Ginger Racism

The racist stereotype

The racist stereotype

The real deal

The real deal

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Is gingerism as bad as racism?

via BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | People get red-dy.

Just a couple of articles on the abuse of the redhead,now I don’t really think of this as abuse of the red head it is really anti Irish/Scottish sentiment which the first article addresses. It has been conjured up by the English and their sympathisers to make people of Irish/Scottish heritage appear inferior.

In America and in many other nations Red hair is looked upon as being prized.Parents want their kids to have red hair.

So why is it like this in the UK?

Comments please.

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7 Comments on “Ginger Racism”

  1. peradanglers Says:

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Yes great comedy from Hale and Pace,A pair of wanks.

  3. insidesource Says:

    bingo, the comedians hale and pace are rubbish, garbage, pish, shite!

    A per a prize fannies but ginger baws are funny and ginger people should get aw the stick going, fuck the english sentiment towards it….dont let it ruffle yer feathers……theyll get theres yet. a nation of fucking retarded vicky pollards. but im still calling people ” ya gingerheided fanny” and englands views not gonna spoil it. so dont you get upset.

  4. insidesource Says: love a shag of that ginger burd thats the real deal!! whos she?

  5. bingabinga Says:

    The fine ginger bird will have nothing to do with you until you embrace gingerism.

  6. 0hgosh Says:

    My first kiss was with a ginger.. i was steaming !

    I then later had a ginger bf.. we both dyed our hair black.. I never ever want a ginger bf ever again !! its soooo wrong !!

    I dont know if I would want my child to have ginger hair either ! i may sleep with a black to cure that….

    I am a ginger… it doesnt really bother me but having the above thats a big no no !

    i was over in dubai and they liked my hair. Wierdo’s!!!!!

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Only 4% of the world has Red hair and only 2% has red hair and blue eyes and it is getting less.They will soon be so rare that they will be worshipped liked gods and be held in the high esteem they so deserve.

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