Nobel peace prize

Thoroughly deserved,the guy is up against it all the time,I still have his photo up in the window just to annoy any Rebublican neighbours

Here’s a wee song for you Barack,mate.John Lennon would have liked you to.By the way John Lennon would have been 69 today

So there you are two great ambassadors for peace.

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7 Comments on “Nobel peace prize”

  1. Intifada McNulty Says:

    Thoroughly deserved? Far from it, if you ask me. What’s been achieved ‘peace-wise?’ by Obama in the nine months he’s been here?

    Sure, he’s placing solid emphasis on international negotiation and the word of the UN rather than threats and unilateral attacks, but is that more deserving than say, Kofi Anan, for actually going outy and achieving peace in Kenya?

    In the context of his domestic politics I suppose I’m glad he won because he’s been the victim of constant lies and smears from the corporate press, it will give him a boost and his enemies a setback. But he left a lot of people scratching their heads when he and his two laccies Brown and Sarkozy singled out and threatened Iran for breaking the nuclear NPT when, of course, the US, UK and France have all also broken it by providing Israel with the parts to build their nukes. (pointing right at Iran, by the way)

    But we can’t talk about that, can we? Far less do anything about it.

    And there’s other stuff that I can’t even be arsed going on about right now.

    I do have faith in Obama. But I have to say this made me cringe.

    The nobel peace prize is nonsense anyway. Some of the previous winners have been the biggest nutters in history.

  2. Henry Kissinger Says:

    Fuck you I’m not a nutter!

  3. King Rollo Says:

    Yup, he`s probably thinkin “oh shit”! I`ve just won the nobel peace prize and my next foreign policy step is to invade Iran.

    Those red necked southern republican politians are really going to be shouting me down in congress!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I disagree I think that he has received the Nobel peace prize due to the fact he has maneuvered American thinking away from hawkish attack style politics to a more peaceful forgiving stance.
    The guy has only been in for 9mths and I think he has achieved quite a lot and changed the political mood of the world,Sure there is a long way to go but who the fuck has achieved much in the Middle East in the last 50yrs
    What we dont need is Half empty negative thinking from people like yourself McNulty.
    you have to remember Barack Obama kept a cool head when every other politician was jumping on the blind patriotism madness train and voted against the Iraq war one of only 5 American senators,that will always be good enough for me.

    Iran Israel that is difficult but when you have the president of Iran denying the holocaust that will always piss people off.I think that the Middle East has to grow up and accept that Israel is not going away,but it is sometimes hard to negotiate with religious fanatics.
    I have my issues with Israel but I also have problems with fundamentalist Muslims.Like the Iranian president.

    Lets just give the President a chance he’s dealing wit a lot of Madness out there.

    Obama will not invade Iran and I am sure he is very much against Israel attacking Iran also.

  5. King Rollo Says:

    Binga Ahmadinejad was just winding they jewboys up!

  6. Fiona Says:

    Not sure that he should have been given it THIS year. Maybe they ought to have waited till he’s been in a power for a couple of years.

    Having said that, I do have massive respect and confidence in him and anyone that diffuses the xenophobic and jingoistic mind-set of America has to be applauded.

    How’s wee Katie now? And how are you and Sarah coping with parenthood? Its utterly exhausting, isn’t it? Not sure anyone can prepare you for the impact that one tiny human can have on normal life, haha! My niece is cooking away nicely. Due date is Jan 14th so not too long to wait I suppose. I predict that my brother will be completely traumatised by her presence. He likes to footer away in the kitchen making elaborate meals and playing online games with his mates around Scotland. I suspect those activities will be severely curtailed (although he seems to think not – in denial).

    I’ve got a new laptop and all my fave sites have had to be re-added so I’ve just gotten round to finding you again 🙂

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I am glad he got it now Fiona as anything to show these redneck nutters tha President Obama is liked and respected throghout the world is a good thing,

    As I write this Fiona AT 6am I have been up since 4AM.with a wriggly wee baby on my knee I agree fully it has been complete;y lifechanging it is like having 2 fulltime jobs now.I am glad I never done this in my twenties I really don,t think i could have.
    She is well worth it though and I am turning into a boring/proud father showing photographs etc.
    It was Katies christening yesterday it was a relly nice day and the two sets of grandparents were here,
    My mum took the baby for a night to let Sarah and I get a full nignts sleep and I said that it was like winning the lottery just getting a full 8hrs sleep.
    Tell your brother he might be in for a shock as I think I had the same attitude,

    good to hear from you Fiona

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