Just to show there is no hard feelings about The Scottish Question,I made you all a film.The weather here has been great.

The bird halfway through the film is a bald eagle

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28 Comments on “Spring”

  1. andy Says:


    youre about a month ahead of us we are still reaching sub zero’s.

    vancouver was the same it warmed up quicker than scotland and even the south of england.

    auld firm on sunday big man! could be the title decider.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Awrigh Andy aye the weather has been great all weekend it was 56 today which feels warm,compared to the temeratures in the winter.
    They have been having trouble with lack of Snow in Vancouver for the Olympics.

    Andy as a Celtic man I felt the season was over by Christmas especially with the strange managerial decisions of MrMowbray,Anything now is a bonus and hopefully next season will be better for us,
    You got the prediction right with the last one so remember and put a fiver on it this time.
    Here goes with my prediction.
    As the ever optimist I will say 1-0 for Celtic with Keane scoring the only goal.

  3. Skoosh Says:

    Lol Binga

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Whit’s your prediction Skoosh!!

  5. Skoosh Says:

    I think 3-1 Rangers (Miller 2, Novo and McGeady)

  6. andy Says:

    i think this one will be an all out goal fest. 3-3 with robbie keane first scorer. in fact i rekon he’l get a hat trick.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I think it will be a dour low scoring affair.

  8. mark Says:

    Funky music man!

    I predict a celtic win, reducing the deficit to 4 points with a difficult game at McDiarmid park in hand for the forces of darkness. Maybe 2-1 to celtic with Keano bagging a brace, but only if rangers don`t have the 14 man advantage (and thats a big if).

  9. bingabinga Says:

    the tune is by Air Mark.

    Yes people will shout paranoia but I have to agree Mark The refs always make,can I say,strange decisions in these games.

  10. mark Says:

    Whether its goals disallowed for no reason, blatant penalties not given or dodgy off-side decisions, it all comes down to one thing. Bias officials. Paranonia doesn`t come into it!

    Sundays game will be full of it! Celtic are due a man sent off so watch this space!!!

  11. wee malky Says:

    Aye aw the referees are definetly against celtic. Every game, every ref, even in europe the refs are biased against celtic too and the linesmen, aw the linesmen and most of the ball boys are biased! poor Celtic.

  12. bingabinga Says:

    They are Wee Malky I am glad you understand.

  13. Skoosh Says:

    Mmmm, some of you guys should peruse the BBC Sport 606 (Celtic) fanzine for issues relating to bias against Celtic. You’ll meet a few friends. The current flavour is not just that referees are against Celtic but that its an ‘Establishment’ thing.

    Interesting and highly amusing reading at times. I sincerely hope that Celtic do a get a man sent off and that they have a stonewall goal or penalty or both waved away. This is purely for the personal pleasure which this would effect, when perusing the fans collumns thereafter.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Skoosh it is an establisment thing us fenian bastards have never been welcome.

  15. Skoosh Says:

    Indeed Binga, now on yer way and take your horse and caravan with you!

  16. bingabinga Says:

    There’s something that sounds nice and free about that,open roads,fresh air,a pot of tatties boiling on the campfire.
    Especially when yer stuck in a stinking midden of a County hospital at the end of a 12hr shift.

  17. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Hilary Clinton will surprisingly appear for the Gers. Unsurprsingly, she’ll constantly go down in the box claiming to have been shot.

    Joe Miller will run riot for the Celts as usual. Darren O’Dea will be dropped in favour of his much more reliable granny, and Peter Grant will get sent off for trying to convert the ref.

    Kenny Miller will also get sent off, for not being very good.

    2-0 to the Celts.

  18. mark Says:

    Yes skoosh, I believe the powers that be are desperate for rangers to win the title. The cash injection from the champions league next year would hold back the club going into administration. There are people in power out there who will bend over backwards to let rangers get the title. The £10 million of champions league money added with around £10 million for offloading boyd, bougherra and mcshagger down south should service 2/3 of the debt. Dark figures in the corridors of the SFA would never let rangers collapse financially. It would be a disaster for scottish football and they know it. That is why every man in black is under strict instructions not to let this happen at any cost, particularly to celtic who are the main challengers!!!

  19. pera bawsawherry. Says:

    i love wee infadel mctatty!!! no seriously i do…seriously…..the mans prob got a serious serious music taste!!! second tae none tae most people who would peruse this site……..but but but……wee mctatty yuv goat a serious attraction tae yer man Grant. aw good though n i wish you the best but yer beloved tic are falling apart under Tony Raspberry.

  20. bingabinga Says:

    Mark and Stevie I agree fully.Although I hear Joe Fillipi and Brian Whittaker might get a start for the hoops.

  21. skoosh Says:

    Indeed Mark, add to that Tony Mowbrays Celtic team; and we really do have a recipe for success!

  22. skoosh Says:

    A couple of wee dittys to get yes going from the Celtic BBC fanzine board:
    This one is from SeanPaulBhoy… 3rd Derby Game of the Season approaches fast.

    Who will win?

    Celtic?…or the Officials?…so far this season the stats read

    Celtic 0 – Refs/Officials 2

    And with Celtic trailing the league leaders through a host of other shocking decisions time will tell if they make it 3 in a row.

    Surely not

    Here’s another from Doirebhoy2…. Desres,get yir heid oot yir posterior and smell the coffee,99% of the bad decisions are against celtic what do you expect us to do sit back and take it!!!!!!!

    Obviously a statistician our Doirebhoy2!

    Plenty more where those came from bhoys

    Incidentally, the ‘Establishment’ strangely got abducted by giant marshmallows when MON was in charge, which was wasn’t helpful at all to Rangers.

  23. bingabinga Says:

    The establishment was scared of MON and Celtic they were so good back then with Mr Larson even the bad decisions from refs couldn’t stop us.

    The English press have even been quoted in saying that Mowbrays Celtic have had some shocking refereeing decisions against them.

    I feel the culture that Celtic and Rangers have fostered has been very bad for Glasgow and Scotland in general and really now is the only thing that fuels the fire of Sectarianism in the west coast.People will say Aye they Caffolic schools etc,but it is the fitba culture that does it and as I gel older and have moved away,I can see how damaging and a waste of time it is.

    So although I enjoy the fitba I think that it has been damaging to our thinking.
    But I do also think there is still a hint of Anti Catholic/Irish in certain Scottish institutions especally the places where they like to wear aprons and ask how old yer granny is.

  24. andy stewart Says:

    aye auld binga, itll be interesting to see how generations carry on with rangers and celtic without the bigottry(strachans team would murder rangers at the min..mowbrays a kin donkey!!!), as a wee lad i was always glad i never had to go to mass and was glad to be able tae play fitba on a sunday eve, without the threat of damnation or a pumpin aff the priest!

  25. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Mr Perrabawsaherry you know me too well, ya lunatic.

    Celtic fans think the refs are against them.
    Rangers fans think the refs are aginst them.

    Meanwhile aw the diddy teams who suffer last minute penalties, the scrapping of good goals, sending offs for things like smiling whenever they play either of the Old Firm, are aw scratching their heids and gaun- are you KIDDING me?

    By the way, Binga, are you not aware that Brian Whittacker died many years ago? I think your comment about him was in poor taste. Actually I’m sure you do know he died because when it happened I remember you tried to blame it on the REFS.

  26. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie I think I vaguely remember Brian Whittaker dying was he killed in a car crash?,I apologise to anyone I have upset in mentioning Brian Whittakers footballing comeback,I meant Vic Davidson.

    Andy Stewart nae pumpimg went on in our chapel maybe some damnation but none of that pumping stuff.

  27. andy Says:

    robbie keane may be out for sunday!

  28. mark Says:

    Hasn`t trained all week but should be OK for tomorrow!

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