I was watching BBC America recently and this man was advertised as the best talk show host in Britain,would you agree with this?

The guy just makes me cringe.He is an example of what is wrong with the media these days he never asks serious questions and dumbs down the interview,He has some good guests but he is useless and comes across as a smug fucker .Best talk show host,dear oh dear,he couldn’t lace Parkinson’s boots,in fact he doesn’t even come close to Terry Wogan.

This guy is another example of how the media is trying to dumb us all down.

Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest.

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8 Comments on “Wanka!”

  1. stevie Says:

    If he’s a talk-show host then Darren Flecther’s a Scottish legend.

  2. Andrew Sachs Says:

    Si, fuckin bawbag!

  3. fiona Says:

    I’ve never liked him,he’s a foppish twat with a stupid speech impediment that he could probably fix but disnae because he thinks he’s a fucking rebel or something. And his CLOTHES are stupid, his wife is an ugly pink-haired state, his weans have ridiculous names (Betty Kitten, Harvey Kirby, Honey Kinney – FUCK SAKE!!) and he’s Paul ‘Most-Haunted-Live’ Ross’s brother.

    My sister-in-law likes him and I love her but I think she is wrong.WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG WRONG!!!! And deluded.

  4. jose Says:

    why all this hate brothers and sisters!!!! post some love!!

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Well said Fiona he is a fool of a man and a media whore.

    Jose love will be posted soon

  6. Skoosh Says:

    First of all; quality song binga the Paris Angels one! As for Jonathon Woss, who gives a shit, not worth getting emotive about. However, lets hope Arsenal turn over the malevolent ones tonight. Now that mob from the eastendaglesga is worth getting emotive about!
    Not long now binga, awribest big yin!

  7. wossy Says:

    have you not watched my film 2009 programme or listened to my radio show???? come on, be nice. Wossy.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry Wossy,thankfully I haven’t had the pleasure of listening or watching any of your other stuff.

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