How you doing,well I have been off this weekend and I have watched a couple of DVDs

The first one was this offering.

It is based on a true story of an IRA informant,There is also a book,I think it is called the same.It is a good Film but pretty bleak and hard hitting definetely not one to make you feel good,It is very well acted and I think it shows how terrible things must have been for people living through the troubles in Northern Ireland.I would highly recommend this movie but it ain’t no comedy and pretty brutal to.

The next Movie is a Hollywood blockbuster starring everyones favourite all round good guy Tom Hanks.

Now this film got pretty much slated when it hit cinemas over here in USA,so I watched this because Sarah had read the book blahblahblah etc etc.

Anyway I was pleasantly surprise it was a good thriller but  it  was hard to follow at times and I think it was hard to fit the book into 2hrs as there was alot of twists and turns that could have been explained better given more time.Some great cinematography which would be expected in such a big budget movie.Ewen McGregor is in it to.So aye give it a go it was alright.

The next movie blows the other two out the water its from that up and coming director Pete McCartney and it has an amazing soundtrack.

You have to agree a stunning piece of work.

Finally a book I just finished was this and thanks Louise for sending me it.

This is an excellent book telling the story of the brave Scottish volunteers who joined the international brigades to fight Fascism during the Spanish Civil War.These volunteers were real heroes and did not get a great deal of recognition for there efforts,in fact many of them were on British Government watch lists because of their actions and Left Wing views.

The book itself is a good read and not hard to get through.A coincidence is my Granda’s neighbour in Cardonald Mr George Drever was a volunteer and is mentioned in the book a few times.

So I recommend it,  it is an interesting read that tells of a time when the masses of Scotland were politicised and many were willing to die for their political beliefs,Unlike now when most people are happy to sit on their arse wi a cairry oot and watch shite TV, Blah blah Vive La revolucion etc etc.

Anyway any of you get up to interesting things at the weekend,anybody got any good films or books they want to tell me about let me know,

See ye’s later

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12 Comments on “Weekend”

  1. skoosh Says:

    Angels and Demons: Thought it was a farce of a film mate. Watched it on the plane to the states and I had forgotten how ridiculous the book ending was until it was replayed on the screen.
    I’ll check out the other one and get back to you. Have you read We need to talk about Kevin yet? What about The Book Group? and finally; have you read much Christopher Brookmyre? quality Scottish fiction.
    Nothing interesting here at the weekend. Saving myself for my boat party at end of month.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh I think because I was expecting nothing from the film and I hadn’t read the book it was better than I thought it would be.
    I saw the 1st season of Book group I mentioned it in the last episode of book club and thanked you for the recommendation Aye it is great I realy liked the characters.The second season is on a flight over as we speak from Amazon UK.
    I am starting a Christopher Brrokmyre book today its called A tale etched in blood and hard black pencil.My brother sent me a couple of his books for Xmas he has read them all.
    I will get what about Kevan from Amazon I have a lot of books around that I haven’t read yet.
    Good to hear from you say Hi to Alex and sally.

  3. Louise Says:

    Hello Peter, glad u liked the book. Granda’s neighbour was Mr Drever by the way. I read Angels and Demons which wasnt a bad read but ending spoiled it cos it was like something out of a bad fantasy novel. Mum read that book Guernica that I like so much. Think she will send you it. Hope you and Sarah and wee Katie are doin well xxx

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I knew it was Drever I must have been in a hurry thanks for pointing that out,You know Louise I think I will order that book from Amazon as I have free shipping with them.I never read any of Dan Brown books but I heard they were good.
    Hope your’e all well I will phone you soon Peter xx

    Louise I just realised why I wrote Deegan as in George Deegan was he not a patient down in MacMillan ward hahaha brought back memories there.

  5. andy Says:

    my site is down so it wasnt me 🙂

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Andy I will watch it right now.I checked earlier and it wasn’t there.

  7. skoosh Says:

    Limmy is quality! and Peter, Christopher Brookmyre: Once you pop, you just can’t stop. Read all his books and they’re addictive.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Limmy is funny I enjoyed his show.
    I started reading C Brookmyres book its set in Paisley.

  9. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I’ve been meaning to get a hold of Homage to Caledonia for a while, so I’m glad you rate it.

    Those days are definitely gone. And those people put us all to shame.

    I liked a couple of Brookmyre’s early stuff, but I read one or two others as well that didn’t hold my…whatdoyoucallit…attention.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Its worth getting Mr McNulty.It makes you quite sad though,due to the way they were treated and how the defeat of republican Spain ushered in an era of Fascism in Spain.It was not a proud moment for the Labour government that was in power then,as they did not support the legimate republican government and made things tough for the volunteers who joined the international brigades,They were not unlike the Labour government of today.

    As you say those days are definetly gone due to the Right wing backed media filling the Masses heads wi pish.

    MrMcNulty I am going to try and print the book again today,Hope yer well and things are good over in Oman

  11. Intifada McNulty Says:

    A few years ago I was lucky enough to have a chat with James Maley. He was, at the time, one of the few remaining Scottish volunteers. He seemed a great guy.

    You’re right. Very little has changed. Just like before, whether we’re building or preventing democracies all depends on ‘our interests’.

    Churchill actually said the Republicans were more dangerous than the Nazis.If he’d listened to the ordinary people who’d got up their arses and fought in Spain, then there wouldn’t even have been a WW2.

    Good luck with the printing…

  12. bingabinga Says:

    That must have been good to talk to him,he is mentioned a lot in the book.Well Churchill and the rest of Britain soon found out who the real danger were.

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