I know that the papers back home are probably full of stuff about the grudge match between Celtic and Rapid Vienna and I would like to say something on the matter.

I hope we fucken hammer those cheating bastards,You see the clip up there I was standing in that crowd when the cheats came off their bus at Old Trafford,Watching this video of the game and seeing those smug cheats laughing at us and speaking in their nazi like language just annoys me even more.

We could have won it that year those bastards went onto the final and thankfully Everton beat them.

Oh this has been a long time coming don’t let us doon Cellic

I am all about fairplay and I don’t normally get to animated about the fitba but they bastards made me realise at a young age that the world is not a fair place.

Anyway its all about entertainment and having a villain or a team to hate always adds to the excitement.

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22 Comments on “Cheats”

  1. Mark Says:

    Get it aff yer chest! Ye were too young to go down there and witness that. The psychological scars are there fir everybody tae see in that rant Peter!

  2. stevie Says:

    Rapid Vienna ruined my fuckiing childhood.

    I blame those bastards for about 80% for the mess I then made of my life as an adult and I’m still trying to sort out.

    I’ve waited 25 years for this day. I’m not even that much of a football fan now compared to then when I would have walked to Manchester but something’s woken up in me.

    Nothing less than a total humiliation of those scumbags on Oct 1st will do.

    Peter Grant was playing that night.

    He’ll have a word in the team’s ear…

  3. Skoosh Says:

    Loved the clip Peter…especially Rapid ripping Celtic a new a-hole for the goal!
    On a serious note, I am somewhat concerned at the high expressed emotion amongst Sellik fans regarding this encounter.
    I can only assume that irresponsible isolated rants like your own are now entering their 10’s of thousands in numbers. This can only mean one thing in my opinion and thats Sellik fans shaming Scotland again and feeling justified in doing so. If they’re not pelting players with milk bottles, they’re bombarding referees with coins, all in the name of football. I abhor such behaviour.

  4. angus Says:

    here here skoosh. my sentiments exactly. bitterness and hatred have had our scottish game hanging its head in shame. come on guys you need to get over it….and you must admit, that was a good goal, when he ran all the way up the pitch and scored.

  5. angus Says:

    aye come on mr binga. this amount of hatred cant be a good thing. the scottish game dosnt need this type of war mongering.

  6. stevie Says:

    Celtic are Scotland’s shame, Skoosh?

    It’s amazing the lengths the deluded go to hide the truth!

    And it wisnae a milk bottle, it was whisky!!

  7. fiona Says:

    Most of us burds will be unable to understand the deep hatred felt by Celtic fans regarding this issue.

    Is it like the feeling you get when you’ve been planning your outfit for the Christmas night-out and have spent a fortune on it and had a spray-tan and everything and then when you get there some other younger, thinner, more attractive lassie is wearing the exact same outfit and you want to simultaneously kick fuck out of her and run away greetin’?

  8. stevie Says:

    No, Fiona.

    It’s kind of like when you’ve handed over the cash for that very expensive outfit, carried it out of the shop and then had it nicked from yir hands. But before the thieves bolt, they poke yir eyes a few times then boot you in the balls, then they spit on you, pull yir hair for a bit, and punch you here and there for good measure. After they run off, they phone the polis and complain that while they attacked you, you called them a prick. And the polis put you in jail.

    It’s kind of like that.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    I have to agree Stevie I was just explaining it all to my American mate Brian and your comment Stevie helped him understand how bad it all is.

    Fiona it probably is a bit like that but honestly as a 14yr old fitba mad youngster it was like the world had came to an end the injustice of the whole sorry affair.I am usually a mellow mannered pacifist type but naw,they bastards have to pay.
    May I add I want Celtic to beat them fair and square on the park I am not advocating violence or anything.

    Come on Angus this is what fitba is all about the rivalrys the pantomime of it all I mean its all really just entertainment.My best mate over here is a Rangers fan.The Rangers supporters and the Celtic Supporters watch the games in the same pub,its up to you how much hatred you want to put into it.
    By the way it was a lucky goal by cheating fascist bastards.

    Skoosh I am not entering into a dialogue with you as a man who loves Rangers as much as you do will always have a slanted view anyway how about your lot kicking fuck out of a lone policeman down Manchester way,amongst other atocities.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Mark the scars of that day will never heal.

  11. Skoosh Says:

    I was part of that baying mob and that plod desevered it. He looked at me the wrong way.
    Was a class goal though. Reminded me of the one that Neil McCann scored at Parkhead to make it 3-0 -where he was like a hot knife cutting through butter on our way to the title. You know the game…… the one where the official got battered with coins and suffered a head injury for having the indignation of being a referee.

  12. roberta sausage Says:

    You must be looking forward to the CL, Skoosh. Another 3 countries to piss, puke and assault your way through.

  13. insidesource Says:

    mr binga…..i see you like to tackle the subject of politics and religion…….are you aware and do you have any comments on the running of miss Amanda Kanaird as the new governor of California???

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Skoosh who is this Neil McCann Anyway this is not a question of Celtic and Rangers this is a question of cheating Austrians.The whole of Scotland should be behind Celtic on this one.These cheats were not only making a mockery of Scottish Fitba they were making a mockery of Scotland and the Scottish people.

    Indiesource I wish her all the best but I am more interested in her running mate Senga McGlumpher.

  15. Mark Says:

    We`re gettin the tickets tae the Rapid Vienna match, and Michaels got the Hamburg game as yer Da can only make the Tel Aviv game.

    Fuckin canny wait!

    All those ruined childhoods and mental scars could be a thing of the past come oct 1st, I hope!

  16. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I feel better about it all now its good to get these things out in the open.I could have went to a therapist here to talk about how Rapid Vienna stole part of my childhood but it would have cost me a fortune.So thanks for listening.

  17. Mark Says:

    Its no you am worried about, am scared to take oor James to the game incase it leads tae another 25 years of torture! These things can run in families!

  18. fiona Says:

    Stevie – I now understand. But that’s Austrians for ye. Don’t be fooled by their lederhosen and those cute wee shaving-brush hats they wear.

    Adolf Hitler was Austrian.

  19. Skoosh Says:

    Roberta – yes I am looking forward to all those things, can’t wait. I reckon I would travel the length of the world to watch the Gers in Europe. How many people can say that?
    Binga- no disrespect, but I, like most Rangers fans will not be supporting Celtic against Rapid Vienna as what happened years ago bears no scars on me. But good luck.
    i would like to issue caution to that little xenophobe Stevie, the moderators a monitoring your racist rantings.

  20. roberta sausage Says:

    ”I reckon I would travel the length of the world to watch the Gers in Europe. How many people can say that?”

    Ehm, every Rangers fan, probably.

  21. stevie Says:

    not sure what I’m most insulted by- the ‘racist’ ,’xenophobe’ or ‘little.’

  22. Skoosh Says:

    Roberta – the irony of that statement is lost on you my dear. People on this blog know the significance of my prose

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