There have been a couple of shootings here in America over the last couple of days one in Ft Hood Texas and another in Orlando.These large shootings are on average about a two monthly occurence,and when you have gunlaws like the USAs and a multimillion business built on gun ownership then it’s not surprising.

Anyway I want to tell you a wee story about a time I thought I had foiled a massacare.

Here goes,

It was around 2 years ago and me and my good pal Matt were out for one of our long walks around Seattle.Both of us had gave up the drink and other things at the same time  so we used to hang out together in Coffee shops and other non drinking establishments around the many different neighbourhoods of Seattle,especially at the weekend when the urge to get wrecked was at its peak.

We were walking around the University District or The Ave as it is more infamously known.The Ave consists of bars,bookshops,music shops,drug dealers in fact anything the young student needs in his period of time studying at the prestigious University of Washington.Matt lived in this neighborhood so we would wander around it quite frequently,it was dingy but full of character and had a lot of cheap places to eat and  many Coffee shops.

We decided to go into my favourite used bookstore,It always killed an hour and you got some good bargains.

Anyway I was in the used bookstore browsing in the History section I looked up the aisle and there was this nerdy speccy looking boy with a white shirt and black trousers.Nothing unusual really until I noticed the holster and the big fuck off gun sticking out of it.I must admit a wave of fear came over me,as it was not long after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech.

I managed to find my friend Matt as I wanted to let him know and find out if maybe it was a fake or maybe it was allowed,but I had never seen anyone with a gun in Seattle except for the Cops.Matt was as freaked out as me and being ExUS Navy he was all set to tackle the guy.I was right behind him on this,way behind him,like out the door across the street and on my bus home behind him.

I managed to collect myself and I told the shop assistant,she didn’t seem to alarmed but wanted to see the guy so I pointed him out.I then went outside and saw two cops talking to a group of homeless Kids.I tried to tell them but they told me to stand aside while the gave shit to the homeless Kids.Finally I managed to tell them through the help of my Scottish interpreter Matt(Many people do not understand Glaswegian over here)that there was a guy in the bookshop with a gun,They got quite excited and one went in the front and another around the back with their guns out.

Me and Matt were across the street watching it all.They brought the young guy out and were holding his gun,to our surprise they got a plastic bag out the shop put the gun in it and sent him on his way.The Cops came over to us and said we were quite right reporting it but there was nothing they could do.The law states that as long as it is not concealed or is being used in a threatening manner it is legal to bear arms in public.

Fucksake I thought,To make it worse the stupid fucking Cop stated that the kid was from hicksville, smalltown , Washington and was a bit scared working on The Ave.He then went on to say he didn’t blame him that he would do the same.I thought to myself what a fucking prick firstly imagine if we were all a wee bit apprehensive of a new neighbourhood so we decided to get tooled up.  So the Cop thought this was alright,So now you know why there are so many shootings in the US.

Anyway I could go on but the babies crying and the wife is just in fae the shops,

Please comment.

By the way I thought the Fort Hood Shooter looked like a cross between Alexi Sayle and Barry fae Eastenders/Extras fame.

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8 Comments on “Shootings”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Jeez-oh Peter, what a country. I mean it’s mostly shite here now but at least the neds canny shoot you (yet).

    I hate the police, always have, always will. I have no concrete reason to hate them. I come from a long line of law-abiders and I’m a shite-bag at heart so I’ve never done anything remotely criminal (well, not much anyway) so I’ve not yet had the good fortne to be on the receiving end of their wisdom, tolerance and good humour. I think it’s just that I have a general hatred of authority. I loathe being told what to do or having to obey someone just because they’re able to DO something to me if I don’t (must have been such fun to be my parents, years ago). I find a lot of polis are as dumb as doorknobs but once they get that peaked cap sitting over their eyes they think they’re the Lord Chief Justice.

    I remember we spoke about this before and you said you’d never get a gun because you’ve seen too many gunshot victims at your work. Do you still feel that way or has having Katie made you re-consider? Is it not the case that a lot of folk get shot with their own guns anyway? Och, the whole gun thing is just a nightmare. It’s fine saying folk have the right to bear arms but that was written hundreds of years ago when it took 20 minutes to load your gun and the bullet was a daft ball-bearing thing that folk made in a wee mould. I bet if the folk that wrote that into the constitution could have seen into this century they’d have Tippex’d that bit out.

    Anyway, how IS Miss McCartney? Is she still not sleeping much? I loved your Halloween pictures. She’s a very cute wee baby 🙂 My sister-in-law is 29 weeks now – I can hardly believe she’s due in 11 weeks. Mental. We’re going with them to see Eddie Izzard at the SECC next week and it could well be the last child-free night out we have together for a long time. I love Eddie Izzard. He’s my favourite comedian of all time. I can hardly believe he’s doing live shows again. I thought when he went of to LaLaLand that would be the end of his live stuff.

    I’m still up the now because I’ve started my OU course and had to finsih an essay. It’s 1.20am and I’ve been systematcally eating my way through a tin of Celebrations. I don’t even like chocolate that much!

    Off to bed now.I can hear Steve snoring through the ceiling :O

  2. Skoosh Says:

    Awrite Binga? Do you remember the time that I was oblivious to nearly getting shot trying to cross the border between Gibralter and Spain? Do you remember it big yin? Cool photos of Katie BTW and love to Sarah

  3. King Rollo Says:

    Americans are extremely paranoid, that came across in Michael Moore`s Fahrenheit 9/11. Why anyone would feel threatened enough to carry a gun in Seattle`s University District is beyond me.

    I read another disturbing incident recently from somewhere in the deep south. A census worker was found hung by the neck from a tree, with the word FED written on his chest with a sharp implement. He had been out collecting data in the backwoods somewhere, and became a victim of anti-government feelings. Apparently the census bureau have suspended door to door interviewing!

    I wouldn`t completely disregard the idea of owning a handgun binga. Especially if you ever go rural! I thought lynching had stopped………..

  4. bingabinga Says:

    No Fiona there is no way I would own a gun.Sometimes I think I would like to know how to use one properly,like go on a firearms safety course,You never know when it might come in handy.Especially when you see the bams that own guns here.Gun ownership as well as Religous fundamentalism is the rallying call of the Right Wing extremists that are prevalent in the US.
    Having a kid makes me like guns and violence even less,a recent study showed that people who own guns are something like four times more likely to be shot than non gun owners.Usually with their own weapons.
    You hear weekly about Kids killing themselves or their friends after getting into their Dads gun cabinet.

    Anyway I don’t need a gun a pool cue does me.
    Yes the Police what can I say a lot of the police here are sort of like Robocop they just uphold the law to the letter but can also be quite helpful.I always feel the British Police are a bit more mouthy and superior.
    Recently I got let off by a state trooper who pulled me over on the freeway in morning rushour traffic because my plates had expired.I think he let me off because I work in the state hospital ,the cops sort of look out for other state workers.
    Good luck with the OU course and enjoy Eddie Izzard I like him to.

    Scoosh I remember.I think that night in Gibraltar was one of the craziest times we had.That spanish policewoman looked serious when she pulled her gun on you.Good to hear from you.How is Sydney has the red dust subsided yet.

    Mark I completely agree Seattle is a very nice peaceful city there are only some areas in the US that are no go areas and usually it is to do with gangs shooting other gangs.The media blow things up to hysterical levels.
    Walking through the U district is no rougher than walking down Dumbarton Rd.
    That case was terrible.The South has not moved on from Confedaracy times the poor guy was just out doing a wee job.They are fucking racist animals down there.
    I have said to Sarah that I will not visit a republican state or spend any of my hardearned cash there in protest of their political and social stances.I mean would you visit Germany under the Nazis.
    I know a bit controversial there mate.

    Anyway I am in work I have to go.

  5. King Rollo Says:

    LOL! At least you don`t have Nazis elected into local government and the European Parliament.

  6. mark Says:

    You fuckin blew my cover man!!! I was just beginning to enjoy my anonymity.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I always knew it was you Mark.Did you not use your own Email address.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    By the way I just saw on the BBC website that a young British Tourist has just been shot in a bar in Texas.
    Poor guy its a disgrace the amount of scum who have access to firearms over here.

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