Life changing

This humble looking cable has just changed my life,I am by no means computer savvy but I saw a guy watching the fitba via the internet on to his TV,thinking that you needed some hightech machinery and Bill Gates to set it up,I just never bothered looking into it…..Until Now.

We got a new computer so I had a wee look around the internet to see how it is done and this cable is all it took.Our computer is near the telly so it just took a 15ft cable.

So I was watching the Celtic game (shite game Mowbray must go) on my 42″ TV  via Channel 67 ,through the wonders of technology,I am fucking ecstatic about this.8yrs I have been here having to go out to pubs at all hours in the morning just to get my fix of the fitba,now I can sit at home wi Katie when Sarah is at work watching fitba all day.hahahaha I can’t contain myself hahahahah ya fucken Dancer!!!!!!!!!!

Theres even more,I subscribe to Netflix which is like ILove Film and I can watch tons of films instantly.

The cable was only $2.99,I know you are probably saying fucksake Peter I had that up and running wi ma zx spectrum back in 86 but as I say I am not computer savvy.

Anyway heres a song to celebrate.

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5 Comments on “Life changing”

  1. mark Says:

    Aye I`m getting fed up paying rupert murdoch £40 for the skysports package, £9 fo ESPN and another £10 a month for HD. Although on the plus side watchin the football on a 42″HD telly is like being there.

    Tell me more. How much is the subscription to channel 67, and is the quality pretty good? (I mean the picture quality not the football, we all know thats shite) Might need a 30 foot cable fae the computer to the telly right enough! Is it a USB port on the computer?

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I understand Mark no one wants to give money to that fucking evil bastard.
    So I don’t think people in the UK can watch the games live as I think they know that everyone would do that.You can though subscribe for 7.00 per month as see the full game 12hrs after they are played,this includes all European games.I dont get the European games live either with my 12..99 overseas subscription, but I get the league games live

    The other thing you can do is go to some free websites like Iraqi goals and the stream the games lives,I can get you another website to.I watched the Hamburg game live on this and it wasn’t bad at all.

    The cable is called and HDMI cabe I will find the link,
    but basically you put it into the other monitor port on the back of the computer and put the other side into the HDMI port at the back of your telly.
    You then go to your hardware drop down and make sure you add your TV on most do it automatically.You then change the drop down menu to duplication,and you then have two monitors it will be on your HDMI channel on the TV.
    The sound you have to switch from your computer speakers to your TV.

    Mark it is very easy if I can figure it out,just google Watching Computer on TV,or something.

  3. andy Says:

    when i lived in vancouver watching fitba was a pain in the arse. 7am and 8am premier league and 5am sunday spl games.
    have you been upto van city? its stunning.

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I have been up there a few times,It is a very nice city although I always end up in Stanley Park and the aquarium there is probably a lot more to do but I am usually only there overnight,I spend more time in Victoria we can get the boat up from Seattle.
    How long where you in Vancouver?

  5. andy Says:

    only for 6 months between september 2007 and march 2008

    its boom town up there because of the olympics.

    ive also been to victoria, its gothic there and the people are nearly all scottish and irish decent. i had a great night out there.

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