Ginger rascism again

The people of Ginger Scotland support you son.

I wouldn’t want to be at this boys school in the next few weeks.

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10 Comments on “Ginger rascism again”

  1. skoosh Says:

    Oh dear, I fear you may be correct Peter. Watch this space.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh at first I felt the boys pain,then it all turned a bit to sinister for me.

  3. David-Allan Says:

    Brilliant Video but I defo see a serial killer being born.

    I put a couple of re-mixes on my site of this guy.

  4. the inside source Says:

    you still going Dave? a used to be a fan of your show during the 70’s. Wee comeback show on the horizon is it?????

  5. the inside source Says:

    re the Ginger Winger……he should think himself lucky he dosnt go to school in Glasgow.!! Or maybe Glasgow should think itself lucky it dosnt have the Shooter-in-waiting!!!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    It is a disgrace what the ginger community has to put up with I personally come from a family who have the Ginger gene and I have had to watch the abuse given to family members and myself over the years.
    I lie awake at night worried that my beautiful daughter will be a carrot top.

    By the way the wee guy is in protective custody there have been death threats against him it was on CBS news last night,there was also some rioting after a support the ginger demonstration in LA Sean Penn was at the forefront wi Boris becker and a couple of other minor ginger celebrities.
    Its all kicking off over here GINGER POWER

    Dave cheers for commening I worry about tha wee guy now.

    Insidesource I think it is a disgrace how the scots have treated the native ginger people,and Dve Allen was always a favourite of mine.

  7. Wes Brown Says:

    Could be worse!!!!

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I know Wes,stay strong brother.

  9. 0hgosh Says:

    LoL there is sooo much more that I could pick on him for rather than his ginger hair !!

    I must be a lucky ginger, ive never been picked on for it !

  10. bingabinga Says:

    You are very lucky Ginger heed.Many Gingers only come out at night these days!!!

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