Kenny McAskill on CNN

Here is Kenny McAskill on CNN I thought he handled himself pretty well.

Here is Big Country,

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7 Comments on “Kenny McAskill on CNN”

  1. Mark Says:


    America can`t get its head round that one. Watched newsnight the other night and an american politician being interviewed lost the plot, implying Megrahi should never have been handed over to scotland as america had the guts to execute him.

    I think scotland has the moral high ground, and the SNP have realised this. I don`t think the party will be damaged. America comes across as a place where things are black or white, punished or rewarded; never anything inbetween. Terrorists, terrorism, the war on terror has been used by the government /media to whip the population into a frenzy over the last decade. They don`t understand that in order for there to be peace and stability, they will have to start talking to these people, not demonising them all the time!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mark I noticed that wee banner at the bottom after I saw it.
    I was at the shops today wi Sarah and the wean and one of the shopkeepers who is a decent enough guy was asking me how I felt about it.As I was explaining that I think there was more to it and that Scotland doesn’t support terrorism etc,A woman behind me said that we were just showing some compassion and that we were quite right,So good on her I then shouted out at the rest of the shoppers that I was Scottish and proud and if any of them had any problem with it they knew where I lived.I then grabbed Sarah and the wean and walked oot,I do believe I got a round of applause.

    Anyway they all love Scotland to much over here in fact they will probably turn on the nutters pretty soon.

  3. Mark Says:

    Yer braver than me!

  4. stevie Says:

    The papers are generally saying he made the right decision but made one or two errors getting to it.

    The other papers with the big typing and photies of celebrities in their knickers, fuck knows.

  5. jose Says:

    Mickey mouse has indeed grown up a cow!!!

  6. Mark Says:

    WTF? Have you heard the news eminatin fae glasgow . Sir David has resigned as chairman at castle greyskull!

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Oh well,I am more interested in the European draws.I wonder if Celtic are top seeds for the Europa league draw.

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