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Be Safe

December 25, 2009

I hope when you’re out enjoying youselves you don’t end up like this.

My mate in work just showed me this ,Its excellent hahaha


Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

December 22, 2009

The inlaws are arriving from SanFransisco at 1700hrs,so between work,Katie and family I am going to be busier than usual,So I hope you all have a great Christmas.This is a wee video of Katie.

You know how it is new parents,baby’s first Christmas and all that,exciting times.

Anyway enjoy yourselves where ever you are.

Christmas Card.

December 16, 2009

xmas songs

December 14, 2009

So whats your favourite xmas song,I know most of them are pish but there is the odd one that is alright.

Here is my favourite it reminds me of being a wee guy in the late seventies when Choppers, subbuteo and nuclear war were all the rage.

Dont laugh lets see yours.

Welcome to book club

December 13, 2009

How you doing,my cousin Pat the eternal student wanted to start a book club here he is,Come on join the book club!!!!

Film Time

December 10, 2009


I watched this Film last night it was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign Film at this years Oscars.It was a good film about The Red Army Faction who were a leftist terrorist organisation back in the seventies.It was intersesting and quite violent in parts.It is worth watching.

In work just now so I have to be quick wi the film review.

The World Cup Draw

December 7, 2009

BBC Sport – Football – World Cup 2010 group tables & fixtures.

Thought I would post a link to the groups and fixtures then we can have a fuller discussion on what we think.