Be Safe

I hope when you’re out enjoying youselves you don’t end up like this.

My mate in work just showed me this ,Its excellent hahaha

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3 Comments on “Be Safe”

  1. skoosh Says:

    Seen this before Binga. Was sure it had to be a joke at first. Hope your Christmas was good mate. Give our best to Sarah and Catie.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Maybe it is Skoosh,I am off work now so I can enjoy myself we are about to do the American tradition of going to a big Mall to spend money on more useless shite.

    I got a cracking camcorder though so I will be soon boring you with some Movie Magic.

  3. skoosh Says:

    Look forward to it mate, but I must warn you that unless you diversify, you’re in danger of being typecast as that scottish actor who puts on funny disguises and accents in front of a webcam.

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