If you haven’t watched Weeds before,you should.It is very good.I am watching season 5 just now on DVD.

That is all.

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40 Comments on “Weeds”

  1. mark Says:

    Am I nostradamus or what? Kind of thought dougie mcdonald would back me up 100%. Celtic finished with 10 men and rangers with 12!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Shocking decision once again Mark.Bully beef Bougherra gets a free hand to boot Celtic players all over the place.While Brown gets sent off for hugging Kyle Lafferty.
    The season has been shit and Mowbray has to take a lot of blame but the refereeing decisions have been unbelievably bad.You wonder why a very mediocre Rangers team are so far ahead of Celtic,I think the SFA and their biased referees may have the answer.

  3. andy Says:

    im not a fan of either the only games i go to are clydebank and yoker juniors. but i thought the brown red card was incredibly harsh. lafferty did something similar last season to an aberdeen player. you’d think the refs would be clued up on that.

    i don’t think there is a conspiracy though. its impossible to pull that off in this day and age. the only ref that was probably at it was that mike mccurry the minister dude, but the sfa got rid of him and thats why i say it’s unlikely that other refs would want to follow in his footsteps.

    as for the match, it wasnae bad but wasnae that good. tony mowbray probably should go at the end of the season. i like him he did wonders at hibs but i think celtic is too big a job for him. walter smith will probably go at the end of the season and mccoist will take over. 2 great clubs that should do better in europe and i predict they’ll both bring something home in the twenty tens!

  4. Intifada McNulty Says:

    The decision was crap and Laffery is a disgrace, but neither were to blame for Celtic not creating a single chance in the second half.

    If the ref was biased he didn’t too good a job. Some would have given Edu’s first goal because of the Celtic defender’s high boot. He chose not to.

    Rangers were streets ahead.

    I’m almost

  5. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I’m almost…

    ehm, I’ve no idea why I wrote that.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    I saw the second half only Stevie,Yes Rangers had some good chances but the sending off of a Celtic player for nothing definetly gave Rangers an advantage and it became an exercise of damage limitation.
    I am talking about so called Controversial decisions in general in these games McNulty,
    Every Controversial decision seems to go against Celtic and I am not talking about this season only,throughout the history of the old firm Celtic are the ones who get shafted by refs.
    Andy it is not a conspiracy it is a way of life,This is an objective view I try and not be blinded by the rabble and I watch the games over here on my own.So I don’t get caught up in the media frenzy.So I am only going by what I see.

  7. Skoosh Says:

    Harsh sending off yes, reasonable goal for Edu disallowed yes, stonewall penalty (Hinkel on Edu) denied yes. Both incidents prior to harsh sending off, yes. Need to look outwith this game Binga to support your inferences when all is weighed up for and against. It would appear Celtic got some favourablle decisions and some harsh ones.
    Lets not forget that Brown engaged in stupidity and forced the refs hand in a sense to make a bad decision. Also, as Intifada states, one should really look a lot closer to home for some evidence as to Celtics poor season…they’re a very poor team. Throwing aaway a 2 goal lead at Aberdeen with 10 mins to go because they wanted more goals etc. Referee decision favoured them that day also as Steven McLean had a stonewall penalty decision waved away, which could have won game. I’m sure an objective viewing of all Celtic games would see a balance of decisions for and against, like al teams in my opinion. Like someone said, Rangers fans spout that nonsense as well when they’re not doing well, I guess because they’re easier to highlight at such times.
    Anyway, nae luck lol

  8. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Binga,I also live far from the hostile surroundings that can make an objective opinion difficult, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on this. I’m in a very small minority of Celtic fans who don’t believe refs as a whole are, or have ever been, biased aginst Celtic.
    There was a time in the 90’s when Rangers got a lot of poor decisions, but to me that was down to crap officials who’d invariably bottle it in the face of what was at the time a huge and successful team.

    Celtic have been on the receiving end of some poor decisions this season, definitely. It might even itself out, it might not. But I remember Rangers suffered a few nasty ones early last season and they still won the league.

    Fair enough anyone who feels different and I don’t mean to piss anyone off more than they are already, but biased refs just doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny for me…

    Where were they during the MON years or Stein’s 9 in a row, when they would have been sorely needed?

    Why do they only ever turn up when Celtic are crap?

    Where was the bias ref’s wisdom in sending off one of the most useless men on the park with 20 mins to go and the game at 0-0? And as Skoosh says, what about Edu’s first ‘goal’ and the 50:50 penalty?

    And more importantly…

    Why would refs damage their own reputations and ruin their chances of officiating World Cups and Champions Leagues to favour Rangers and/or the SFA?

    WHy has no ref ever refused and instead blown the whistle on the whole game? If the refs are being paid to throw matches, why hasn’t even one of the admin people (there’d have to be a few involved) ever spoken out?

    I just look forward to the day when Celtic will be pumping Rangers again. Then the biased ref stuff will resurface on the othe side.

    As Mowbray though, it looks like you were certainly right aboot that. Don’t see the point in binning him, though.

  9. skoosh Says:

    Wise words from Intifada Binga. Blaming refs only serves to deflect away from a poor team and maybe a manager that needs to get some pressure put on him. I thought Le Guen had to go after a short and disastrous tenure. I recall Rangers fans complaining about lots of decisions going against them and media bias also, which was bullshit and basically ignored the fact that it doesn’t work out for some people.
    Personally, I think his biggest mistake was the £70,000 a week outlay on Keane who will not be there after end of season. It was a kneejerk signing which smacked of Tore Andre Flo during times of desperation. You don’t ‘build for the future’ and lay that out on a player who’s there because of some self serving dream. Also, why was he allowed to take the captains armband when he’s been at the club 5 minutes. The club is bigger than Mr Keane but i’m not sure he’s respectful of that when he grabs the armband. Ultimately, it devalues the captains armband in my opinion and Mowbray shoulders the blame for that and an awful lot more.

  10. mark Says:

    To say there has never been biased officials within refereeing in scotland is naive at best. Thats like saying there has never been sectarianism in the west coast of scotland. Both at one time went hand in hand! To say some referees are not affected by it today is inferring that sectarianism in scotland has vanished, which it clearly hasn`t. Has it become less evident in football over recent years, or does it sit uncomfortably with footballs image today and so is ignored? I think the latter is more likely. Some people within scottish society, although not backing sectarianism, choose to pretend it doesn`t exist.

    Anyway I don`t think thats the main reason celtic is struggling. Its a combination of poor management, unmotivated and bad players, less money ciculating within the scottish game, and very poor refereeing for various reasons.

    But as they say, actions speak louder than words and some refereeing decisions (whatever the motivation) need addressing…….

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Celtic have been shite this season,I am not going to get into a argument about something I cannot prove.I do think that refs are quick to punish Celtic in old firm games,Paranoia maybe?but me and many others think this.

    I think that many people in Scotland have been damaged by Bigotry and sectarianism.
    Why does a large section of Sottish society feel that there are unseen forces or men with aprons working against them.
    Why does another large section of Scottish society revel in triumphalism and like to shout We are the people to remind the paranoid ones that they are indeed the chosen ones in Scottish society,
    So generally it is society which has fostered this thinking.The reasons for all this should be addressed at a higher level.Not on this blog (thats my get out for trying to explain my conspiracy theories)

    So back to the fitba aye Celtic have been pish I honestly can’t believe how far Celtic have fell in the last year.From playing in the Champions league to struggling against poor Scottish teams.Rangers definetly have a more organised team with a few no bad players.The difference is the Management Walter Smith who by the way I have a lot of respect for is the difference.He is like an old wise General in Scottish football and any Rangers fan who criticises him and what he has manged to do with no resources is mad.Celtic started to struggle as soon as Smith came back to Rangers.

    Thats the thing that gets me about Mowbray did he not do his homework on how to play football in Scotland.I will give him another season but if there is no improvement then thats it.

    Keane goes on about his love of Celtic but he will be on the first plane back to London as soon as the whistle is blowing to end this poor season and who would blame him.

    I also feel with it going to become harder to get into the Champions league group sections and us only having one team in it soon.I fear Celtic and Rangers are facing hard times and Champions league obscurity.

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Thank you Mark I was a bit up agasinst it there but the video speaks louder that words,
    Did you see that McNulty???

  13. Skoosh Says:


  14. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Skoosh thanks for reminding us.

  15. Skoosh Says:

    Ur welcome big yin

  16. Intifada McNullty Says:

    To clear up any confusion and as my final word, I didn’t say bias referees didn’t exist in Scotland.

    I said ‘bias referees as as whole.’

  17. Intifada McNulty Says:

    As my last word, I didn’t say ‘there have never been biased officials’

    I said ‘I don’t believe refs as a whole are biased.

    No, can’t see many videos these days.

  18. tartanarse Says:

    Nancy has got some per a legs on her!!!!!!!

  19. Intifada McNulty Says:

    And by the way it’s Mr McNulty.

  20. mark Says:

    Only yanking yer chain Mr McNulty! Nae offence meant.

  21. bingabinga Says:

    Indeed Tartanarse

    Mr McNulty I do not think there is a conspiracy I think there is underlying anti irish/catholic/celtic sentiment within Scottish society so Scottish society as a whole is biased.
    May I add I do not feel it affected me too much,although going to a non denominational high school and being one of maybe 14 Catholic Celtic supporting male pupils in my year,I did get a punch in the mouth,grogged on,called a fenian/taig/bead rattling wee IRA loving gypo bastard,every now and again.
    I do not hold this against my fellow protestant Rangers supporting Scotsman.I hold it against the English Government who have used the old tatic of divide and rule with us Scots.As they have done with many people throughout history.We should be working towards a better society within Scotland and the world and I don’t think the old firm and the rabble that follow them have helped this,in fact it is more of a divide than religon.
    I do love the fitba and Celtic are my team but I see the problems it has caused in our City/Country.
    Peace and Love everybody.

  22. themanwhosaysneek Says:

    Man, thats a harsh tale mr bingabinga. School must have been really awful for you. Surprised you never done a columbine! Did you get pumped by the priests too?????

  23. bingabinga Says:

    School was shite for other reasons,The Priests never came near my school,as once you went there they disowned you.
    Anyway all that stuff about Priests is overblown Aye there are paedophile Priests just like there are peado teachers/healthcare workers/Social workers etcetc.

  24. Skoosh Says:

    I see TGFITW were singing Argentina songs and holding up Argentina tops in relation to Simon Weston being a guest of the Rangers charity. Sad, very sad! (cue the minority defence).
    It’s time that we, the establishment, openly effected, what we’ve surreptitiously been trying to do via refereeing; that is the obliteration of CFC.

  25. bingabinga Says:

    I think you made that up Skoosh is that the paranoia.
    I think they are trying to obliterate Scottish football and turn it into an even bigger joke than it already is.No Celtic,No old firm thus no Scottish football or maybe we would be on a par with the Irish football league.
    I think Celtic should just put the key in the door I think that Celtic and Rangers have nothing really left.They can’t compete in Europe due to UEFA pandering to the top countries only,They get no money from TV.I really think the glory days are gone,the only thing that is holding Rangers together is a good manager.
    I was trying to work out what TGFITW meant,I was just taking it as they fenian bastards.

  26. Skoosh Says:

    ‘The Greatest Fans In The World Binga,’ and not paranoia. The Argentina info is in the public domain if you choose to look (Photographs the lot).
    Scottish Football will rise again. Its a good thing that the money issue is no longer present, as coaching, nurturing and keeping hold of good Scottish talent can now be the focus once more. Rangers started the game on Sunday with 8 Scottish players to Celtic one. There’s better Scottish players around than that would suggest which unfortunately comes back to Mowbray again for me. Its just not working out, nor will it, so I don’t think its unreasonable for Celtic fans to be on his back. Rather that than misguided loyalty and flogging a dead horse. People can analogise all they want about managers getting off to a slow start and then getting things right. However, as people are all too aware, this Rangers team are not good but cantering at the moment (or is just because of the masons in the black lol).

  27. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Phew. When I saw that falklands guy on the telly for a terrible moment I’d thought he was there supporting the celts!

    Joke! Nae offence people!

  28. bingabinga Says:

    Terrible if they did Skoosh but I want to see evidence of this.Anyway there have always been arses that have followed Celtic to.
    Maybe you are right with nurturing Scottish talent.
    Did I tell you my Nephew Patrick has been training at Murray Park for over a year with Rangers and St Mirren have offered him a year of training to.No bad for a 10yr old.
    Skoosh Mowbray has to go if celtic were challenging up until the end of the season and we still lost the league.I would say he should stay but no not after this disaster.CFC have to get rid of himm,even for the sake of season ticket sales.

  29. bingabinga Says:

    I saw the evidence in the sun it appears it was one fan with an Argentina top.

  30. Skoosh Says:

    In true Celtic fashion, i’m sure it was 10,000 fans holding up Argentina tops Binga, but who am I to exagerrate!
    Excelent news about Patrick, hope he gets a break.

  31. tartanarse Says:

    Binga any chance of posting more pics of nancy botwins legs n ass just tae …….well just tae

  32. Louise Says:

    Get Willy McStay in at Celtic to sort out the mess. Mowbray is useless!!

  33. bingabinga Says:

    Just go online tartanarse,

    Louise anybody would do better Willie McStay would probably be good.
    Mowbray has lost the respect of the fans.I think Celtic have to do something soon for the sake of season ticket sales.

  34. pearlriver Says:

    i heard renfrew jnrs were efter willie mcstay.

  35. bingabinga Says:

    How you doing Pearl River I’ll have a special curry fried rice,Prawn crackers and a Bannana Fritter.

  36. pearl liver Says:

    and will that be all?

  37. Wok Wong Says:

    Bigger portions here Binga

  38. bingabinga Says:

    My local Chinese eatery here is the Royal Unicorn it’s quite nice and they call me Mr Peter.

  39. rinky dinky Says:

    i dont think ive tasted a better chinese than the pearl river……..and ive sampled a good few. Wheres the wok wong? The golden star in Renfrew does a good curry.

  40. bingabinga Says:

    I always liked the Peal liver to.I used to get the the Chilli ribs and a special curry with prawn crackers.The chinese is not as good here.
    The Wok Wong was in Bish the fast food capital of Renfrewshire.They say there is more take out places in Bishopton per head of population than even London.
    The wok wong was a Good chinese and as the wok says bigger portions.

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