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February 26, 2010

If you haven’t watched Weeds before,you should.It is very good.I am watching season 5 just now on DVD.

That is all.



February 22, 2010

Just to show there is no hard feelings about The Scottish Question,I made you all a film.The weather here has been great.

The bird halfway through the film is a bald eagle

Where was Scotland??

February 18, 2010

I was watching the opening of the Winter Olympics up in Vancouver.I wish Scotland had their own team it would have been nice to have seen the Saltire getting paraded around for all the world to see.I feel we miss out on what would be proud national moments because we are not an independent country.

I look at all these wee countries that are happily independent even little places that were part of the British Empire like Bermuda have their independence,but no not us.

I think its time we had a referendum and it should  ask,do you want independence and if the vote fails then Scotland should cease to exist,we should just be the North of Britain and no one should be allowed to call themselves Scottish,or have the right to.I know it sounds drastic but I am fed up trying to explain to people what we are.

 Fellow Scots are we a country or not ??

How ye Doing!!

February 12, 2010

Awright,not a lot happening in my world these days,Katies sleeping better and I am going to work and watching the telly so not really a lot to write about.

Although a strange thing happened the other night in surburbanville,Me and Sarah were settling down  to an evening of marathon 30 rock viewing  (have you seen it,its comedy writing at its best),when we heard and felt this large bang.We didn’t know if it was in the house or outside,We both jumped up and ran to Katies room to make sure she was alright,thakfully she was,we went outside and the neighbours were all out shouting over to each other if they were OK and if anyone knew what it was.

Then a head pops up from over the garden fence across from us,and its the bold Gary shouting “Sorry you guys it was me,I was doing an experiment and I never dug the hole big enough I coverd it with cardboard as well”.All the neigbours were saying Oh thats alright hahahaha etc.

Now I don’t know if I am missing something here but what was a 68yr old doing experimenting with explosive devices and why were all the neighbours just all accepting this explanation in fact even laughing about it.Maybe it is no big deal here for guys to blow things up in their gardens.

There are questions to be answered here.I will be keeping my video camera primed.I am not calling homeland security yet but I’m watching him.

Comedy at its best


Explosives can be dangerous


My neighbour Gary

Superbowl Sunday

February 7, 2010

Who Cares??

Popular culture

February 2, 2010

Hi in between doing serious stuff,I have had the pleasure of delving into the mediums of film and popular literature,whilst delving I came up with these two great entertaining examples of pop culture.The first was a gift from my brother it is a book by the prolific Scottish writer and StMirren fan Christopher Brookmyre and I know my good friend Skoosh in the land down under is a big fan also.Not of StMirren he is a big fan of the author,the last I heard Skoosh supported Sydney united or something.

The book  is, A Tale Etched In Blood and Hard Black Pencil,If you went to school in the west of Scotland between 1970 and present-day you will really relate to this book.It is a West of Scotland crime story but it also goes into the characters pasts in the Paisley area,It is definitely worth reading and I am reading another Christopher Brookmyre book now.

The film I saw was District 9 which is now on DVD . Great film with a good story,plenty of action and awesome,yeah dude,awesome special effects,yous guys should rent it today.

Come on a walk

February 2, 2010

Awright how you all doing,I have been doing a lot of stuff,you know like responsible stuff,Bah!!!,I managed to fit in a wee film of us walking around the Scandinavian part of Seattle,It was going to be a cutting edge documentary but I decided to turn it into a music video,hope you like it and I hope you are all well,OK back to more serious stuff.