This is a hard one,I was all againat the Iraq war but I don’t know what to think about this?Do you withdraw and leave the people in the hands of the Taliban and let Al-queda hang out there unchallenged?Do you withdraw as it is not worth the deaths,injuries or the money?Is the West in Afghanistan for ulterior motives?

Its  hard  for me to have a strong opinion on this. At the moment I agree with sending in more troops to try and sort it out,but I doubt it will.

What do you think? should we stay or should we go?

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10 Comments on “Afghanistan”

  1. mark Says:

    We should go. Western troops in Afghanistan have only pushed the nutters into Pakistan. The Pakistan army are having to fight the taliban army now; who came within 50 odd miles of one of their nuc missile bases a few months ago. Pakistan is in danger of being destabilised politically because of the war on terror. That is the real danger. Get the fuck out of afghanistan and let the nutters back in, thats what I say. This will happen sooner rather than later as the country is poor and has no natural resources for large corporations to sink their teeth into.

    This idea of trying to make it a westernised democracy is a fucking joke. The whole infrastructure and the populations mindset are rooted firmly in the middle ages. Mind you the new Afghanistan government have learnt quickly from America and Britain. Its as corrupt as fuck!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Good points Mark.If the people are happy living under islamic fundamentalists then so be it.I suppose some people were happy enough living under the nazis.
    Yes maybe just like the Russians before us,it is time to get out.
    I feel sorry for the people at a humaitarian level and feel we would be leaving them to their fate,which doesn’t exactly look good under the Fascist Taliban.

  3. andy Says:

    they have to stay in. if the united forces pull out it will lead to civil war and lots of folk not associated with the taliban/al qaeda will get killed by taliban/al qaeda when they force their way back into afghanistan.

    pakistan is struggling, and they do have the bomb, but thats why obama is sending another 30,000 troops. some of the 30,000 will be especially for helping the pakistani’s.

    there might be an alterior motive, and in my opinion it could be the heroin supply that comes out of afghanistan, like in columbia with the cocaine.

    a pull out would save united forces lives, but at a cost of afghani citizens lives and al qaeda could breed again in that land and it would be all back to square one.

    i rekon stay and see it through. but it could take a generation as they are up against the children of the mujahideen.

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Andy cheers for commenting,You know thats how I find this so difficult,both points are well thought out intelligent views.Both are different but they make sense.I find myself agreeing with everybody here.
    I think I will leave this one to President Obama.
    Anyone else got any views/ideas to help Afghanistan

  5. Intifada McNulty Says:

    The Afghan people have been fighting off foreign invaders for over two hundred years, and the more the country resembles a hell on earth, the more they’ll fight. And just like there’s nothing noble about the other war, there’s nothing noble about this one; if the West really want to help those people, why don’t we reverse the process of ‘talibanising’ the Pashtun people (which we created) and, instead of bombing innocent Afgans and launching drone attacks on Pakistani civilians (which we deny) actually, y’know, help them?
    I’ve got no idea why we’re even there, and I bet most soldiers feel the same:
    Stop Al-Qaida? There’s less than a hundred of them there while they’re in about a dozen other places in the world. The 9/11 bombers got their act together in Hamburg but I don’t see the Germans been killed from the skies anytime soon.

    Promote democracy? Not doing too well there. Are we planning a Britney Spears tour soon?

    Promoting woman’s rights? Remove from power people who keep them locked up, and replace them with those who kidnap and rape them?

    Stop the poppy trade? The original reign of the taliban was the only time when heroin was outlawed.

    War always seems to be the answer but most are avoidable. Everybody can be spoken to.

    It makes me sick, to be honest.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Intifada McNulty also good points,I don’t think there really is a lot we can do to help the Afghan people maybe we should get out.
    I started this post just to hear other peoples points of view and maybe understand the problem,as I do not have a major opinion on this which makes a change for me,It appears to be a very complex problem.

  7. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I agree that it does seem a fairly complex problem, maybe it is. But more likely I think it only appears that way because of all the bloodshed, and history will prove it to be pretty simple:

    Pashtun tribesmen, after centuries of battling with other tribes, and after being invaded incessantly by imperial powers, decide to insulate themselves and their population in utter darkness.

    They let in a small army of foreigners who, they find, have legitimate grievances towards the West. These people, however, turn out to be nutters, brought up on the most archaic and brutal brand of Islam that’s ever existed.

    The nutters go mental and they don’t hang around, popping up all over the place and dragging in other pissed off people- pissed off at the West’s propping-up of brutal dictatorships, its invasion of Iraq, its torture and rendition, its permitting Israel to flout countless UN resolutions, and its utter contempt for the same International law and diplomacy (NPT, Goldestone…) that it threatens others for not upholding.

    The West, unwilling to address these issues due to an insatiable desire to homogenise the entire planet into its own central-right political framework, or due to a fear of its domestic lobbyists, plough on with the war, just hoping they can bludgeon some of the poorest people in the world to death and therby dissuade them from, erm, trying to get their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear weaponry (which we gave them of course. Illegally. Of course. But what does that matter?)

    That’s what I think.

    However, be warned, I’ve worked out that about 67 percent of the time I talk utter shite.

    So who knows?

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I see your point McNulty,I think that maybe we would be as well getting out of there.I understand them being pissed off with the West.I think that many in the Muslim world have legitamate grounds to be annoyed with Western Powers,many people in the West are annoyed with our own governments.
    In saying that I think fundamentalists have hijacked the cause and took it down a more religous rather than political route.I find it hard to sympathise with people who are blinded by religon,be it Christian,Muslim or Jew.
    I also talk shite so who knows I also find the Middle East so complex that it gives me a sore heed.

  9. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I think the West and East can learn a lot from each other but many, for their own reasons, choose not to.

    PS. I enjoy having this discussion with yourself, a total stranger. But please note I prefer to keep things on a formal footing, and would like to be known as Mr McNulty.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry about that MrMcNulty.

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