Worst song ever

Honestly watch this at your peril I was arsing around youtube and found it,WTF, it might be for me the worst song and video ever,It depressed me I don’t think you should watch this if you are feeling in anyway fragile.I honestly think this tops every record ever for me for its’s sheer annoyance.bad haircuts,dancing,clothes.Its fucken disgusting.

I have to balance this by playing one of the finest songs fom a female vocalist.

Blondie was the first women I ever loved,at the time though I think I thought it would be cool if she was my big sister,being about nine.Sometimes you forget how good a song is and Union City Blues by blondie is one of them.She was a cool lady.

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15 Comments on “Worst song ever”

  1. the inside source Says:

    oh youve picked a good subject here and probably endless too but the song i hate even more than that and funnily enough it keeps fkn popping up in films and things at the moment is Tubthumping by Chumbawumba. A cannae describe properly in words how much i fkn absolutely detest that song and those bastards.

    and to balance it up my flavour of the month song is Mr Bojangles sung by Neil Diamond which i heard in the film The Soloist. Its a class class top song. Check it out.

  2. the inside source Says:


    Binga that link is for a poll on channel 4 of the 100 worst pop songs of all time. Yours was 89 i wont even mention the shite on there but Chumbawumba unfortunately never made it on that list. Number 1 in my eyes.

  3. Intifada McNulty Says:

    The list you mentioned has no credibility whatsoever, cos it fails to mention the foremost musical crime against all humanity.

    Step forward R Kelly for “ignition.”

    Step forward to be shot you nasty, conceited, deluded fucking halfwit.

    Beyond the fact that hearing just one person singing that tune is enough to make me write their name in my secret diary, there’s also the lyrics…

    “now its like murder she wrote
    once i get you out them clothes”

    Lovely, eh?

    And then, to the utter horror of normal people worldwide…

    “we got food every where
    as if the party was catored”

    The man clearly doesn’t know if he wants to be Jack the Ripper or Gordon Ramsey.

    He is, however, an utter, utter prat.

    And he makes me sick.


    I. McNulty

  4. mark Says:

    They are all fukin tame in comparison to Lena Zavaroni belting out “Ma! (he`s making eyes at me)”

    In fact I take that back. What really makes my tympanic membranes sweat is Maggie Zavaroni singing in the Taverna Bar on a saturday night.

    Fukin aweful!

  5. mark Says:

    A copy of the NME to whoever can spot me at the bar!!! Enjoy………………..

  6. bingabinga Says:

    The thing that gets me about that Reynolds girls song is,it was meant to be cool it was like a dance hit,There will always be shite songs like Grandad or MrBlobby but thes two thought they were good.
    At a more personal level they remind me of two girls we went to school with who were best friends,I will give the initials LF and AK don,t mention them by name if you know who they are.
    The songs you all mention are also shite but for me the Stock Aitken and Waterman stable ruined some of my teenage years with shit like this a pair of English fannies.Aye you heard me English fannies its only the English who would produce or buy this shite.

    Here they are the Southern English fannies

    Insidesource I like that song bojangles but the film dissapointed me.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Mark you are the guy behind her waving your hands around,or you are doing the filming.Where was Louise I thought she would have been up dancing hahahaha.
    Classic saturday night in Rothesay I enjoyed the old woman dancing in the pink,
    Gaun yersel hen.

  8. mark Says:

    Fucksake I wiz only kiddin, only way to get you tae watch it the whole way through!

    The old woman at the end was really enjoying herself.

  9. andy Says:

    i hate this

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Fucksake Mark I watched it about 5 times trying to spot you.

    Andy that’s an interesting one to hate I remember this song,why do you hate it?

  11. andy Says:

    its the cheesey lyrics binga, i was only a lad when it came out and i think i cringed even then.
    she was a talented vocalist tho and scored a few hits. this might have been her biggest

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Andy heres yer Neneh Cherry about to get run over by a train back in this TheThe song circa 1986

  13. Fiona Says:

    Oh this has really got me thinking.

    I loathe this;

    In fact anything by Celine makes me feel suicidal.

    This is a heinous abomination (although you men might like it for s few reasons}


    This, however, is the blue ribbon winner of Fiona’s most hated song ever;

    It’s trite, bland, beige and utter shite. The total opposite to this;

    Oh and the entire R n B genre should be erased from existence. Thank you.

  14. Fiona Says:

    Just realised 2nd link is Celine again.

    Meant to post this;

    Shite, shite, shite. That will have driven wee Dave Gahan back onto the smack.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Fiona,The RnB genre should be banned I agree,Celine Dion total annoying weirdo,The Smiths though I do like and I think How Soon is Now is a bit of an eighties classic up there with the likes of Baggy trousers by Madness.

    The Lighthouse family song is the type of song yer boring neighbours wi the conservatory and the Golden retriever called goldie,and who think Chris Tarrant is a really decent bloke are into.

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