How ye Doing!!

Awright,not a lot happening in my world these days,Katies sleeping better and I am going to work and watching the telly so not really a lot to write about.

Although a strange thing happened the other night in surburbanville,Me and Sarah were settling down  to an evening of marathon 30 rock viewing  (have you seen it,its comedy writing at its best),when we heard and felt this large bang.We didn’t know if it was in the house or outside,We both jumped up and ran to Katies room to make sure she was alright,thakfully she was,we went outside and the neighbours were all out shouting over to each other if they were OK and if anyone knew what it was.

Then a head pops up from over the garden fence across from us,and its the bold Gary shouting “Sorry you guys it was me,I was doing an experiment and I never dug the hole big enough I coverd it with cardboard as well”.All the neigbours were saying Oh thats alright hahahaha etc.

Now I don’t know if I am missing something here but what was a 68yr old doing experimenting with explosive devices and why were all the neighbours just all accepting this explanation in fact even laughing about it.Maybe it is no big deal here for guys to blow things up in their gardens.

There are questions to be answered here.I will be keeping my video camera primed.I am not calling homeland security yet but I’m watching him.

Comedy at its best


Explosives can be dangerous


My neighbour Gary

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6 Comments on “How ye Doing!!”

  1. Skoosh Says:

    All joking aside mate, the guy seems to be engaged in behaviours that are potentially outwith hi control aka f***ing dangerous behaviours.

  2. mark Says:

    He probably got a copy of The Anarchists Cookbook for Christmas?

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I really don’t know what he was up to but he is a decent guy and I talk to him when I see him.
    Who knows?but it is always strange what goes on in supposedly quiet neighbourhoods.

  4. mark Says:

    Get the walloper checked out by Homeland Security before we arrive binga. Don`t want the weans coming across an IED in the back garden!!!

  5. Fiona Says:

    Did none of yous ask him what the experiment was? ‘Haw Gary, whit wiz ye daein oot the back door wi explosives, ya pure mad bam ye?’

    I remember about 3 years ago I was out the back and I heard/felt a massive thud. Wee Dave was with me and he was like ‘WHAT WAS THAT MUM?????!!!!’ Freaked us out for ages. It was what I imagine the effect would be of someone dropping a safe out of a plane.

    Glad Katie’s more settled. My poor brother and sister in law are having a terrible time with Eilidh. They reckon she has colic – she can scream for 4 hours straight (Fuck that!). I told my brother she’d grow out of it in a couple of months and he told me to fuck off. Hahahahahahaha!!

    Just waiting for Steve to come back from the chippy the now. Yasss!!!! 🙂

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Things have been quiet in the neighbourhood but I am staying vigilant.Don’t worry Mark he is still under surveillance.

    Colicy babies are no joke I still get feelings of anxiety when I think back to the first 3 months of Katies life.Enjoy your chippy Fiona,Jealous!!

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