Decent Americans

Don’t worry fellow Scots most decent Americans still like us  like these boys,not that you are worried or anything.It should be them that are doing the worrying,Anway The Dropkick Murphys are a good blue collar band from Boston with Celtic roots.

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15 Comments on “Decent Americans”

  1. Louise Says:

    I went to the gym there and I’m trying to stay off the biscuits!! Had a nice wee bit of banana loaf that someone baked in work today. How is Katie, is she managing to sleep a wee bit? Is Sarah feeling a bit rested? The first three months are a bit hectic. Louise xx

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I wish I could Louise,the sweets can be as bad as heroin to give up.
    We are getting into a rhythm although Katie likes to be up at night.
    I am back at work now which is hard.

  3. stevie Says:

    I went biscuit mental a few years ago, to the point I stopped enjoying them but just couldn’t stop.

    Things changed when I took to scoffing raisins instead. Worked pretty well.

    Anyway have you seen the Europa league draw?

    Ooh lordy.

    Hapoel Tel Aviv…. evil zionist scumbags
    Hamburg…………right wing nemesis of the glorious st. Pauli
    Rapid Vienna……lest we ever forget.

    I was looking for some clips of the rapid game but couldn’t find it.


    a cheat fakes being hit by coin
    A looney throws a bottle of whisky at him and misses.
    Another cheat fakes being hit by the bottle.
    Paul McStay hides the bottle.
    The referee finds it.
    The cheat goes off in a stretcher.
    And all to a soundtrack of hideous abuse and The Redskins

    man, the 80s were brilliant.

  4. Bingabinga Says:

    Its going to be some cracking games Stevie,Do you remember we took the day off school and went down to Manchester on the bus to see the Celtic Rapid Vienna replay.We must have only been 14 Mental I can’t believe our parents let us.It shows you how much the fitba was part of our young lives.
    The Rapid Vienna players will not know whits going on when they get to Parkhead.
    I would say our Europa league group has a better footballing pedigree,Than Rangers boring Champions League Group.

    Anyway we should get a reunion of who was there that night the bottle got thrown at Parkhead I know me and you were there but who else?

    I think Mr Willie G spent 1 week in Strangeways after the Manchester debacle.

  5. Mark Says:

    Christ almighty, I wisnae aloud tae go into Paisley maself at that age! Well seen your Da was a mad tim and let his heart rule his head. As long as he is no tellin oor James tae get over tae Isreal with a PLO flag for the Tel Aviv game!!!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I would love to be at that that Rapid Vienna game.I remember when we were at Old Trafford the Rapid Vienna team bus came in to the stadium and it was geting all kinds of stuff thrown at it.It was mental I nearly got pushed under the bus.

    Fitba in the eighties you couldnae beat it.

  7. Mark Says:

    Wae the recent crowd trouble down south I think we are headin back tae the 80`s. Probably get tickets for the european games, but I think we will need tae draw straws for Rapid Vienna! Don`t want to miss the pitch invasion and bottle throwin.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    My Dad will be flying here on the day of the RV game it is on my Birthday.

  9. stevie Says:

    Check the link to see the feelings of celtic fans a full match month before the rapid match.

    25 years since that night? It might as well be 25 minutes for all the fury that’s still there. Im glad I’m not alone!

    (my favourite part is when an austrian poster moans that he’s too scared to go to Parkhead now and that he thought Celtic fans were supposed to be friendly, and the celtic fan says ‘We are. But for you we make an exception’).

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Its going to be a cracker Stevie.Oh I hope we get revenge that trip to Old Trafford remains probably the most disappointing game of my life.
    The Rapid Vienna players must be shiting it mate,Aye shiting their Leiderhosen or whatever they wear.I hope we beat they arseholes Hamburg to they are fascist scum,I remember they caused trouble the last time they were at parkhead.

  11. Louise Says:

    Peter, do u have the book “Homage to caledonia”? Bout the International Brigades in Spanish Civil War. Was gona get you it for your birthday but u may already have it. Louise

  12. bingabinga Says:

    No Louise I don’t but I would like it.

  13. Skoosh Says:

    Yes bhoys and ghirls, I personally had a word with Mr Platini who asked me if I was still kicking a ball. The result of that ‘handshake’ and ‘chat’ is the groups for Rangers and Celtic respectively.
    Anyway good luck with the Europa, I really was pleased when Arsenal gave you a seeing to, nothing personal mind you.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    I am glad we are in the Europa league I think we should do alright maybe we will meet you in the next round if you manage to get third place.

  15. stevie Says:

    Like it or not, I think the Europa League is the place to be for Scottish teams. It’s something we even have a chance of winning, as opposed to the elitist, sterile Champions League where you could bet yir hoose on when you’re going to get knocked out.

    UEFA could save a lot of time in the CL and just award quarter-final places to the 8 teams with the biggest wage bills.

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