Yes another year older I nearly forgot about it,my Ma and Da arrive today for 3 weeks and I am on holiday so it will be a good day.

I am going to pick two songs in celebration of my birthday,by the way I share my Birthday wi Jimmy Carter and Brian Cant of playaway fame.

This song was NO1 when I was born.I suppose it isn’t bad.I would like you to comment on what was No1 when you were born.

Here is an eighties song that I have always liked,its my Birthday I can dae what I want.

There you go Glesgas finest band of the 80’s,maybe of all time.

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15 Comments on “ITS MA BIRTHDAY!”

  1. Louise Says:

    Happy Birthday Peter! How is katie doin? Your first birthday as a daddy….many more to come! At least she can’t eat any of your cake this year!! xx

  2. mark Says:

    Happy Birthday big chap. The only comment ah can make about ma birthdays NO1 is that I recognise it! Enjoy……….

  3. mark Says:

    Now I don`t normally laugh at people wae an affliction, but tae give yeh a birthday cheer check this oot!!!! Up tae ma knees in fuckin cowpat?

  4. insidesource Says:

    binga oan yer bday cin you start a new world movement tae ban aw religion! pse.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    HAHAHA Mark do you think he’s at it or maybe he just doesn’t let the tourettes get him down,thats a famous birthday song.

    Louise cheers Katie is doing well she has a great pair of lungs on her as you heard this morning during our very brief phone call she is thankfully a bit quieter now.

    insidesource it has already started.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I started watching the whole programe on youtube I didn’t realise he was the young boy from that programme 20yrs ago.You should watch the soutpark episode about Tourettes.

  7. Louise Says:

    Eric Clapton was No 1 when I was born with “I shot the sherrif”. Quite a good one if u ask me! Did he do this before Bob Marley? My goodness Mark, how apt for 21 yrs lter when u met wee girl you thought was 17 at Erskine hospital, hahahaha.

  8. Louise Says:

    Peter, did mum and dad finally arrive? Football was very frustrating we hud really have won it, didn’t take our chances.

  9. mark Says:

    I only listened tae the lyrics once I`d posted it, and thought OMG! Thats a scary coincidence!!!

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Yes they are here safe and sound Louise they arrived here at 0120hrs just 9hrs late we will give you a phone over the weekend,I saw the game nothing special.

  11. stevie Says:

    The no 1 song on my brithday was the quite exceptional ‘Grandad’ by Clive Dunn. Internet’s funny in these parts, can’t even see a youtube screen never mind watch a video, but if you’re talking about the best Glasgow best band of the eighties Binga then you’ve probably posted LOve and Money. Am I right? But not a patch on the ol’ Hipsway!

    By the way Louise, Clapton unfortunately sung I shot the sherrif after Marley. About the same time, in fact, as he said Powell was right,and that Britain should be cleared of all non-whites. Nice words coming from a man who owes his whole career to black people!

  12. Louise Says:

    I didn’t know that about EricClapton, stupid man, I’ve never really been into him….must have always had a subconscious feelin he was a wrong un!!

  13. bingabinga Says:

    That a shame Stevie that is the worst song in the history of music making,Aye Eric Clapton has always been shite.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie naw the minds beat both of those bands

  15. stevie Says:

    I would agree wi that…

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