Boycott Scotland

Look at this pish.

Good I hope you do all boycott Scotland because we don’t need you redneck extremists in our beautiful country,I mean who the fuck does this section of America think they are calling for a boycott of our fair land.We as Scots have always been a decent people throughout the world and maybe you narrow minded,ill informed xenophobes could learn something from us.

So when you all say to me that you’re scotch and you have proud Scottish roots.You aren’t really you are just another Fox News loving Right Wing American who knows nothing of Scottish Culture or history.

So keep away from Scotland and Scottish affairs.

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12 Comments on “Boycott Scotland”

  1. Louise Says:

    Can’t seem to get on this link Peter. The Americans are a strange bunch of people. I seem to remember the ship that fired the missile that brought down the Iranian passenger plane carrying hundreds of innocent civilians was cheered back into harbour and everyone of the crew was decorated by the US government for their part in the slaughter. What hypocrites. Kenny McAskill made me proud to be Scottish on Thursday when he stood up to bully boy America….mibes if the CIA are watchin ur blog I wont be allowed to visit u nxt yr!!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Excactly Louise who do these warmongering hypocrites think they are. I enjoy living in America but these narrow minded bigots make me think twice about it.I think the CIA should be watching the American right loony fringe that has sprung up since President Obama was elected.They are the threat to American Security and democracy.I am 100% behind the president these days.
    I am also proud to be Scottish.I do not have strong opinions about whether the bomber should remain in prison,but I do know that the case against him was pretty flimsy and there is a lot more to the Lockerbie bombing than just this guy.

    So really Louise to sum up Americans should shut up and maybe reflect on the innocents they have killed over the years in the name of American Democracy not pick on a small nation who does not even have independence from its larger neighbour.

  3. Glasgow Guy Says:

    “Simple facts, america as a whole, and the american citizens are thick as fuck. Dumb, stupid, annoying, over the top, arrogant wanks.”Yeah, we now fucking hate you too”.
    Fuck america , I won’t even write the word america with a capital letter it sucks that much.
    AND we didn’t free the cunt, the fucking ‘justice’ secretery did, so what does that have to do with us ? Fuck all !

    P.S. Stay the fuck away from our soil, as I’d now be tempted to kick the living shit out of any american I SEE!

  4. Mark Says:

    Can you expect compassion from a country that uses torture to extract information from prisoners, when they have the minimal proof of guilt?

    The Americans cry out for Megrahi`s blood and that he should die in prison. That you cannot release a mass murderer on any grounds, even if the evidence that convicted him was at best flimsy. This is an interesting letter from the Herald……

    “Perhaps the Americans should be reminded of the case of Second Lieutenant William Calley, who was involved in the murder of at least 350 unarmed women, children and elderly people at My Lai in 1968. He was found guilty, sentenced to life in prison and served three years of house arrest before being released.”

    There was never any doubt that he was there and in charge of the troops that day! The Americans are at best hypoctites; but maybe now its Scotlands turn to see what central and south american countries have had to endure over the last five decades.

    Fuck em, bring on their boycott!

  5. stevie Says:

    I look forward to seeing their hospital bills after they try to make their own whisky.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    I was just thinking,the people who want to boycott Scotland probably don’t even know where it is.Or what we export anyway.
    Just to let you know though it is only the usual loudmouth lunatic fringe that the press like to focus on who really think like this.

  7. stevie Says:

    You’re tempted to kick the living shit out of any American you see?

    That’s a bit harsh. You sound almost as bad as Jack McConnell to be honest.

  8. Mark Says:

    You`d better start making out your irish or fuckin welsh, or something until it dies down peter. Americans can`t tell the difference in accents. Don`t want a lynch mob from the lunatic fringe running after you. Think next year we will go to Vancouver and meet you`s at the border? Unless things calm down.

    Whats fox news saying about it? Next thing they will be encouraging americans to burn the soltire outside the white house! Maybe not right enough, I think rupert has scottish ancestory!

  9. stevie Says:

    Peter, what nuggets of wisdom are you hearing on the ground?
    I’d copy and paste the beauties I’ve seen on the fox forum but I’d be here all day.

    If I happened to be in any doubt about being on the right side, though, my mind was made up on the train passing Greenock last week- the dafty next me gabbing on the phone, effin and blindin about ‘that bastard gettin oot’, like the ‘bastard’ was an abusive ex or something. But no, she was talking about magrahi. I saw she had her bible- the daily record- on her lap.

    The Daily Record. How can just one thing be so wrong on so many levels?

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie luckily Seattle is a progressive liberal city so most people would take the side of the Scottish government,I have been watching some Fox news but it is so bad I have to turn it off pretty quickly.
    Most Americans are not interested and still think we are cool as fuck with our ginger hair and bagpipes and all the other American stereotypes about Scotland.
    What are the Scottish media saying Stevie,are they jumping on the anti independence bandwagon with this blaming Kenny McAskill who in my view is a decent man and has shown some brave independent thinking.

    Mark mate I am flying the saltire from the hoose and I have been wearing my Scotland shirt and a jimmy hat.My car has got 10 Scotland stickers on it.So if any of them want any trouble they know where to fucking find me.
    Govan team mate

  11. Mark Says:

    Respect Peter! Any hassle from those honkies and whip out yer claymore.

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