Historic healthcare bill passed


It was great to see history being made last night.When president Obama and the democrats finally got a pretty decent healthcare bill passed.The more I live here the more you realise how crazy selfish and sneaky the republican party is,they really painted this healthcare bill as a socialist plot and many of the dumb Americans believed it.America is like two countries these days.on one hand you have the educated and half decent working Americans on the other you have an alliance of,White trash,religous nuts,rich selfish people,crazy militaristic types and white power freaks who all think of themselves as the real Americans.

Sometimes I really do feel that the forces of good and evil are  working in America and I know what side I am on.

I am starting to wind this blog down these days summers coming.

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7 Comments on “Historic healthcare bill passed”

  1. andy Says:

    i enjoyed reading that post. some of what you said is bang on.
    how evil is it to let poor people die because they are uninsured! money over human life.
    and even the insured can be tripped up by loopholes and not get help.
    thats just evil.

    the republicans have innocent blood on their hands.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    They are unbelievable Andy,I can understand the rich getting a bit bent out of shape as they are selfish anyway. but there are all these white trash gun toting fundamentalist Christians shouting that it is a communist takeover,It is insane.
    If it is was back in the day there would be another civil war,infact they should just let the south be there own country its full of dafties anyway.

  3. Skoosh Says:

    Now now Binga. I may have agreed with y’all on that before visiting South Carolina, but have to take issue with that. Being a college town, it was actually quite cool and liberal minded. Which states are you referring to? c’mon y’all name and shame them Binga. I may have to send the brotherhood around if there’s any more of your slandering ya commie fcuk

  4. Pine Cabin Says:

    Thats Tony gone! 🙂

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh in some of these southern states there maybe the odd oasis of liberal enlightement but just check out there voting history,most would probably like to see segregation back.There is a scary extremist movement in the states and it becomes more apparent when you have a black liberal president.

    Mark thats the first I have heard thank F##k for that.

  6. Pine Cabin Says:

    Aye, the hammering last night from St Mirren was the last straw. Lennon to take over till the summer!

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I am glad it was StMirren who were the undoing of Mowbray,I would like to see the saints stay up.
    Maybe Lennon will prove himself up for the job fulltime.I am very happy Mowbray is gone though I was never a big fan to begin with.As was stated in this blog entry back in the summer.


    I do see thai I thought that managers needed two seasons but Mowbray was so bad he didn’t deserve them.

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