People sometimes say over here when they are in a situation they are not sure of  “what would Jesus do?” I don’t,I say “what would Eddie And The Hotrods do?”

Grown up this was a anthem to me.

Not much else going on,well there is but I am not going to write about changing diapers etc

I read this book recently not exactly high brow stuff.

It’s about a guy who wants lots of Rolex watches and stuff so he decides to peddle misery and pain(Heroin) on the streets of Glasgow,so that he can have new cars and important stuff like that,he gets caught and goes to jail.

It wasn’t a bad read but it makes you wonder why these guys can be bothered taken the risk.I mean for what,a new house in Giffnock or a villa in Spain.Not my cup of tea but I’m not materialistic  and I bother about my fellow human beings.

There you are,another fine book review.

See ye later

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6 Comments on “Anthem”

  1. mark Says:

    Must admit I like a bit of hardboiled crime fiction/ non-fiction, especially aboot Scotland.

    Reg McKay RIP.

    Luved The Ferris Conspiracy!!!

  2. Intifada McNulty Says:

    man, that’s an anthem and a half.

    I kind of like it when the gangsters get mixed up and end up building their villas in the east end instead spain. I don’t think their neighbours find the site too funny though.

    I look forward to the day all those people move to Dubai. (for lots of reasons)

  3. insidesource Says:

    kinda like, Kansas binga. Carrry on my wayward son These i think are the new Hymns. Isnt it a shame how its turned out. Binga any chance you can use the power of your blog to rid the world of medi-evel religions.

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I never knew Reg Mackay was deed Mark.I like to read the crime stuff to I have read alot of Reg McKays stuff.This book was good.

    McNulty I ordered that book The Road on Amazon,I know you read it earlier.I call my hoose over here The Ponderosa.

    Insidesource I like that Kansas song did you ever see the south park episode about Guitar Hero that song is quite prolific in it.The power of the blog is a dangerous thing and should be used wisely.

    Anyway I am in work its shite but at least I can still arse around a bit.

  5. Fiona Says:

    I’m slightly familiar with that song but it wasn’t a feature of my childhood. The one song that really sticks in my head from my very young days is ‘Where’s your Mama Gone?’ Also, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was released when I was wee so I can still remember that being on the radio a lot.

    How’s wee Katie getting on? Is she sleeping any better? How’s Sarah? I love how you felt you had to use the word ‘diapers’ instead of ‘nappies’.

    I’m sitting here watching QVC and having a wee 15 minutes of peace before the morning madness starts (the only time this house is quiet is during the night, haha). I love how QVC tells you that £37.32 is almost TOO CHEAP, like they’re doing you a massive favour letting you buy from them.

    On a side note, it looks like Tony Blair’s arse is out the window for becoming the 1st President of Europe. Apparently Sarkozy & Merkels don’t want him because of his war-mongering shite with Dubya.



  6. bingabinga Says:

    I think I heard the song for the first time on a punk compilation album back in the eighties,I don’t really remember Punk when it was out in the late seventies.I remember seeing Sham 69 on top of the pops.
    Aye Tony Blair Man,whit a dick supporting George Bush biggest mistake of his life and one he will always be rembered for.

    QVC is shite but I enjoy the infomercials here.

    Yeah Fiona diapers is such a better word than nappy,you guys in Scotchland should get it right,next you will be releasing the Lockerbie Bomber.

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