Good old Archie

Mad Archie

Mad Archie

Red faces as Archie Macpherson stuns family day out with crude joke – The Daily Record

I was searching high and low for something to write about I trawled the internet and this story above is probably the only thing really worth commenting about.I first heard this joke on Andy Camerons radio show one Sunday afternoon.The old ones are always the best and it’s obvious old Archie knows this.I think he should be applauded for his actions although it may show that Archie is in the early stages of dementia.

Well done Archie!

and well done the Daily Record it’s this kind of journalism that wins awards

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5 Comments on “Good old Archie”

  1. stevie Says:

    Mental article. Are you sure you didnae nick it out of Viz?

    I heard a ‘risque’ joke on Andy Cameron’s Sunday joint back in the seventies.

    How do you make a snooker table laugh?
    You put yir hand down its pocket and tickle its baws.

    Quite innappropriate according to the ‘shocked mum’ and the other maniacs, no doubt. But none of this ‘didn’t know where to look’ pish in my hoose. My ma and da thought it was a right good laugh…

    All the more disappointing really. I had to take it upon myself to call the authorities.

  2. Mark Says:

    The Daily Ranger really is scapin the bottom of the barrel! That article is a sad inditement on the state of scottish football. Aye scottish fitbaw is pish so we`ll write about archie making an arse of himself. Am fuckin ragin!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I agree leave Archie alone he is a Scottish institution.

    Andy Cameron,Archie McPherson,Glen Michael,Scottish Legends.

    Stevie I heard the above turnip joke on Andy Cameron while we were all having our Sunday Breakfast,my Dad throw the radio against the wall in disgust and made us spend the rest of the day locked in our room with the bible.

  4. fiona Says:

    Glen Michael is a crabbit auld alkie and he wears foundation. My dads pal used to live next to him, he said the bucket men could hardly lift his bin for all the empty vodka bottles.

    I fucking LOATHE the Daily Record (and Sunday Mail) Pishest newspapers on the planet, catering for thick cunts with the attention spans of 3 year-olds on Fruit Shoots.

    Whoever wrote that article should have their teeth kicked out.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    That is interesting about the bold Glen Michael I wonder why he wears foundation is he even still alive?

    Yes the tabloid newspapers of Britain should all be blown to fuck,if I was to say start a peoples uprising they would be first on the list.They have done so much damage to the intellect of the British people,it is a disgrace.
    Totally agree Fiona

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