Where was Scotland??

I was watching the opening of the Winter Olympics up in Vancouver.I wish Scotland had their own team it would have been nice to have seen the Saltire getting paraded around for all the world to see.I feel we miss out on what would be proud national moments because we are not an independent country.

I look at all these wee countries that are happily independent even little places that were part of the British Empire like Bermuda have their independence,but no not us.

I think its time we had a referendum and it should  ask,do you want independence and if the vote fails then Scotland should cease to exist,we should just be the North of Britain and no one should be allowed to call themselves Scottish,or have the right to.I know it sounds drastic but I am fed up trying to explain to people what we are.

 Fellow Scots are we a country or not ??

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28 Comments on “Where was Scotland??”

  1. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Yip. We’re a country within another. It’s just a pity one of the rest happens to be massive so takes most of the plaudits. I actually don’t have a big problem being Britsh, Binga. I quite like the idea of two nations becoming one.

    And I’m not convinced either by the claims of some that Scots have always been reluctant partners in Britain’s skullduggery and bloodlust. From Arthur Balfour to John Reid there’s always been one of ‘us’ involved in their sneaky, thuggish manouveres.

    I honestly think being British is awright. We can queue like no nation on earth. We sent ‘Killing in the Name of…’ to Number one at Xmas. And we invented The Office.

    Not that I’m against the idea of independence. Not at all. But all the tiresome anti-English crap that any campaign would invetiably bring would probably put me off voting for it.

  2. Gregg Says:

    I’m not that bother about being British either, I’ve grown to think it’s actually nice to be part of a larger nation. At one time I was all for independence but now I’m not entirely convinced it will make any difference. I feel that I can be proud to be Scottish without actually craving the need for independence.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    So basically you are not Scottish then you are Northern British.Why call youself Scottish if you don’t want it to be independent.You like being Scottish but you don’t want it to have its own standing in the world as you don’t think it will make any difference.
    No I do not accept this you are now British and have forfieted your claim to Scottishness, the both of you!!!

  4. wee malky Says:

    Get yer arse back here binga and well see how long you rattle your shortbread tin!

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I don’t rattle the shortbread tin just because of a misty eyed love of Scotland.I rattle it because the Scottish people never get the Government that they would like due to voting alongside a more traditional Right wing leaning England.
    This is what I am saying if you don’t think Scotland should be independent why bother having Scotland at all.Whats the point lets call ourselves the north of Britain and relinqiush our claim to be anything else than British.

  6. mark Says:

    Your nationality is a lot of shit. Its totally random as you could be born anywhere. It means nothing. Nationality is just another group for us to pigeon hole ourselves into. We are obsessed with being part of something; we need to belong to a family, race, culture, religion and so on, in order to develop our own identity. Some people need it more than others. It only ends in one thing, conflict!

    We should strive for a society where there is no governing group, in fact the fewer groups the better! So in answer to your question we are not a country, we are a collection of people who live in northern britain.

    I am an individual who strives for one thing, absolute liberty. I am free from any groups……………..

  7. wee Malky Says:

    Mark….i take my hat off to you. If only more people could share that view. Nationality is a lot of shite. Wee Malky.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Those are noble thoughts Mark but if one nationality has been treated unfairly by another then nationality maybe the one thing which rallys the oppressed to rise against the oppresser.Once this has happened we can move on for the pursuit of absolute liberty.So one step at a time,Mr UK.

    I am sickened by this Sickened I tell ye,my friends and family all wanting to be part of Britain,none wanting independence.

  9. Skoosh Says:

    Sorry Binga, but i really don’t give a shit either way. In the grand scheme of things it’s really not important to me or my being.
    On a different note, I couldn’t help notice when looking at the weekend football scores, from your beloved Scotland, the obvious demise of scottish football attendances (see link at end). Living in Oz, I’m prety shocked and ashamed. The A-League over here has better attendances as i’m sure the English 3rd tier would have. Apologies again Binga, but no country deserves independence when they hav pishy fitba attendances. So shove yer Scotland up yer yankee ass!


  10. bingabinga Says:

    So from now on in my eyes you are not Scottish the lot of you.

    I will leave you with this to think over.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh Scottish football is in a bit of a decline,Did you see Belgium have overtaken us in the standings meaning for 2011/2012 season we only have one Champions League place.
    It is not as bad as attendances in the early 80s I remember going to see Celtic V Dunfermline and there was about 12,000 there.

    Whit dae ye want us all to do though support premiership teams ya sassenach lover !!!!

  12. Fiona Says:

    The thing is, I can’t help thinking we’d fuck it all up if we were our own bosses. I look at my local councillors – these are the types who would run the country were it to be totally independent. The notion makes my blood run cold. My local councillor is a daft old boot who approved the building of an ENORMOUS house in among a load of bungalows and wanted to rip up a load of lovely old elm trees to make way for a car park that could have been put elsewhere. (she was overuled on that one, thank God)

    And Gordon Brown, what a fucking JOKE and he’s Scottish. Big John Smith was OK but we’ll never know what kind of PM he would have been.

    I have the same thoughts about it as Mark. I wish the world was like Star Trek. Just Earthlings, living on Earth, all part of the united people of Earth. We need a common enemy to hate, like in the film ‘Independence Day’. That would bring us all together. Except the Iranians – I canny go that wee Ahmadinejad. Shady wee fucker.

  13. wee malky Says:

    ”Make it so” Fiona. Aye wee wheresmadinnerjacket looks like a dodgy taxi driver!

  14. bingabinga Says:

    I hear so much anti Iranian stuff over here I feel quite sorry for them,Once again America is looking for an enemy and it’s them.I would be more worried about Israel,Pakistan and Indias Nuclear capabilties than Irans which at this point in time does not exist.In fact I would say Iran is one of the more stable countries in that area and it would be better to befriend them than consistently verbally attack and threaten them.

    Scotland wise I think we could do a lot better than most in running our country.I think this thinking has been put in our heads by the media.I mean if Holland or Belgium can run themselves why can’t we,are we all dafties.No I didn’t think so.
    Anyway who cares if we mess it up it would be a laugh I would do things like Invade the Faroe Islands make friends with N Korea.Mental things you know.
    I also like Alex Salmond and yes Gordon Brown is shite but he has to suck up to the English electorate who are different from us.

    So I don’t care if I have to stand alone on this one but I am 100% for independerce.

  15. Intifada McNulty Says:

    If you mentioned invading the Faroes and jumping into bed with North Koreans I’d have agreed with you the first time. A wee Big Country number for a national anthem and I’d be right in.

    I also agree with you on Iran. Far from a fan of Ahmedinejad, but the election didn’t go the way West wanted so all of a sudden we’re all poltical experts who say without a shred of evidence that it was a total fraud. I suppose the Iranians should think themselves lucky- the last time the Palestinians dared to exercise their right to vote the West backed a strangluation of a million of their people.

    Unbleievable how Iran is seen as the villian of the piece in all this. They’re surrounded by US military bases in the land and sea. Nuclear warheads are pointing at them from Israel. Their original democracy was destroyed by a 30 year long Western- imposed dictatorship. Within months of their revolution they’re invaded by the madman Saddam backed to the hilt by ‘us’.

    Now Ahmedinejad is apparently planning to bomb Israel. The fact that bombing there would also mean bombing Palestine seems neither here nor there to most commentators.

    A nuclear weapon seems the only way to avoid being ruled by the West these days. I dunno if Iran are planning one or not. I think they’d be mad not to.

    And as for they Faroe Islanders…

  16. bingabinga Says:

    Totally agree MrMcNulty as always the sneaky Americans try to pull the wool over our eyes,but scratch the surface and there is always the smell of sneaky American shite.

    What also annoys me MrMcNulty is this piss about American Democracy,there are more people per head of population in prison here than anywhere else in the world.Unbelievable!!!

    Yes and those Faroe islanders with there nice hats and jumpers had better watch out if we get indepenence and we start empire building.

  17. Fiona Says:

    Peter, Alex Salmond is a pie. You made a fair point about Iran though. I think my problem is the same as I have with all the extremist Islamic countries – they treat women like dogs. In that respect Iran is probably no worse than the Yemen or Afghanistan.

    The Faroe Islanders do have smashing knitwear though – defintely worth mounting an offensive for.

  18. bingabinga Says:

    I don’t know a lot about wee Eck these days but I always thought he came across alright and quite smart,maybe I am wrong.

  19. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Binga I think Salmond’s as good a leader as you’re realistically going to get. And although she can be annoying, for me Nicola Sturgeon is more decent than most politicians too.

    And I don’t believe the status of Afghan women can even be mentioned in the same breath as those in Iran or Yemen, to be honest.

  20. bingabinga Says:

    I think they are awright to Mr McNulty and they don’t come across as slimy as many other Labour/Tory MPs.

  21. spartikus arsikus Says:

    The Iranians treat their women like ‘dogs’??? Mental comment!! And not in a nice way either! Bloody hell. The afghans? Go nuts! Saudis? Wouldnae really argue. But the poor bloody Iranians?

    Why don’t we just nuke ’em eh?

    Iranian wummin can vote, work, travel, study, enjoy their independence and develop a career or two.

    They also cant leave their hooses without a piece of cloth to cover their heads. I know, a bit mad if you ask ol spartikus arsicus. But loads of Iranian women are quite happy with that! Aye. They are! Because about 6 million of em took to the streets last week supporting the government. AYE! They took to the streets to support the government!! Ha ha!! How mental is that??

    Some peepil are just different fae the rest of us!


  22. bingabinga Says:

    I agree Spartikus Artikus,There is a big difference in many Islamic countries on how their governments treat the people and I do not think Iran is too bad.

    Remember people America has the most incarcerated per head of population in the world,yes that bastion of democracy have more people locked up than lets say Russia or even my god the enemy in the backyard Cuba!!!!!

  23. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Bang on Mr Arsicus.

    By the way Press TV (the Iranian News Channel based in London) were the only news network who didn’t conceal the fact from day one of the Haitian earthquake that the first doctors to arrive and the largest number to remain in that country, working for fuck all, are….


  24. bingabinga Says:

    Right On Comrade McNulty.

  25. themanwhosaysneek Says:

    does Cuba have that much medical expertise to send out without being detrimental to Cuba..? What sort of numbers are Cuba sending that can remain in the country more than anyone else, ”Way Press” ..are they no havin a wee dig at our American brothers(mr bingabinga..is our American brother! regardless of his biggoted irish sectarian views and tartanism and gingerism and conspiracy theories of the men in black in the spl but no bad film and book and tv reviews!!)by reporting that?? dunno.did they report on how many iranian docs were there?

    and no dogging the iranians either……just wish we could settle our griefs….ive been up the edgeware rd and had a kebab……different class!!! get in the ring!!!!! peace n love, you good good people!!

    ps……oan another subject. Do you think erskine beach will be a tourist resort one day????

    pps. Mcinfnulty………..can i have a top 5 current albums pse!

  26. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Cuba has one of the largest doctor: patient ratios in the world so can definitely afford it, mr themanwhosaysneek.

    hang on…

    The second highest ratio in the world, after Italy.

    Wikipedia, eh?

    I suppose the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of money to be made there makes the decision to leave a bit easier, (they must get paid in some places no doubt) and maybe there are also political reasons going on. Dunno. Apparently there were 400 helping the poor before the earthquke. Just so you know I’m not a smartarse I googled that yin as well.

    You’ll get my top 5 albums 5 as well as my 5 most disappointing comebacks when you give us a bit more of yir identity. Yir obviously a bluenose. And Edgeware Road.


  27. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Press TV are always having a dig at oor American brothers and sisters. Whenever a soldier dies in Afghanistan they’re the first to give the lowdown, getting the pens oot and drawing graphs and that. Then interviewing and getting out on the streets.

    At first I thought they were at it cos neither the BBC or Al Jazeera would have any of these ‘exclusives.’

    Until the next morning when the wee skinny cardboard cutout guy from the BBC would announce it to the world as ‘breaking news.’

    It has its agenda like the rest of them.

    Worst of it is, most people refuse to go on Press TV so whenever they try and have a debate it’s just a bunch of people sitting round a table agreeing with each other.

    Boring as fuck.

    I like a balance of my slanted news channels.

    Actually, come to think of it. Does anyone remember when newsflashes were actually intresting?

    Now it’s ‘Breaking news. Rio Ferdinand might recover from a thigh strain to play Wigan on Tuesday.’

  28. bingabinga Says:

    I think I have fair balanced views I just don’t like bigots.Glad you like my TV reviews etc.Erskine beach will be the Europen Casino Capital of the world By 2025.
    I do not know this Press TV

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