This is a British,obviously Tory MEP running down the NHS on Fox News which is the media mouth piece of the right wing here in America.

Now is that the way you feel about the NHS back home?I think it has always had some problems but let me tell you about the American healthcare system.If you do not get healthcare insurance through your employer you do not get health care and neither do your Children,Yes it is hard to believe but that is the way it is.My employers the University of Washington pay $780.00 per month to an Insurance company which allows me to get healthcare.Which I still have to pay 10% towards out of my own pocket.For example if I get treatment which costs say $100,000 which would be say a course of chemotherapy I would still have to pay around $10,000 out of my own pocket.

Now if you don’t have healthcare insurance you would pay the full $100,000.Many Americans do not have healthcare insurance or very inadequate insurance.The poorest of people here always get shafted and the big insurance companies make billions of profit off the Sick and dying.

Many decent people are made homeless here because of poor health,they lose their jobs due to time off,leading to a loss of health care insurance ,leading to large unpaid bills which leads to bankruptcy and homelessness.

This is the way it is here and I am talking from experience I work in the county hospital which is the only place that readily takes the non insured,so you can imagine how busy it is.

This is a scenario that is not uncommon,

A homeless guy comes in with an infected foot which has got so bad it has to be amputated.Now if he had access to a Dr and antibiotics 6 months earlier it would have been treated but now it will be a lenghty hospital stay and a massive drain on our hospitals resources,So it makes no sense economically either for people to have no access to healthcare,small treatable things can become much worse due to them not being treated.

President Obama is trying to install a universal healthcare system but he is up against it from the American right wing media such as Fox News and the big drug and insurance companies.

As a Registered Nurse, working in the hospital that will treat the uninsured I support him 110%.

So support the NHS don’t abuse it because if  arseholes like the MEP in the clip got their way,you would be in the same position as a lot of Americans,but at least his rich fucking friend could pay for his pain killers,Prick.

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4 Comments on “Healthcare”

  1. Skoosh Says:

    Yep Peter. well written and I agree. We have a system similar to the US, although admittedly not quite as bad. I’ve also seen the results of your health care system, when in San Fran, especially with the mentally ill. Think i’ll write a letter to Arnie and tell him to get his finger out on that one.
    Not long now for the bambino. When we talking?

  2. Gregg Says:

    Scott also likes the dentist in Australia, don’t you mate? I hear that it’s pretty cheap over there!

    Dare I even ask how much a dentist costs in the good old U S of A?

  3. fiona Says:

    Peter, I watched Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Sicko’ recently and was utterly astonished by the US system. parts of the film actually moved me to tears (of sadness and anger).

    I mean I knew bits about it, like most folk get their insurance through their employer and that there are SOME hospitals that take the uninsured but they are stretched to the limit and often poorly equipped but I had no idea that people had to pay 10% regardless of the amount.

    I assumed there would be some sort of excess but that it would be capped or something. I have private healthcare through my employer (Barclays Bank) and they have a rolling cost-share condition that means you pay 10% of the cost of your treatment up to a maximum of £250 in any rolling 12 month period. The reason I have the insurance (which is heavily subsidised, I pay £67 a month and that covers all 5 of us) is so that if any of us have a non-life threatening condition we’ll be seen quickly rather than having to wait months on the NHS. Dave had a stomach prob in April – nothing serious but giving him some pain and stuff (we thought it was IBS or coeliac). He got a consultant appt within 3 days of the GP making the private referral and had the all-clear within a fortnight (Just a bacterial infection that was cleared up with antibiotics). If we’d gone through the NHS we’d probably STILL be waiting for a paediatric gastro-enterologist since urgent cases are prioritised.

    Having said this though, I am a fierce defender of the NHS and find the US system horrific. I can’t imagine having to sell your home in order to pay for life-saving medical treatment or being forced to stay in a job you loathe just because the health plan is good. My stepdad has type I diabetes, a badly ulcerated leg that requires continual treatment, an underactive thyroid and had a triple heart bypass a few years ago. He wasn’t working by the time he had his bypass as his health was too poor and I’m sure if he’d been in the US he’d be dead by now.

    Can’t see Obama getting his way though, ill health is a massive money-spinner over there. 😦

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Scott,the provision for the mentally ill is zero here.That is why so many of them are homeless and self medicating with drugs and alcohol.You can blame Ronald Reagan for this back in the 80’s he closed down all the psychiatric hospitals and tried to implement care in the community on a shoestring budget.Thus already underfunded community psychiatric facilities failed to cope.This led to most of the mentally ill bouncing between the big homeless shelters the Jails and us in the downtown county hospital.
    It sickens you mate but that is what happens when healthcare is there for profit.The mentally ill are not profitable they need too much long term maintenance and can’t get insurance.So if you have a mental illness and cannot function to get insurance through your job then it is up to friends and family to help you.It is a messed up unfair system.

    On a happier note the baby is due on August 20th.I will give you a call after it happens,I hope you are all well over in Sydney.

    Gregg thankfully I have insurance so I pay 10% of the bill which isn’t too bad usually.

    Fiona,Sarah and I have probably some of the best insurance here,many people have to pay 20%.50 million people here have no insurance and many have only emergency insurance,which they may have a $3,000 co pay so anything up to $3000 they pay for.So many people with this insurance will not go to the Dr as they have to pay full price,same with prescriptions they will not take medications as they cost so much.
    The American government gets away with its responsibility to its people by putting healthcare in the hands of profiteers.
    When you live here you realise how much you take for granted in the UK.You know we don’t get any paid maternity leave here,Sarah is allowed to take 3months off unpaid.
    We have a good life here but it is only because both of us are in well paid secure jobs.If anything happened to me I would end up being a medical refugee back in Scotland.
    I am glad that your Dad got good treatment and hopefully President (good guy) Obama will get his biil passed.
    I tell you what though, living here in America has definitely politicised me it’s so unfair at times.

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