Good Riddance

Guilty of ruining the season

Well what a shite season this has been,remember everyone this sorry excuse for a Celtic manager will drive into the distance in his nice expensive car,to  probably another good job earning money that most of us can only dream about.Absolutely no sympathy for this man and I would say he deserves to payback part of the cost of every Celtic supporters season ticket for the shite he served up.

Maybe a bit harsh but remember Tony will always do alright.Even though he is probably one of the worst managers I have seen in action.

Who do I want as the New Manager?I don’t know,poach Craig Levein from the Scotland job,this is who I wanted in the first place.

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12 Comments on “Good Riddance”

  1. Skoosh Says:

    Thought he had to go some time ago to be honest. Think the ‘Sellik’ board need to come out as well and say they made a Noel Hunt of the Robbie Keane signing. No way that was down to Mowbray. As revealed exclusively on this board by me a while ago, 375000 a week for a self serving glory hunter is outrageous. Realistically, that’s about 5 decent SPL wages for Celtic and Rangers these days, so not a clever move.
    Mind the gap

  2. Skoosh Says:

    ps I fcuking hate that twat Lennon. Wouldn’t get tired punching him.

  3. Pine Cabin Says:

    Aye I`d like to see the board gettin a kick up the arse for appointing tony mow in the first place! Fucks sake, when he crash dived west brom out the premiership the season before, Lineker and hansen ripped the pish out his playing style on match of the day every saturday night. Why did the board think it would work up here?

    Must admit levein would be my first choice. Interestingly lambert was interviewed today and isn`t as negetive about the job as before. Anyway we`ll see how gingerbaws does meantime………..

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I blame Mowbray fully for his own undoing,The Celtic board put their trust in basically a deluded bullshitter who had a very high regard for himself and his supposedly pure and honest footballing tactics.The board were more than ready to open the biscuit tin for him and he alone fucked it up.

    I am usually quite sympathetic with managers but not Mowbray his handling of Celtic from the start was disgraceful,Decent players like Robson Caldwell McManus MacDonald were treated badly by him and his Big Ego.
    The guy should get back to what he is used to,managing teams who are not expected to do much,he can then hide behind his bullshit excuses for poor results.
    I would not touch English Managers with a barge pole they are spoiled and pampered,apart from the top 4 who are expected to do well in the league and Europe,The rest can do as little as avoid relegation or get a Uefa cup place and they are lauded as football geniuses.This with a transfer budget that would last Celtic or Rangers four seasons.
    Keane is on 65,000 a week and will piss off as soon as he can a real Celtic fan for you.

    I know all you Gers hate Lennon,Is it his ginger hair or the fact he was a great Celtic player who takes no shite from the blue side of Glasgow.
    By the way you hate him as much as I dislike Nacho Novo although I don’t want to perpertrate violence towards him.

  5. Skoosh Says:

    Why do you hate Nacho Novo? and I hate Lennon because he is a troublemaker who’s behaviour occasionally incites trouble. Some may argue that idiotic behaviour on behalf of Rangers is not his fault but I choose to differ with that narrow minded view. He’s in the public domain and has responsibilities, which he’s clearly incabable of upholding.
    ps I would batter him in private so as not to cause a scene, as I am fully aware of my public responsibilities

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Because he is a sneaky spanish bastard.Thats why

    Naw I just don’t like the guys attitude and he scores goals for Rangers.

  7. Louise Says:

    I agree with Scott in so much as it was a poor appointment by the board. They lacked imagination after Coyle knocked it back. Most Celtic fans would have accepted Levein but they decided it had to be someone from England, even if that meant going for the worst manager in EPL. Would like to see Willy McStay given a chance, although I hope Lennon makes a decent fist of it.

  8. pearlriver Says:

    They say selik need to go back to playing ugly football, well there halfway there way lennon in charge. Whit about the dream team of liam brady and john barnes??????

  9. bingabinga Says:

    Oh I see the Aussie Supersally RSC are out in force today.Liam Bradys team could beat the present day Celtic and Rangers team.
    Come on John Barnes was a good rapper though.

  10. andy Says:

    that was the best world cup song ever. even tho its stinky england i have to say it was a belter.

    i like wayne rooney and id like to see him bag a hatter at the world cup, but if they get any further than the 2nd round il change my tune.

  11. Yer maw Says:

    Mind the gap

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Andy I would like to see them get beat by Argentina in the semis by a controversial goal.

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