This is England

I watched this film for the 2nd time the other night,I like it but the intro says it all  about Britain in the 80s

The song is  good to

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19 Comments on “This is England”

  1. mark Says:

    If you`d like a quirky comedy/drama about the 80`s try Son of Rambow. Takes yeh back!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I saw that Mark at the pictures it was awright,I liked this one better.I was thinking of writing my memoirs of grown up in the eighties.Like when I got chased wi the Young Bish.

  3. insidesource Says:

    i want tae read that binga!!!!!!!! write it!!!

  4. mark Says:

    When were you in the White City? Where yeh mad?

  5. stevie Says:

    good film. liked the bit where they wee guy gets the slagging of his life for wearing ‘flares.’ there must have been about one inch of material. ah the memories.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Mark you can read all about it in my forthcoming memoirs.Here is a wee taster.


    It was a dull Tuesday as I wandered up to the High School Lunch club,There was always a disco on and it was good to listen to some sounds after enduring double Science with Mr Glen.
    I thought some of my friends would have been there rather than the Dinner hall but I couldn,t see any of them,as I meandered through the dance floor past the girls dancing to a flock of Seagulls,trying to get to the snack bar line,I noticed the group of girls the good looking ones pointing and laughing at me.
    I knew what it was about I had mistakenly asked probably the most popular and good looking girl in my year out the week previously,to the reply of you would have to be blind to go out with him.
    I manged to get my foam microwave pizza and my plasic cup of limeade,I found an orange plastic chair to sit on.Mad World by Tears for Fears blasted out of the cheap high school speakers,
    I wished for Nuclear War,anything must be better than this.

    I hope you enjoyed that wee snippet indiesource.

    Stevie yes I really liked that film it was pretty real in its depiction of life in the early eighties I remember being paranoid about flares I wore the tightest Sta Press imaginable wi ma wegens and white socks.

  7. insidesource Says:

    love it binga…….i admire yer bravery as a young un….it wisnae easy but laughable noo…are you going to write the tale of you knicking empire biscuits in front of cabbage patch in chapter 1 or 2?? You must have went up on the good dj’s day..i jist remember them playing frankie by sister sledge aw the time…..or Gloria….but not the good version the pishy burd wan!! anyway……give us chapter 1!!

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Who was cabbage patch I can’t remember her but I do remember stealing many things fom the Dinner Hall my blazer pockets were always full of crumbs.
    I will try and write some more I like putting in music references,I remember the DJ playing culture club a lot tae.I only went up there a couple of times it was always full of the Arseholes,I got into playing belly soon after the above incident.

    Indiesource are you Will?

  9. stevie Says:

    I remember drinking my pie to ‘I don’t wanna dance’ and ‘you can’t hurry love.’ Never recovered.

  10. insidesource Says:

    the cures lovecats and sunday bloody sunday were always on tae. i dont remember whit they served tae eat in there though, – pizza and hot dugs maybe but the type that widnae pass health standards now……..wanes are aw spoilt noo so they ur!

  11. bingabinga Says:

    They would serve Rolls and crisps and some swedgers tae.
    Did any of you go to the farm at Rashielee for your lunch?
    Do you rememeber running to the bakery for a pie a sausage roll and a cream cake,Healthy Days!

  12. mark Says:

    Used to go to the bakery up in park mains all the time. As soon as you bit into the pies the grease was running down yer chin. Use to take one bite and let the fat run out onto the pavement. These cheap shitey pizzas as well, that they flung in the microwave for 30 seconds and charged yeh three times the spar price. Topped off with a sticky bun, brilliant. If any of the food wiz really bad we`d just stick it through willie greenshields letter box and run like fuck!

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Did you no like that guy Mark?

    I remember how greasy they were the fat would pour out of them,the pie would be floating in the paper bag.They were good though better than most of the fare at the Dinner Hall.
    I used to buy 10 smokes and sell 4 of them thus giving 40p for dinner.That would get me soup and two empire biscuits and custard scrumptious.

    I remember one of the biggest hits of my 1st year at scool was Kajagoogoo Too shy, Too Pish mair like.

  14. insidesource Says:

    oh yes, too pish indeed!

    a thought the dinner hall was good,top chips and a toastie never hid me complaining! cannae rem whit else they cooked though! Cabbage patch was the dinner lady that someone named cabbage patch one day after the dolls. a remember a mental queue.

  15. mark Says:

    It was the spam fritters that put me aff dinners! A round slab of chopped pork, battered and deep fried; served with chips. Think they had tae do away with them in the late 80`s, fur health reasons.

    Missed the puddings though, they were pretty good!

  16. bingabinga Says:

    Who are you insidesource? You must know me well if you knew I knocked empire biscuits.
    I know who you mean wi the Cabbage Patch did she have red hair?

    Mark I remember the Hot dogs well and I remember they used to serve up spam fritters doon the Erskine Hospital.

  17. stevie Says:

    Greatest lunch ever was the day mad mental ross mcdougall was gabbing oot the line and the teacher d dick tapped him on the shooder tae get him back in. Mcdougall, thinking he was a kid, turned roon and told him tae fuck off. Dick lost it, grabbed him and chucked him intae the sea of bags, and laid intae him!

  18. insidesource Says:

    hilarious!!!!!!!lol Rock Lobster!!

  19. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie I also remember a time when he pulled a vibrator that he had found out of his bag and turned it on in the lunch time Q and throw it on the ground so that it would bounce around the floor In front of the the lunchtime Dinner hall monitor.

    Aye you could write a book about the exploits of Rossco.

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