Weir’s Way

I was watching this tonight on DVD,It took me back to watching Tom Weir hike around Scotland in the late seventies and eighties.This man was the true Scottish action man of his day, wandering around Scotland talking to the locals.It’s much better than the holiday shows of today,Just auld Tom telling you about the history of the place and then having a wee chat with the local punters.

When I see things about Scotland now I wish I had taking more time to explore it.I think the furthest north I had been until I took Sarah back home with me was Dundee.I think one day I will go back home and travel around for a month in a camper van or something.

Tom himself was an interesting guy I didn’t realise he was Molly Weirs brother.

Tom Weir 1914-2006

Tom Weir 1914-2006

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15 Comments on “Weir’s Way”

  1. Mark Says:

    Aye compulsive viewing many years ago! Didn`t know it was out on DVD.

    Had to get rid of the dog. It was mental. Constantly barked at people when out for a walk and went berserk at other dogs. Frothed at the mouth and vomitted when out in the car. Last straw was when it bit me on the arm, needed tetanis inject and antibiotics. Took it back up to the dog home in cardonald; never again, gettin a gerbil for sophie and a fish tank for james. Having never had a dog I found it a complete pain in the arse, even for that short time. Totally complicates your life for, what I could see, little benefit. Prefer ma hens!!!

    Furthest north I went was right up to john o groats passed thurso, on a family camping trip when I was young. Great scenery when you get the weather. Louise and I where talking about when we come over next year; we should hire a couple of camper vans for a week and head up into the canadian rockies. I could drive behind you and hopefully manage to stay on the right side of the road!

  2. will Says:

    dear bingabinga how you doin.

    I preferred ”Weirdos Way”. It was Davie Weir walking roon erskine in his Espadrills.

  3. catapult Says:

    You said on Limmy’s blog that him saying ‘sit doon and shut up’ was BRILLIANT.

    What made you think that was brilliance?

    i’m very curious how you find this unfunny bastard brilliant.
    The blog used to be good because other people made it funny but he has realised that he’s never really been funny himself and is trying to get people onto twitter where he states “i’m more funnier”

    Haha that’s the funniest thing he’s said in a long time.

    I can’t wait for the wee arsehole to land on his arse

  4. twoforapound Says:

    I take it you’ve heard this song…

    I’m away tae see Aberfeldy Thursday night. Good wee band, few albums oot but playing a wee pub doon Easter Road.

    Despite my requests, they are yet tae play ‘Tom Weir’.

    How are ye anyway?

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Fucksake Mark that sounds rough,You have to be careful what you pick up in the cat and dog home.Sometimes you’re just taking on another persons problem,and that’s why they got rid of the animal in the first place.The dog and cat home don’t really no the animal because they have never seen it in a home environment.
    We got a wee old cat last year from a shelter here and we were told it was healthy and had no problems.The wee thing pished and shat everywhere then we had to take it to the emergency vet 3 times the total bill was about $3000 over the year.The other thing was Sarah is pregnant so she isn’t meant to go near cat excrement,So it was arsehole here who had to clean it up all the time.
    The final straw was one day when I came home from a 12hr shift and the cat had pissed all over the the kitchen counter,
    The next day the cat was dead,I took it back to the cat and dog home and they put it down.I tell you mark I felt bad because I was as happy as fuck to get rid of the cat,it was creating chaos in my otherwise nice hoose.So RIP Milton but you were a pain in the arse.So don’t feel bad Mark it was lucky you didn’t take it out in the garden and did it in yourself,especially after it bit you.
    Aye Mark we will hire a big van and all drive together, accommodation on the way will be cheaper than hiring two big campers.We will plan it out,it will be good I went over The Rockies up in Canada in a greyhound bus and stayed In Banff,it really is spectacular.

    Hahaha Will was Weirdos way no a wander fae the monument to the Chinkys wi a 1/2 bottle of Grants and 4 cans of Kestrel.

    Catapult the man is brilliant and so is his patter.The whole blog entry was funny not just the sit down and shut up.
    I have laughed heartily at many of his wee sketches and stuff.I think he is funnier than most comics around these days.I saw his TV show on youtube and I laughed out loud quite a few times,I think he has a good imagination and best of luck to him.
    Fucksake mate why do you want him to fall on his arse?he comes across as a decent guy just trying to break into an industry that’s full of elitist brown nosing cunts.

    Hahaha TFP,I have never heard that song,I am out of touch with Scottish Pop culture these days.How are you doing? are you still at college how is it going?
    I am fine I am just waiting for the baby,it is due in 2 weeks.So I have been getting things ready and driving Sarah to her appointments and babyshops etc.My Mother In Law is coming up from San Fransisco next week to stay for a month,Which is actually good as we both have no family here in Seattle,so it will be a good help to us.
    So I am very excited about becoming a dad,I had a dream last night that we had a wee girl and she was 8 pounds 1 oz.So we will see.

  6. Mark Says:

    Don`t think we will get a cat then!!!

  7. Panspeep Says:

    Hiya, haven’t posted here before but have been reading your blog for a while now. When I saw this it made me greet a bit even though I am home so I though I would share it with those fellow scots who maybe miss “home” a bit. Hope you enjoy it.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Thanks very much for that Panspeep,I have always been a big fan of the Big Yin.I met him once in Rothesay when I was in my early twenties.Me and my mates were all staying in a caravan,It was during the folk festival that is on every year in Rotheasy.We were all steaming for most of the weekend and we kept bumping into the Big yin,he was probably getting fed up wi all these young guys(us) trying to give him their patter,but he was right decent to us and stood and talked to us for about half an hour he was a good guy.
    The next day we saw him on the ferry going home,we all had sore heads but we got a right nice photo of all of us wi him on the ferry.
    Aye its nearly 2yrs to the day since I have been home.I have found after 2yrs I always itch to get back for a while.My Ma and Da are coming over in October though.
    Cheers for commenting Panspeep.

  9. yabelter Says:

    This isnae Peter McCartney from Erskine is it? Just saw a comment on Limmy’s website saw the words ‘Nurse’ and ‘Seattle’ and ‘wiping arses’ and had a flashback to Erskine hospital stories. I’ll be well gutted if it’s not.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Aye its me…who are you?

  11. Skoosh Says:

    I remember that wee trip to Rothesay anaw! Think my memory for detail is slightly better than yours though mate! I do remember the ‘Big Yin’ being a gentleman and very humble, was a pleasure. I also have disturbing memories of that nutjob mate of Ed’s sharing a caravan with us, although admittedly, the context of him being a nutjob shall remain with us.

  12. fiona Says:

    Jesus, Peter. First you resurrect my memories of Scotsport and now this!!! I think my Dad had a man-crush on Tom Weir.

    I bet if someone pitched the show to TV guys these days they’d get kicked right intae touch, hahaha. Quaint is the best description I can think of.

    Funny Rothesay coming up on here, Steve and the boys are away there camping just now so it’s only me and the wee burd till Saturday. YAASSSSS!!!!!!!

    I’m ordering the £14 meal deal from the local Indian the night (once wean bathed and bedded) and settling down to watch Starship Troopers and Casino till about 3.00 am.

    Paradise on earth. 🙂

    Hope Sarah’s well.

  13. yabelter Says:

    Furfuxake. It’s Graham Stevenson from the Park Mains days, how’s it goin big man? Last time I saw you was up in Glasgow waitin for a bus across from BHS. I think I was gong to work and was swithering on calling in sick and going for a pint. Think I was at least late for work ‘cos we’d been speakin for ages. Quality!! Somehow I knew you had went to the Seattle, just weird how it clicked when on Limmy’s site. Don’t think I’d seen you on there before. I’m in Toronto, was last home 2 years ago, been over here for 9 years.

  14. Panspeep Says:

    Glad you liked the post, I kind of though after I had done it that it was really random and totally “off topic” and wondered whether I would be banned for life after my first post! Anyway, I live in Killie and saw Billy filming in the graveyard near my flat at the time, he shouted over hiya but I never got the chance to speak to him, gutted I haven’t got tickets to see him in Glasgow in October.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Awright Graham mate I am glad it’s you I was a wee bit worried who had found me.Aye Toronto thats great,I have been here in Seattle for 8yrs now,I am married and my wife is expecting in 2 weeks.
    Remember we sat together in Ms Dykes Maths class it was 3rd year anyway.I never really liked Park Mains,guys like yerself made it bearable
    I sometime go on Limmys blog.I started this one up for a laugh.
    Good to here from you mate what are you doing in Toronto?
    I am in work so I have to go,Keep in touch and feel free to comment on this blog It only has about 6 viewers.

    Don’t worry Panspeep there will be no banning here if I banned anyone I would be losing 25% of my viewers.Any comment about the BigYin is not random on this blog.Comment away.

    Scott I remember something went on wi that boy from E kilbrie but I was pretty wasted.

    Fiona I should give you my Ma and Da’s number they live in Rothesay so does my Sister and her family.Just in case it rains and they need somewhere dry to sleep.
    Enjoy your Curry I am jealous they just aren’t as good over here.
    By the way I rented Tom Weirs DVD for a laugh but it is really good.
    I have to go I am very busy in this sweatbox.

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