause,From the IRA to Al quaeeda this is wrong.
    Civilians do not carry out acts of aggression towards people of other countries therefore they are innocents and perpertrating violence towards them,as the two American helicopter pilots did is deemed as a war crime in most civilised countries and is written in the geneva convention,which I did think America followed although I am now not so sure now.

    These kids are sent there because they sign up no one is forced to join the military here.Yes they are promised the world from recruiters and the propaganda that governments feed them,but it is their decision to join and go to another country and carry out acts of violence like we witnessed in the video.
    This is only one incidence there are probably hundreds more.
    Now if American troops went along Argyle street shooting into crowds and killing and injuring babies,I would definetly do something about it.

    Back to the video,if you watched it all you would hear these two American child killers blame the civilians for taking kids to a firefight,when all these people were doing in the van were helping wounded civilians.
    This disgusted me how members of the supposed proud American army laughed as they killed in their big safe helicopters very brave.Heroes the lot of them.

    So I feel that for you two to quickly jump to the defence of Amercan soldiers over dead Iraqi civilains and wounded children troubling,Say it was your kids or fathers.
    But I suppose Iraqi civilains don’t count because they might all be terrorists.
    Anyway it is good to have open debate on these subjects I hope you are both well and were are ye McNulty?

    Canton Express I was wondering if that was still in exsistence.I wouldn’t mind checking out the Dine n Fine up in bridgewater.
    I liked the chicken chow mein in the canton express.

    PS whit aboot that cellic score?

  20. Pine Cabin Says:

    These troops are basically part of an imperialist army. When they join they know they are going to serve the American Empire abroad. They supress the populations of the countries they have invaded, and in my opinion get what they deserve. Imperialism is at the heart of U.S. foreign policy making, and mirrors what has been going on for centuries in the advancement of capitalism. These troops are as ideologically mad as the insurgents they are suppose to be fighting. They are not just young boys, far from it; they have the might of one of the biggest and most aggressive armies in history behind them. As with all empire building its the innocent population that suffers, and have done for hundreds of years. Its just very rare for these atrocities to be caught on camera!

    Celtic are so pish they are not worth talking about binga……….

  21. bingabinga Says:

    Well said Pine Cabin.

  22. Skoosh Says:

    The people joining armies are not doing so to fight wars or effect global imperialism. The majority do so because its a job and they may be limited in their options. They too are victims of imperialistic foreign policies and to say they deserve to be bombed and shot at is also disgraceful. To take some kind of moral high ground is preposterous you two. One persons just deserts is another persons atrocity. Violence breeds violence but I guess some violence is ok as long as you guys are determining who the perpetrators and victims are.

    ps Celtic lol

  23. Pine Cabin Says:

    Its obvious who the victims are: in the Iraq conflict a conservative estimate of 110,000 civilian deaths compared to the U.S. forces death toll of just over 4,300. They are not conscripts who are forced into war. They have made a conscious choice to join the army, get a gun put in their hands and posted to foreign countries to protect the interests of corporate america. There are also a lot of enlightened americans who wouldn`t join up, no matter what their limited options are.

    If you join an army to help the rich of your country get richer and the poor of some underdeveloped country get killed in the process, then I personally don`t have much sympathy if you are on the receiving end of a bullet!

    Just remember the Iraq conflict is about one thing. Oil! If the oil hadn`t been there, the 110,000 Iraq civilians still would be……..

  24. Intifada McNulty Says:

    No one is ‘forced’ to sign up in the sense of being frogmarched at gunpoint. But kids are ‘forced’ through a political system that traps them in a desperate cycle of misery and fear. Huge numbers of US kids are kept ignorant and poor just so they can keep that sick, insatiable system ticking over, so personally I have a good deal of sympathy for them.

    The rabid subhumans in the video have now presumably moved on to their next profiteering bloodbath; they’re symptomatic of a system that doesn’t do wars for humanity, just cash.

    On a more important note, Canton Express shut down years ago. Whenever I pass I always say a few words.

  25. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry I do not have much sympathy for The American Military and if you are a member of it and do not say anything against the atrocities carried out by memberes of that organisation then yes you deserve what ever happens to you in Iraq.
    There are many options in America Skoosh.Many Americans just like all that military pish.They like their guns over here and have a weird sense of patriotism.Basically many Americans are fucken nuts.

  26. bingabinga Says:

    Good to hear from you McNulty I can’t believe the Canton is gone,I remember annoying Stephen Jackson in their many times.

  27. Yer maw Says:

    Yes Intifada, a wider perspective is what is required here, which often affords greater creativity in attempting to problem solve. There are always different types of victims in all walks of life who are not generelisable to narrow thinking. Its naive to think that these kids are all the men they are ever going to be and are making rational and informed choices. One or 2 people here forgetting their own youth I think.

    ps shame about the Canton. What about China Sea?

  28. bingabinga Says:

    We are talking about arocities carried out now.Its irrelevant what these kids do in the future.
    Did you not watch the video?Helicopter pilots are not kids.They were treating the killing of human beings like it was a video game.
    But sudddenly I am wrong for saying the American soldiers deserve all they get and the discussion has become about us all feeling sorry for the poor Americans over there,they are so young boo hoo.You can kill and murder at any age

    Not one word of sympathy for the Iraqi people or disgust at the killings.
    So the young American Kids who go home and get paid college and free healthcare the Victims?
    Or is it the Dead Iraqis?

  29. Yer maw Says:

    You should check your earlier thread Binga. You stated that American troops deserve all they get…a generalisation is implied if not made explicit that ALL American troops have it coming. No one is challenging the fact that people have to be accountable for wrong doings and the awful atrocities in the video but generalised statements are not helpfull and unfair on the many American troops whom I believe (and you may wish to dispute this) who do not murder and commit atrocities. Being there as part of an armed force may be wrong and politically crimininal, but I dispute that all American soldiers are criminals and “deserve all they get.”

  30. Intifada McNulty Says:

    The Canton was doomed the day the SNP brought in legislation prohibiting premises from having bogs more than than three miles from the restaurant.

  31. bingabinga Says:

    Anyone who invades another country for no other reason than oil and because their crazy government tells them to,In my eyes deserve all they get.

    It was a statement made in anger but I still stand by it.

    I always thought I was going to be murdered when I went down to they bogs in the Canton,Is there anything in its place?

  32. Yer maw Says:

    I do remember the illegal gambling den on way to said bogs, fantastic!

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