An old friend


See when you haven’t had something for ages you forget how good it is,like the beans on toast I had for my lunch yesterday.


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34 Comments on “An old friend”

  1. pearl river Says:

    a like beans on toast wae butter and hp sauce and black pepper….when am no sticking a fkn chinky doon ma throat a tell thee!!!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Pearl River I like a cheesy beany,although I love the HP on most everything I draw the line at mixing my sauces,bean sauce and brown sauce,fuxake yer mental I tell ya.

  3. Plunge McNugget Says:

    Grated cheese wae broon sauce on it! Thats the biz……….tasty, cheap and good fur yer bowels. What mare dae yeh want?

  4. Pine Cabin Says:

    no as good as ma pineapple fritters

  5. pearl river Says:

    Dearest of bingas, I tried it out of curiousity after being appalled by it too. I am a lover of the bean juice and mixing it with the auld hp looked and sounded awful but let me tell thee its a marriage made in taste heaven and the only sauce mix that works…..I want you to keep an open mind and go and try it, then come back and tell me what you think.

  6. pearl river Says:

    A beans tale…….a always rem somebody telling a story of walking past mick barrs hoose one day his wee brother gave oot the cry ” mawwwwwwwww micks eatin ma cheesy beany”.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Pearl River I still say that to Sarah,it is true,I heard it .I will try the HP wi the beans.

    Pine Cabin I was thinking about you the other day are you still in exsistance.

    Plunge McNugget,Beanz Meanz Heinz!!!

  8. Intifada McNulty Says:

    That’s the most famous beans tale in Erskine.

    (a town with many beans tales)

  9. pearl river Says:

    I seen Mick Barr was on the dreaded facebook……pearl river, skoosh mcnulty, pine cabin, themanwhosaysneek, insidesource, and the many others should aw go on and call him a cheesy bean thief……….he wont know whit the fks happened!!! be hilarious…am laughing bout it now!!! hilarious band of rebels youve assembled binga! mark and fiona need to change there names from this day onwards..

  10. Pine Cabin Says:

    Just came in from work and made maself a large plate of the aforementioned. F**kin great……….although that co-op brown sauce is shite in comparison tae the auld Houses of Parliament!

    Changed my name yesterday by the way……..don`t know who might be watching?

  11. bingabinga Says:

    I had a wee look there Pearl River I see he has a page dedicated to the love of his life,His tattoos.

    I am not a member of facebook I use my wifes log in to have the odd look.
    You know Pine Cabin I get a bit spoiled here wi the HP as it is all you can get.When you come over in the Summer could you bring me sone Daddies and maybe somerfields own brand for a change.

  12. Pine Cabin Says:

    Aye, daddies is awright.

  13. pearl river Says:

    nothing wrong wae the daddies………..rem we used tae get hot dogs in highschool dinners. We must be the only nation that puts the broon sauce oan the hot dogs.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Aye and empire biscuits wi custard.

  15. Skoosh Says:

    Hey Binga, me and Pearl River will be gettin oan the sauce next week in Kings Cross…but no the sauce you’re talkin aboot big yin. Remember that photo wi the big yin in Rothesay? still goat it?
    Maybe we should have a 20 year reunion party at the Rothesay folk festival (would be about 5 years from now)and check out some of these anonomous posters on your website. Maybe stay in that caravan park again. Wit de ye say Binga?

  16. Pine Cabin Says:

    Skoosh the Rothesay Folk Festival is no more. Only left wae the Jazz Festival and its shite!

  17. Skoosh Says:

    Sad to hear that Pine Cabin. Wit happened; did the big yin stop proxy sponsoring with his presence?

  18. Pine Cabin Says:

    Soon as that happened it was finished. Bad experience coming back on the ferry with some neds fae erskine, I think! Never been back on Bute since………

  19. bingabinga Says:

    The folk festival was good.I still tell the story of us stalking Billy Connolly all weekend.Aye Skoosh that is a deal we will meet in 5yrs time in Rothesay.Thats if they let you back in the country.Enjoy yourselves in Kings Cross and have Special Chow Mein for me.
    Dissappointing they don’y have the folk festival,you should start a punk festival Mark.

  20. Skoosh Says:

    Or an Old Skool House festival. I’ve organised another Boat Party in June. One floor will exclusively be Old Skool. A true story here; the purchase of a ticket will allow you to make an old skool request to be played on the boat. Upon hearing this, this girl from Manchester who is a friend of a friend got excited and asked if we could play Tiffany!!!! WTF! She’s not getting a frickin ticket for her cheek and indignation.

  21. bingabinga Says:

    How was your last party?did you throw anyone off?My old skool request would be Our House by Madness.I’m joking it would be the bassheads is there anybody out there.
    I bumped into that Tiffany at the Mall the other week she was singing and dancing for loose change,I think she got herself on that Meth or something she looked terrible I think she’s alone now,well there wasn’t anyone with her anyway.
    You should play that song for the girl and announce who requested it then make her walk the plank.

    Pine Cabin I just saw The Maiden there on VH1 it got me thinking you being an auld fan you should start a Heavy Metal festival on Rothesay.Like Donnington.
    Pine Cabin,Billy Connolly still tells the story of how these neds hounded him on Rothesay in fact he stole some of our patter and used it on his world tour.

  22. Pine Cabin Says:

    Aye a rock festival over here would be the business! If Dumfries and Galloway can allow the Wickerman Festival wae the likes of sham 69, the fall, shaun ryder etc. then am sure something could be organised over here. How about the Mountstuart Metal Fest with motorhead, anthrax and slayer? fuckin great! Too many auld farts over here in positions of authority though. Would never get the OK……..

  23. Pine Cabin Says:

    Talkin of donington, can remember headin down there in 87 with some of the bishy crew. Metallica and anthrax if memory serves me right. Whats really fukin freakin me out is that wis 23 year ago!

  24. Skoosh Says:

    Your reason for being there is enough to freak me out Pine Cabin

  25. Pine Cabin Says:

    lol. Aye yer right skoosh. Metallica and anthrax were pish. No match fur Ozzy live!

  26. bingabinga Says:

    Mark did you go doon there wi the Young Bish?

  27. Pine Cabin Says:

    Aye. It wisnae drink and drugs that makes Ozzy speak as if hes pissed all the time. It wis the kickin he took aff kenny grey!

  28. bingabinga Says:

    Him and the McGrorys.

  29. Skoosh Says:

    lol ‘Kenny Grey’ now there’s a name from the past. Speaking of which; who is Roslyn Hyndman? got friend request from her on FB and can’t place her

  30. pearl river Says:

    thats funny skoosh, i got one as well and had to ask someone who she is….a still cannae place her but al bet you bingabinga knows who she is.

  31. Intifada McNulty Says:

    She had streaked hair (eek) and used to go out with a wee guy called Pearsy. (double eek!) She was skinny and hung around with June Jones.

    I think she was probably daft.

    facebook. I chucked that after I deleted so many of my so-called friends that I had none left.

  32. bingabinga Says:

    I think she lived in Inchinnan Mr McNultys description sounds right.Although I heard she murdered her husband or someting like that,It might have been her Da I’m no sure.

  33. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Nae offence, but she must be pretty fuckin short of pals (of the real and virtual kind) tae go searchin on the net for people she hadnae seen in 25 years and didnae know in the first place…

    And the fact that she’s also a convicted murderer makes me think she’s very possibly a big pain in the arse.

  34. bingabinga Says:

    Aye MrMcNulty they were aw pains in the arse these people,annoying types that bored the pants off us.
    By the way I heard Freddie Thompson was involved in the murder case,It was a bizarre love triangle they had contacted each other on Friends reunited and it all went sadly wrong.I hear it might be a made for TV film in the future.

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