Death Penalty



BBC NEWS | Americas | Washington sniper is put to death.


I don’t know.I am against the death penalty but sometimes I can’t help saying to myself,good riddance,I know in Britain we don’t think like that because there is no death penalty but here sometimes you think,och the guy deserves it anyway.I know it is a hard one and I am not saying I support it but you know sometimes,I mean say it was your loved one?

This guy who was put to death last night was originally from Tacoma which is about 40miles down the road so a wee bit of a close to home feel about this one.


What do you think?

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14 Comments on “Death Penalty”

  1. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I used to be against the death penalty but the older I’ve got, the more I’ve thought- fuck em, our right to live together has its conditions, and many people forfeit that right.

    Don’t know about the sniper Binga cos I didn’t follow it, I mean I dunno if he was sick or whatever…

    But in the most revolting cases, like this one..

    …I honestly think, bye bye, you’re a cunt. You had your right to live. You don’t anymore.

    The world is now a better place.

  2. mark Says:

    Would never want it back as you can never trust the police or the courts in this country. Look at the wrongful convictions that have happened in the past, particularly in the seventies in this country alone. The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad where a bunch of cunts who would have sent anyone to the gallows if it meant better conviction rates. You get the odd fucker that really deserves it but the risk is too great.

    Watched a very strange programme on channel 4 the other night called The Execution of Gary Glitter. It was a mock documentary about the trial and execution of Gary Glitter for the offences he had committed; part of a debate about re-introducing capital punishment. Some 56% of the UK public want it back. Gary Bushell was in the programme so no doubt a large proportion of that 56% are fuck witted Sun readers.

    I`m affraid I`m with Amnesty International on this one. You should watch Nick Broomfield`s documentary Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer. How someone who was so obviously mentally ill could be executed was fucking shocking!!! That documentary alone would put me off the death penalty.

  3. Fiona Says:

    I’m with Mark on this one, there’s just no way to ensure that an innocent person doesn’t die.

    I know that I’m a hypocrite in some ways because if anyone harmed any of my babies I’d want them to be deader than dead but I honestly think that capital punishment is just wrong. And anyway, it quite clearly is no deterrent since the US is a far more violent and dangerous place than any country that doesn’t have the death penalty.

    Surely there must be more constructive means of dealing with criminals than having them languish on death row for decades before FINALLY pulling the plug on them?

  4. mark Says:

    Imagine sitting down with your supper of tea and toasted cheese and having to watch this. Well weird…………….

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I use to feel that there was to big a chance of an innocent man being put to death,but now with DNA testing and less corruption I think that miscarriages of justice are less likely.Although I think that if I was in the UK and there was a referendum on the death penalty I would vote no.I think that in a civilised country we do not have the right to take someones life and as you say Fiona the death penalty does not act as a deterrent.

    Mark I agree also with the type of people the death penalty issue brings out, it reminds me of the types that went mental over the Bulger case people like that are definitely not the types I would follow you know the type always the first to accuse and usually the fuckers with the most to hide.
    That Gary Glitter thing was mental,was it a BNP party broadcast when we get into power all the paedos will be strung up kinda thing.

    Stevie that was a terrible case Glasgow at its worst yes I feel the same way sometimes I think they deserve it in fact I know they deserve it.I have asked myself the question over here,what if someone raped and killed you loved ones and I have answered if the state didn’t kill them then I would.
    So definitely a hard one and it is easy to be a hypocrite in this sensitive subject.

  6. skoosh Says:

    Death penalty No! Emotive decisions are often bad decisions and such emotive responses have no place in Law.

  7. mark Says:

    Mental……………I knew the Bush family where involved in it somewhere right enough!

  8. Fiona Says:

    Just watched that Gary Glitter clip. I would never, ever support the re-introducton of the death penalty and seeing how quickly someone’s life can be taken just reinforces my opinion. Surely we should be evolving and developing as a species, not regressing to our medieval past.

    I remember watching ‘Return to Paradise’, the hanging scene at the end haunted me for DAYS. And how would you decide if a crime should carry the death penalty? It’s far too arbitrary.

  9. Louise Says:

    Glad to see Mark, Fiona and Skoosh make sensible arguments. The law cannot be decided by emotions!! Peter, I’m glad you posted a 2nd time, I thought you wereturning into a redneck for a minute there. Yes, some people don’t deserve to live but by executing them we set dangerous precedents and people would and could still be wrongly convicted, even in these days of so called DNA profiling etc.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Yes I agree Louise,some of these people do deserve it,but as you say dangerous precedents may be set.I don’t really trust governments or the judicial system to do the right thing in many incidences anyway.
    The thing about over here is if they had better psychiatric care in place there would be less violent crime but like a lot of things in the US If it is not making someone a profit then it is brushed under the carpet..

    Mark I saw that documentary yes it is ridiculous America not only executes people,but it has also the largest prison population in the world by far.
    Land of the free,Aye

  11. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I dunno. This isn’t something I’m exactly happy to shout about lest I get thrown in with a lot of bams, and I’d also vote ‘no’ in any referendum since our societies are too unjust and the judge would undoubtedly be Rupert Murdoch. But most often I just don’t see the problem- we all die eventually and some, to be honest, deserve to die before the rest of us. This isn’t my ’emotive’ response either, luckily I’ve never had to be in that position. I just don’t think that- to use a random but well known case- the guy who abducted and probably killed that wee lassie in Portugal actually deserves to live.

    I just don’t.

    Fuck him.

    But I respect anyone who feels different.

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Would yo give the lethal injection or pull the lever or flick the switch McNulty?
    Yer right Mate Hang Em High!!

    Naw seriously McNulty my response is the same,but in the long run I do not think having the death penalty is good for society and most progressive civilised countries don’t have it.
    Most countries that have the death penalty are backwards and uncivilised and their police and judicial system is usually corrupt.

    So no,I think they deserve it but I think it would be bad for society.

  13. Intifada McNulty Says:

    I dunno, you’re probably right…

  14. andy Says:

    i would leave the uk if the death penalty came back. i would move to canada or new zealand. we have a corrupt legal system.

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