The World Cup Draw

BBC Sport – Football – World Cup 2010 group tables & fixtures.

Thought I would post a link to the groups and fixtures then we can have a fuller discussion on what we think.

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14 Comments on “The World Cup Draw”

  1. bingabinga Says:

    I think groups B D E G will be really tough groups and will throw up some surprises
    I agree Skoosh it will be interesting how the Africans team fare.
    I would like to see England get through and then get beat in the quarters.
    What ever happens it will be a footballing feast,
    My mate Brian is going and has got tickets for about 6 games including the opener,Lucky Man.

  2. andy Says:

    england got lucky with that draw. i think they will qualify from that group and probably win it. the usa are a good side and id have money on them finishing 2nd. Algeria and Slovenia are decent but will probably miss out.

    D and G look like the toughest draws. Brazil were red hot favourites to win it before hand but now im not so sure, they should qualify but maybe not in first place.

    i rekon argentina will win it, although they are in a bit of a rut with maradona, they could win it in spite of him like germany in euro 96 with berti vogts.

  3. skoosh Says:

    Interesting Andy. I can’t see Argentina winning it because of Maradona, despite having some great players. I don’t think the qualifiers lie to that extent. You can’t beat a World Cup though; 6 months away and the debates will just get more and more enjoyable from now on.

  4. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I think Spain will do it, and maybe in some style, too. One reason I loved Spain in the past was because they were always such a disaster. But that’s all gone now.

    I was going to make a concerted effort to support England this time. Maybe not all the way but to do well at least, coming to this decision through a combination of The Clash, my wife, and middle-aged, narrow-minded men in kilts. I’ve been quite favourable towards them the past few years now and I’ve actually surprised myself at how easy it can be.

    Anyway, that was until I opened the Guardian last week for the draw, and was not only told who they’d be playing in the group, but also who they’d be playing in the second round. And the quarters.

    But I’m still sort of hanging in there.

  5. skoosh Says:

    Intifada…get over yer wee Spanish jiz fest. Ye don’t live there any more mate. What wiz the name of that wee knob ye lived wi who freaked out with the contents of my satchel?

  6. Intifada McNulty Says:


    You had him in tears.

    Or we all did.

  7. mark Says:

    Stay clear of France. I had those wankers on a tenner at 14/1 last time round and they let me down badly against a crap Italian side in the final.

    Still havn`t recovered from that penalty shootout.

    Fancy England outright with a wee side bet on Spain this time though!

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Fuck Engerlund Stevie I will quite happily support anyone who is playing them.In fact just yesterday my local friendly shopkeeper was saying that I must be supporting England and how it will be hard for me when the US play them.I told him USA all the way and then wrecked his shop for being so stupid.

    I really don’t know who will win I think it depends how good Brazil are,if Brazil have a decent side then I think they will do it as not many teams have really impressed me,The Dutch could go all the way.

    There you go Holland or Brazil to win it,and Denmark as dark horses not to win it but maybe reach the semis.
    then again Spain,who knows.

  9. andy Says:

    argentina would be better off without maradona, what they need is a tactician to come in and work with him just for the world cup.

    they will have an advantage being a southern hemisphere nation and the winter climate will suit.
    unfortunately it will also suit england.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I don’t want France or Italy,France are cheats and shouldn’t be there.
    Don’t bet on England ya traitor whit is this,my family and friends supporting and betting on England,traitors.

    Andy it will be interesting to see Maradonna though he is a right character and will jazz it all up a bit.

  11. skoosh Says:

    Does no one fancy an African team for a SF spot? I do and will be punting on iy

  12. Gregg Says:

    I’d like to see Argentina do it but with their current form it looks unlikely. I think Spain will bottle it as usual. The reality is that it will probably be Brazil or Italy – with my preference being Brazil.

  13. Louise Says:

    Mon the New Zealand!!

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Mon the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

    I do not think The African teams will do it I think they bottle it the further they go.I think they are good enough at a skills level but the best will be a semi finals spot.I would be quite happy if I am wrong.

    Nearer the time we should have a competition pick your top 4 in order.There will be Prizes galore.

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