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Ginger rascism again

January 25, 2010

The people of Ginger Scotland support you son.

I wouldn’t want to be at this boys school in the next few weeks.


Worst song ever

January 25, 2010

Honestly watch this at your peril I was arsing around youtube and found it,WTF, it might be for me the worst song and video ever,It depressed me I don’t think you should watch this if you are feeling in anyway fragile.I honestly think this tops every record ever for me for its’s sheer annoyance.bad haircuts,dancing,clothes.Its fucken disgusting.

I have to balance this by playing one of the finest songs fom a female vocalist.

Blondie was the first women I ever loved,at the time though I think I thought it would be cool if she was my big sister,being about nine.Sometimes you forget how good a song is and Union City Blues by blondie is one of them.She was a cool lady.

Tribute to Rabbie Burns.

January 24, 2010

Me and wee Catriona Grace paid  tribute to our national bard Robert Burns today.

What are you all doing on Burns night,anything? Does anybody bother now or is it just homesick Scots abroad who see Scotland through tartan coloured glasses that bother.

Have a good night whatever you are doing.


January 20, 2010

It was Martin Luther King day on Monday,So I made a wee film when we were out for a walk,it was a holiday over here .

This is another blockbuster ,alhtough as usual I sound like a dick,good song at the end and some great views of Mt Baker.

The Passage of Time

January 16, 2010

I was listening to the radio last night,as I always do when I am driving home from work,and they played this song.

Great song,the DJ spoiled it though by saying,”well for all you guys who bopped away to this in your 20’s well if you’re still alive you must be in your early fifties”, in a horrible American DJ accent.It sort of freaked me out as I was 9 or 10 when this was out and I think my brother had the album.

Anyway it made realise how quickly times flies by and in 10yrs time this will come on the radio.

or say this comes on the radio and you have fond memories of being out your face in Joe Paparazzis or Choice  

Then my friends it will be you the DJ will be addressing when he says” if you danced away to these when you were in your 20’s then you must be in your early 50.s if you’re still alive”.

 Fucken Depressing intit


January 15, 2010

So I have been watching this programme on BBC America called Last Restaurant Standing with world-renowned chef Raymond Blanc,For reality shows its entertaining enough,I watched the last series and the new one just started,You have probably seen it over there as we usually get programmes later on BBC America.So don’t tell me who wins it if you have.

The thing that annoys me about it,are the stupid wanker contestants on it.Unbelievably the winner gets to open up a restaurant with Raymond Blanc,If I was Raymond Blanc I would be getting back to France rapido.

I honestly think these characters have maybe made a nice omelette or something once in their lives and someone has told them it was good and from there they go on to think they can run a top class restaurant.As far as I can see on the programme most couldnae boil an egg.The contestants are mostly made up of thick people and bullshit chancer types.

I know you are probably saying so fuck it’s only a reality show but naw it doesn’t stop there,society is now full of thick people who think they can sing or dance or are special in some fucking way or can do what it has taken other people years of training and dedicattion to do.

 You also have the lazy chancer type who has no fucken credentials or formal training but thinks he is able to bullshit his way through anything,or they just make up a job title for themselves, I was talking to a woman in work the other day who called herself a professional organiser,when I asked the woman,who by the way was full of herself,what that entails she says she organises peoples houses or basically anything else they need organised.When I asked her if she went college or did training for it she said naw she was just good at it.

This is what I mean a chancer who is too lazy to do what everyone else does and go to college  or work in a shop or any other normal job,because they have deluded themselves into thinking they are special and don’t have to do what the rest of us do.

I don’t know if it is something to do with all these reality shows but something has happened to the average man/woman on the street,he/she has turned into a right wank.

Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest,

feel free to comment.


January 12, 2010

I had never seen this before I heard of the mythical monkey on a horse but never actually saw it.I think you only get these in America.

Pretty amazing!!!