This is day 2 of being a home alone dad,I have just finished bathing Katie after she and I got covered in the brown stuff when I was changing her,Its the first time I have had to do that.

Things are going alright and I even managed a trip to the shops with her,people seem to stop and talk to you when you have a baby in a pram,I think they want to make sure its mine and I haven’t stole it,as I am a 6ft3 250Ib guy and I don’t think I am the typical type of person to be walking around the supermarket on a rainy Thursday afternoon with a wee baby,also having a strange accent adds to the suspicion .I think that might be my paranoia,but I am amazed at the amount of people that stop and talk to you here.

Its only 24hrs a week I am on my own with Katie I am looking forward to the summer and I can go the zoo and things like that with her,but the weather is terrible here just now I cant even get out for a walk around my block.

Don’t ever come to Seattle between November and May the weather is worse than Scotland in the winter.

Otherwise not much going on I read this book it was pretty good,It was taken from peoples writings to a government dept during the war called Mass Observation.It was for people to volunteer and write about their day to day lifes, it was to give the government a general feeling of how the ordinary punter was feeling during the war.People still write to it now and they have a website etc.


I suppose the other big news is the Scotland job being made available.I cant think of anyone who would really want it these days.If John Collins is interested I think they should give it to him as it might be the best we can get.

We also got a new computer it was a bastard trying to set it up.

see ye’s

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25 Comments on “Home”

  1. andy Says:

    nice blog there binga binga
    ive been to that seattle
    mer rain than glasgow 🙂

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Andy Aye its stopped raining here just now,the first time in 3 days.Maybe I will get out for a stroll.

  3. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Paul Lambert for me. No doubt about it.

    Even in the days when Scotland had pretty good teams, our biggest attribute was a willingness to fight, something that’s now even more important with what we have to choose from. Lambert’s made good, impressive progress as a manager, and if our current squad can’t get fired up by the best and most successful player of his generation then they should all be forced to chuck it.

    And the slightest wavering on whether the guy’s ‘experienced’ enough will just see a more astute board from the Premiership or upper reaches of the Championship snap him up, and he’ll be out of sight from us for good, like Moyes and Coyle.

  4. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Oh and Collins would be my 2nd choice.

    He might be a bit ‘aloof’, but who wouldn’t feel aloof trapped in a dressing room with those losers?

  5. mark Says:

    Gonae start supporting England. Scottish football is pish! Lost my enthusiasm.Can`t even be bothered writing about it.Sorry……

    The thought of watchin Man Utd, Liverpool etc in a mid-week champions league game? Aye. Celtic and Rangers in europe, mince.

    Do you know when the rot really started? When the highlights of Scottish domestic fitbaw stopped being shown on a saturday night. The highlights arn`t even shown all weekend. The broadcasters realised something before us. Its pish!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie I agree but I would rather Lambert get the Celtic job,which I think will be vacated soon enough.I have beeb following the Norwich results since he took over and he is doing very well.
    Jimmy Calderwood will probably get it.

    Mark Scottish football is now oficially second rate and Celtic aren’t doing much to help it either.Tony Mowbray has brought a General Malaise to the club.The Club at this point should be competing in Europe and lifting the name of Scottish Football.
    Not getting outplayed by Falkirk.
    I had my trepidations about Mowbray and I am being proven right.

    Mark I fucking hate English fitba and the people who support it.Especially over here.Americans who support Man U wtf? wearing their strips,fuckers haven’t been to the UK never mind Manchester.It makes me support scottish Fitba more,if I was backhome I would do a tour of all Scottish fitba grounds that I have not been to.
    You should do that wi the boy Mark.

  7. mark Says:

    This really annoys me. Gary Lineker gets £1.5 million for doing the highlights on saturday nights Match of the Day. Oor Dougie Vipond gets fukin minimum wage for scottish highlights on monday nights Sportscene. Its no just the players that get the big bucks down south!

    Took James to Cappielow. He wisnae impressed. Seen better cowsheds on Bute.

    I agree with you about those arseholes that say they support english clubs and never see them in the flesh. But it makes for much better viewing on the telly than scottish football these days, I am afraid to say!!!

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Dougie Vipond should have stuck to playing the drums,He might get some more money if Deacon Blue ever reform or maybe they already have?
    Its funny when you see him on TV I remember he was in 6th year at Park Mains.

    Maybe James is to young to appreciate the beautiful game played at the lowest of levels.I just think there is something old and romantic about going to Glebe Park or Boghead on a winters afternoon.Like something oot The Broons

    aah those were the days collecting football programmes,Standing at the fitba,Drunk guys pissing in cans then throwing them.Getting crushed.Coming home to the Jimmy Sanderson phone in.Only 3 channels on the telly.
    Scotland having a no bad international team.
    Fish Suppers and bottles a ginger,
    fucking all magic!!!
    Thats it I’m oan the next flight hame.

  9. skoosh Says:

    My take on the great managerial debate. Craig Levein gets it hands down. Has always impressed me with an eye for a player in specific position, with all of his teams hard to beat (Cowdenbeath, Hearts, Leicester, Dun Utd). The success you talked about Infida was based exactly on that. Lets be honest, no manager is going to come in and suddenly make avarage players much better players, but a good manger could get the best out of McFadden and get Boyd back in as the only natural goalscorer we have. Fact, Boyd is not a footballer but he doesn’t have to be with finishing like that. The football which gets played around such goalscorers is the difficult part to get right for any Scottish manager. Not keen on Collins and think Lambert will come good but too much of a gamble right now for me.
    On to another matter Binga; terrible situation about the young Seattle girl caught up in that sex murder in Italy. Is that getting much publicity at the moment over there?Don’t get me wrong, no sympathising here, but sad all the same.

  10. Intifada McNulty Says:

    A more than fair point, Skoosh. I’d be happy to see Levein there but I ‘m a wee bit concerned that he’ll lack the presence needed to motivate that shower. And he didn’t cut it at Leicester. One thing’s for sure, whatever you think of Boyd’s attitude, we’ll all be breathing a sigh of relief when he’s back in the team.

    Mowbray’s struggling but the time to judge him is at the end of a hugely transitional season, not the end of November.

    And I think that lassie did it, by the way.

  11. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Football as we know it was ruined by one man…

    Step forward Jean Marc Bosman.

  12. skoosh Says:

    She’s definitely guilty Peter (well, I suppose I wasn’t there) and Bosmans a wee Belgian knob Intifada!

  13. Intifada McNulty Says:

    DNA on victim and weapon ( the defence are disputing this, but have you ever known a defence team to say, ‘Okay, we’ll give you the DNA. But so what! it doesn’t mean anything!)

    The witness hearing two people running away

    The flat being covered with the poor woman’s blood, and the accused still going for a shower, contacting the boyfriend, then dallying all the way back to the place before finally telling the polis about two hours later.

    The ‘break-in’ by a stranger proving to be set up.

    The pair of them turning their phones off at the same time, just before the lassie died.

    Erm, confessing

    Oh.. And the not small matter of doin cartwheels around the polis station an hour after she found out her flatmate had been brutally killed.

  14. mark Says:

    I think Yogi should get the managers job. No better motivator/coach of players at that level in the scottish game today! Mind you at 181/10 on betfair Jim Jeffries is well worth a punt.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh I saw the parents of the girl on the local news.I think people here think she will be found guilty.I have not really read about it recently.
    I read an article when it first happened and they interviewed an old Work mate of hers from a cafe she worked in, I had went to the cafe once or twice,I remember he said she was a weirdo and not surprised.So who knows.

    The Scottish managers job is anyones guess.Craig Levien was my favourite for the Celtic job and their you go he beat us today.I think Craig Levien will go on to better things maybe not the Scotland job,Although it would probably be his if he wants it.

    Stevie I really don’t know about Mowbray do you know Celtic have had the worst start to a season since 1947 and I think they just escaped relegation that year.So sorry Mowbray will have to do a hell of a lot to get us back on track.I think he may become our LeGuen.
    Mark I want a lot of these guys to become the next Celtic manager Jim Jeffries would be alright,He’s managed to keep Kilmarnock clear of relegation with not much cash.If Jeffries leaves Killie would be relegated within a season or two.

  16. andy Says:

    there is a ‘mowbray must go’ campaign on at the moment. its too early gee the man a chance i think.

    dougie vipond gets low wages cos hes a known rangers fan! if you want to make it big in tv hide your rangers’ness.

    what was he like at school did he get hit in the neck with rubbers?

  17. Intifada McNulty Says:

    There’s no doubt that Mowbray’s been disappointing so far but I just think it’s a bit ridiculous to blame only him. I also think some credit should go the other sides in making this already the most entertaining season in decades.

  18. bingabinga Says:

    I just don’t like his style of play I feel this weak attacking football is not for the Scottish Premier league,I have seen Strachan and now Mowbrays team play this nice one touch attacking football and it does not work in Scotland,We are like a poor mans Arsenal.Martin O Neil had the right balance.I suppose he had world class striker,but between the strikers Celtic have surely they can score in Scotland.I feel Mowbray is not getting the best out of his players.I think he has blamed the players to much and their is a lack of confidence with the players,
    I am wondering what the likes of Desmond Dermott is thinking.

    Andy Dougie Vipond is a StMirren supporter,well he used to be anyway I was a bit younger than him.The usual happened when somebody got famous from your area,He suddenly became the biggest Prick ever to some,but I think he was an awright guy.My Mate was in the school band with him and I think he got some help learning the drums from him.He was a bit of a music class nerd I think

  19. mark Says:

    Peter say it like it was. He was a Mr Hamilton bum boy at Park Main High! Thats how yeh get on in the music biz. It wiznae pencil “rubbers” he was gettin hit wae in that music dept Andy.

  20. andy Says:

    haha good banter lads.

  21. bingabinga Says:

    So the rumours go Mark,I hated that Hamillton though a nutcase of a man.

  22. Intifada McNulty Says:

    The managerial partnership of Mr Hamilton and Dougie Vipond should never have blamed the Celtic players for being shite- that surprised me and reminded me of that big success fo the 90s, Lou Macari. I suppose time will tell if Mr Hamilton and Dougie Vipond are right for Celtic or not.

    As for Tony Mowbray I think I remember him at school. Did he play the trombone?

  23. bingabinga Says:

    I think I would prefer a Mr Purdue/ Mr Gethin partnership,those techy teachers knew how to kick a baw back in the day,they made geat trinket boxes tae.

  24. skoosh Says:

    Maybe get Mr Armour to manage ‘Sellik’, as nobody could quite carry themselves in a slim trackie like him. Could be the new O’Neill!

  25. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Big Nose Armour,just a point of interest did you know Mr Gethin played in the St Mirren 1959 Scottish cup winning team.

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