Tony The Tank

This is my neighbour Tony,He always comes round and trys to get me to play poker,he says he used to be in the Mob when he lived in New York anyway here he is.

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19 Comments on “Tony The Tank”

  1. Shorty Says:

    Yer a fucking wank Tony

  2. Tony Says:

    Hey Shorty,shut the fuck up you little scotch prick

  3. LENIN Says:

    You need a boot in the balls ya fanny

  4. Tony Says:

    Shurrup Lenin ya Commie fuck.

  5. Louise Says:

    I quite liked Tony! Although he reminds me of my brother somehow!!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Louise the accent wasn’t bad.I thought I did alright for it being spur of the moment.I am going to send it to some hollywood agents.
    Anyway Tony says hello he is away to see the Seattle Seahawks today.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Andy,delights from the chippy is something I miss big time.There are plenty of deep fried dishes over here,but nothing beats The chip shop.

  8. mark Says:

    Is that an arthur montford sports jacket?

  9. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Mark I got it at a second hand store,I wore it at a 70s themed Oscar party.

  10. skoosh Says:

    Tony, yer dress sense is just like Bingas during his Rashielee disco days.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Skoosh I wore quality jaikets back then to.Denis use to say I was the coolest dude in the place.Me and Kateke.

  12. skoosh Says:

    Yer breakdancing wisnae up to much though Binga.

  13. mark Says:

    I see that foxy knoxy fae seattle got 26 years for the murder of meredith kercher. Whats the chat in the papers round your neck of the woods binga?

  14. bingabinga Says:

    I was pretty good at the pogo though Skoosh,

    Mark I think people over here are a bit surprised at how much media attention it is getting,People aren’t surprised she got found guilty,I think the fact she comes from a very normal background is the thing that makes it interesting,I think she always looked a bit mental.
    Seattle is still reeling after the Cop Killings,5 cops randomly killed in the space of 2 weeks that has taken some of the media attention away from the case,Although it is still big news.
    I have been a bit busy these days to follow it all.She should be extradited back here,Those Italian prisons are like a bleeding holiday camp.

  15. mark Says:

    Five cop killings in 2 weeks! We`ll meet yeh up in Victoria next summer I think………

  16. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Mark 4 were killed at once in a coffee shop,the other was killed in his car. They got the guys who done it.One was killed and the other I believe is badly injured.
    You don’t mess wi the cops over here.

  17. fiona Says:

    Hiya Peter, gutting maself here cos I had no idea that was you till I started to read the comments.

    I loved your wee video with Katie. She’s as cute as a button and so bright. You’re going to have your hands full shortly I reckon! it’s weird to see and hear you. Now I have a voice and face to go with the blog. You don’t look how I imagined you. I pictured a kind of super-sized Tony Soprano type and here it turns out you look normal, haha.

    Not been near any blogs for a while. I got embroiled in the Del ipod nonsense and it got right on my tits. I decided just to opt out of it all for a while. I think Twitter is going to be having an extended vacation cos the novelty has definitely worn off. Plus I’m waist deep in OU stuff/Christmas/weans/work etc.etc.

    Bet you can’t wait till Christmas this year. Wait till next year when she’s toddlling about. Ava is 18 months next week and a right wee madam, haha. Santa is bringing her a selection of girly crap including a buggy with a doll, Elmo Live (which I am very dubious about as it is like a furry Chucky), a pink Bounce & Spin Zebra, a tea set & various other shenanigans.

    Is it snowy over there just now? Our weather is predicitng a cold snap for the 2nd half of this month but we’re right on the beach so we won’t get much evidence of it. My house is all decorated anyway. I have 12 Christmas trees (if you count wee ones in the toilets and the ones outside). I am tacky as fuck 😀

    Hope you’re well anyway.

    BTW – What’s the Swine Flu situation in your area? Not been much about it here lately (media blackout I reckon). Steve got the vaccine because he has M.E. His arm was gowping for about 3 days but otherwise he was fine.

  18. bingabinga Says:

    How you doing Fiona,Aye I got a webcam to Skype with friends and family but I thought I would let myself be known,At least I am not as big as you imagined.
    Sometimes the blogs get a bit mental especially when that guy Del gets involved I mean really sending someone an ipod like that and writing pish on it,then writing all about it on yer blog,Aye definitely attention seeking behaviour.The old world wide web attracts some characters!!!
    Christmas will be good the inlaws are coming up from SF,I work Christmas eve and day but only 8 hrs and I have 3 days off either side of it so that should be nice,
    Aye Katie is coming a long well she really is turning into a good natured wee baby and is always smiling unless she’s hungry.

    Swine flu wise Me and Sarah got vaccinated I got the nasal spray and I got pins and needles all down my arm.My big workmate nearly fainted after he got his and had to lie down In saying that Sarah had no ill effects at all.
    I think it must work as I have been looking after some pretty sick Swine flu patients and have been fine,touch wood.
    I think most people are having just normal flu like symptoms with it,but some people who have underlying conditions like asthma are finding it hard,these are the people who are filling up the ICUs in our hospitals them and pregnant woman
    We have been taking precautions with Katie ie no Kids Xmas parties until next year.
    I have to go Katie is crying

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