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Wee trip

March 31, 2010


Going to SanFransisco on Saturday to stay with the inlaws for 5 days.First time we will be flying with the baby,wish us luck,at least its only a 2hr flight.

Have a good weekend and no doubt I will bore you all with a film of our trip.


Good Riddance

March 25, 2010

Guilty of ruining the season

Well what a shite season this has been,remember everyone this sorry excuse for a Celtic manager will drive into the distance in his nice expensive car,to  probably another good job earning money that most of us can only dream about.Absolutely no sympathy for this man and I would say he deserves to payback part of the cost of every Celtic supporters season ticket for the shite he served up.

Maybe a bit harsh but remember Tony will always do alright.Even though he is probably one of the worst managers I have seen in action.

Who do I want as the New Manager?I don’t know,poach Craig Levein from the Scotland job,this is who I wanted in the first place.

Historic healthcare bill passed

March 22, 2010


It was great to see history being made last night.When president Obama and the democrats finally got a pretty decent healthcare bill passed.The more I live here the more you realise how crazy selfish and sneaky the republican party is,they really painted this healthcare bill as a socialist plot and many of the dumb Americans believed it.America is like two countries these days.on one hand you have the educated and half decent working Americans on the other you have an alliance of,White trash,religous nuts,rich selfish people,crazy militaristic types and white power freaks who all think of themselves as the real Americans.

Sometimes I really do feel that the forces of good and evil are  working in America and I know what side I am on.

I am starting to wind this blog down these days summers coming.

St Patricks day

March 17, 2010

Here is another wee film I made down at the Seattle Center on Sunday,they have an Irish week for St Patrick.

Road Trip

March 17, 2010

Here are some highlights of a wee roadtrip we took yesterday I thought I would add some road trip country style music by the great Steve Earl.

We got a new motor

March 12, 2010

We got a new Motor yesterday as some woman smashed into ours the day before and wrote it off,thankfully no one was hurt.It was the womans fault and the cops gave her a ticket so we might get about a thousand dollars for our old car.It pisses me off we were trying to get another few years out the car and had just put $500 into it when it was serviced 2 months ago.Sarah had the motor for 15yrs so it was a sad departure for the old white Subaru.I have to stop I am getting to emotional.

Anyway the new cars a cracker.

The new blue subaru

This guy helped at the car showroom.

An old friend

March 9, 2010


See when you haven’t had something for ages you forget how good it is,like the beans on toast I had for my lunch yesterday.