The hottest day ever

Yes yesterdy was the hottest day in Seattles history it reached 103 degrees.I was unfortunately working a 12hr shift in an old hospital building with dodgy air conditioning.As you can imagine fellow Scots it is no fun.I think I have managed to sleep about 10hrs over the last 3 nights.At least I am off today.The summer here has beeen so hot,  today its to be  99 degrees its murder and Seattle isn’t like most American cities as there is no air conditioning in the houses .

So if its raining over in Scotland just now think yourselves lucky I would love it to rain just now.In fact if it rained I would be outside dancing in it.

So here’s hoping it cools down before I lose the plot.

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2 Comments on “The hottest day ever”

  1. Louise Says:

    Poor Sarah, it is no fun to be heavily pregnant in heat like that. Or hottest summer in a long time was in 2003 when I was heavily pregnant with Sophie. I used to get James’s we paddling pool out and sit in it. Hope you are enjoying your day off xx

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Sarah is away to work today she stops tomorrow for her maternity leave.She went to our neighbours house yesterday as their living room is air conditioned, they asked her to watch their dog.
    I hope it cools down for her when the baby is born.I would worry bringing a baby home in this heat.

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